Fix Broken Makeup Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer

Remember today in my video when I broke this butter bronzer? Let’s fix it! Smash ALL the product up as much as you can I’m using a nail tool but a spoon, the end of a brush or whatever you have will work. 99% Isopropyl Alcohol to saturation, it will evaporate off and leave your bronzer with it’s original formulation. Stir this up like you were making chocolate icing and keep getting it wet until it’s soupy It’s going to be messy Use a baby wipe or whatever you have to clean up the mess. Do this while it’s wet…don’t wait until it’s dry. Leave it overnight so it dries out Put it back into your vanity until you are ready to use it again 🙂 Thank you for watching, Be a Blessing!


  1. Excellent, Next time I throw my bronzer at Baz, I’ll know what to do……Big Hugs Beautiful Lady xxxxxxxx🌼🌸🌺🌼🌸🌺

  2. So okay …. Why didn't you just put all of it in a bigger bowl and the mix it up — less mess — then pour it all back into the original container….. ??? …..Just wondering…. Hugs ….. Shirlene

  3. HI! Fun video! Is this what someone means when the de-pot eyeshadow? And, why would you de-pot eyeshadow to move to another palette? Thank you!

  4. Mary!! However did you learn to do this??!  This is not only ingenious, it looks like fun –  I want to smash up some bronzer so I can bring out my inner child & make a gooey mess too! xoxoLisa

  5. Looks like fun, reminds me of mud pies as a kid! I didn’t realize you had to make it soupy, no wonder I had no luck with it. Thanks for the demo!

  6. You are not the only one that has to do it, I became almost an "expert" after so many that just decide to go for a walk without warning 😉 Hahaha Great vid! xoxo

  7. Okay, so I went back and got the highlighter (2 of them -snort-) and a blush and you're right, LOVE this stuff?! TFS! (HUUUGS) and much needed, rainy Texas Alohas to ya! <3 <3 <3 ^ _ ^ <3 <3 <3

  8. Wow, Mary!  Awesome.  Thanks for the tip.  I may have to use this spiffy technique since I just broke my MAC Soft and Gentle highlighter this morning.  🙁

  9. OK, that kind of looked like fun.  I want to break something so I can fix it.  lolol.  It looked just like new again.  Loved it!!!  Love you, Melissa

  10. Oh no I wondered if you broke it at the end of the video, it looked like chocolate pudding lol Thanks for sharing Mary, have a good rest of the week! xoxo <3 Love ya * muah*

  11. That is great info Mary! How have I been missing some of your videos? I have the bell on! Because you and all the usual ladies we all talk about , I love on here! Ox Denise …ps. .One day I will get up enough nerve to put a video up! 😮

  12. For anyone wondering, the way she does it is the best way to fix! If product flies out during the process, take your tool with the wet product and it will stick on the tool and you can mix it in. You can’t smell the alcohol at all, it is also buttery. All stays the same except the cool design (obviously).

  13. personally what i’d to is pour it all in a bowl mix it up with a tiny amount of alcohol at a time till it becomes doughy then place it back into the container, use a paper towel to press on top of it, this will smoothen the product down and get rid of some of the alcohol, then let it sit over night and it’s good as new!

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