Florida mom, 23, arrested for manslaughter after her two sons drowned

Wildline Joseph, (pictured), 23, has been arrested for manslaughter in connection to the drowning deaths of her sonsA 23-year-old mother has been arrested for manslaughter nearly four months after her two sons drowned in a pool at a Florida apartment complex  Authorities from the Broward County Sheriff’s Office said Wildline Joseph was arrested at 1am on Saturday in connection to the deaths of Branario Minto, 5, and six-year-old Ja’Kye Joseph The brothers were found dead at the bottom of the pool at Silver Palms Apartment Complex in North Lauderdale on May 22  At the time, Wildline Joseph told authorities that the boys left their apartment in the middle of the night to go swimming while she was asleep  Police said their mother and other family members pulled the boys from the pool at about 9 30pm but they were unresponsive.Sgt Don Prichard told Fox News that ‘detectives said Joseph failed to provide proper care and supervision for the brothers, which makes her responsible for their deaths’  Relatives performed CPR while they waited for first responders to arrive. Scroll down for video   Ja’Kye Joseph, 6, and Branario Minto, 5, drowned on May 22 in their North Lauderdale apartment complex pool  Police said their mother pulled the boys (pictured with Wildline) from the pool but they were unresponsive The two brothers were pronounced dead at the hospital  Police said their mother Wildine Joseph and other family members pulled the boys from the pool at about 9 30pm on May 22 but they were unresponsiveThe brothers were rushed to the Northwest Medical Center where they were pronounced dead  Their mother told reporters that she believes the boys somehow managed to get out of their apartment and climb over the locked pool fence  Investigators said they obtained surveillance video showing the boys running to the pool area around 7 16pm without supervision, according to Fox News. Lauderhill police also arrested Joseph’s boyfriend, John Lynn, 24, on Tuesday on the same charges  According to the Sun Sentinel, Lynn is not the biological father of the boys but he was living at the home at the time    RELATED ARTICLES Previous 1 Next Coast guard reveals they can’t get to five bodies that are Devastated Bahamas fisherman breaks down as he reveals how. Share this article Share At the time of the drownings, Joseph told Local 10: ‘I’m so sorry If I was there I could have saved them on time.  ‘I will always miss my babies. I’m sorry, Ja’Kye I’m sorry, Branario.’ Joseph said in May that her sons were taking swimming lessons but only one of the boys had learned to swim on his own   ‘He thought he could swim, but he could not swim,’ she said.  Child protective services removed the mother’s four-month-old and one-year-old children from the home during the investigation    At the time, a distraught Joseph told reporters that her boys had been learning to swim but one of them couldn’t swim properly on his own Sgt Don Prichard said ‘detectives said Joseph failed to provide proper care and supervision for the brothers (pictured in 2015), which makes her responsible for their deaths’

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