Five Ways Wednesday: How to Pack a Jujube Small Set Piece

Hi everyone, it’s amber from The Sensible
Mama. It’s Five Ways Wednesday and today I’m gonna go over five ways to pack a
JuJuBe Small Set Piece. Now as I’ve talked to people who are
JuJuBe enthusiasts, I found that what a lot of people are really interested in
is understanding ways to pack their different bags for things other than
baby needs. I’ve always tried to make an effort to show one or two different ways
to use JuJuBe bags for mommy needs or hobby needs or things like that, but in
2017, I’m gonna try to do a little bit better job of showing you guys ways that
I use my bags that have nothing to do with my baby, so today’s video is going
to be all about how to pack a Small Set Piece for your own mommy needs. Let’s get into it. The first piece that I’m gonna show you
is from the Donutella Sweet Shoppe collection and the way that I have this
packed is for eye brow needs. Now I don’t know if everyone else has this
problem, but I tend to be out and about and I’ll look in my rearview mirror and
I don’t know what it is about sunlight in the car but it’s like the number one
way to identify stray eyebrow hairs. I’m always wanting to be able to do
stuff to my eyebrows while I’m in the car stopped at a red light or something, so
I have things in here that I commonly use when I’m dealing with my eyebrows.
might be wondering why I have q-tips. I don’t know if this happens to any of you
guys but I tend to be kind of like aggressive with the tweezers and I’ll
start bleeding, so I like to have a q-tip just to touch up any spots that I make
bleed on my eyebrow with my tweezers.
so I have this really nifty a pair of
eyebrow scissors. I have this little razor, which I don’t know how I feel
about this just yet, but this is supposed to be used to just kind of razor off any
of those stray hairs that you can’t seem to get with the tweezers or that maybe
you snipped a little too close to your skin and you can’t get it out with the
tweezers, so you shave it. I have one of these nifty eyebrow brushes. Of course I
have my tweezers and then I have this cute little custom mirror that I got
from the customs cooperative group. I can use this to look at myself. Okay this
small set piece is packed in my favorite way for using a small set piece and that
is as a wallet. I tend to be a minimalist when I’m by myself even though I’m an
over-packer when it comes to packing my babies things, when I’m alone I really
just want my phone and something really small with the essentials. This is how
most of the time I’m carrying my things with me if I don’t have my son. In
here it’s pretty simple. All I have is some of my Aquaphor for my lips,
especially in the winter. They just get super dry and usually I’ll have my
whatever shade of lipstick I’m wearing down in there as well, but I took that
out this morning for church, so it’s not in there currently. I like to put two Be
Chargeds in here. The first one I use just for my credit cards and for
insurance cards for my son and the second one I will usually pack with
membership cards, our Costco cards, the zoo card and things like that. This is a
brand new Be Charged that I just got in an amazing trade on the buy sell trade
page. Look at that print placement is just to die for.
I haven’t even stuck my cards in this yet just because it’s too pretty. I’m
scared of ruining it, but that is how I will be packing this from now on is with
the two Be Chargeds in there with all of the things that I need for shopping and
then my lip gloss and lipstick in there, as well. This is a small set piece that I
have packed with time of the month needs. So what I keep in here is first I have
one pad packed in there, I have some panty liners, as well,
I have two of these great little tampons that are really small. I love it because
they just fit perfectly right in there and they’re pretty discreet and you can
fit them in your fist if you need to and no one really knows what you’re carrying
around. Lastly a pocket back fits really perfectly in there and I like to
have this with me because if I’m in a really big hurry I don’t have time to
drop by the sinks in the bathroom before I go into the restroom to change my
tampon, I just want to make sure that I’m sanitizing my hands before I touch
anything that’s going inside of my body, so the pocket back is a really great
thing to put in there with the rest of your sanitary needs. This is the Small
Set Piece that I use for keeping the spare parts to my camera.
I love packing this this way because it just keeps track of all the little
things that I might need for my camera and it keeps them really small and
compact. I don’t lose these things cuz they’re tiny little parts and it’s
just pretty easy to lose them. So what I have in here is a couple of the caps
that go on either end of my spare lenses, so when I’ve taken off the kit lens and
I’m using kind of a more artsy lens, I can put these on the lens I’m not using
and keep both ends of that. I have the wires to my camera. I have two spare
batteries because I tend to go through these pretty fast, so I make sure I
always have a couple spare batteries in there I have the lens cap ,so when I’m
done shooting I put this on the lens that is attached to my camera and
protect the one end of the lens. Lastly I have my hot shoe cover. I’m one
of those people that’s a little type-a about having the hot shoe cover on my
camera, so I always make sure that I have a few extra ones in here, just in case I
lose one. Alright, the last bag that I’m going to show you today is in the Kaiju
City print which happens to be my absolute favorite print of all the
Tokidoki prints. This bag I packed as a nail needs bags. I’m the type of
person that if I go to all the trouble to paint my nails, you know I like them
to stay looking nice for a while. What happens is if I get one little chip
on a nail, I will spend the rest of my day picking at that one and then I’ll
move on to the next one and the next one until I’ve ruined every
one of my nails. If I have my nail polish with me and I can just touch up a
little blemish on my nail, I can save myself a whole lot of heartache of
having to go back and do all of my nails. What I have in here is one nail
polish color. This is obviously not what I’m wearing right now, but I just threw
this in here. I have some fast drying top coat. I have tweezers because it’s you’re
probably not supposed to do this, but when I get a hangnail I tweeze it. I have
some q-tips just in case I get nail polish on my skin I can wipe that off
pretty quickly. The last thing that I have in here is my nail clippers. Alright
you guys so that was five ways to pack a JuJuBe Small Set Piece. Did you like this
video? Was it helpful? I don’t know I feel like there are a lot of videos out there
on how to pack the small set piece. I’m thinking about doing a video on five
ways to pack a medium set piece and a large set piece. If that’s something that
would be of interest to you, leave a comment below and let me know. I don’t
want to be making videos that aren’t useful or helpful . If that’s something
you’d like to see just let me know and I’ll put it on deck for me to do next. If
you like these videos I would love for you to subscribe to my channel by
clicking this little icon right here and as always, if you like this video I’d
love for you to give me a thumbs up down below and give me some of your thoughts. Thanks so much guys and I’ll see you next week. Bye Bye


  1. I definitely like this video 😀 Please do a 5 ways on the medium and large set piece. I hope your family and you have a Happy New Year! 🌺

  2. I totally agree with kristian, love 5WW I thought it was so unique! and even if there so many videos of a certain thing I think as long as it's different you have nothing to worry about (:

  3. This is so very helpful. I love your 5ww. I especially loved your bff 5ww. I want to keep a bff for myself once I don't need one for my kids anymore but I can't decide between the black ops or black out. What do you think?

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