Flosstube #15 | 11.12.18 | All the Holiday Stitching

hi everybody I’m Sarah welcome to my
channel stitchologie today is Friday November 2nd thank you so much for
stopping by I’m glad to see you here so um this is going to be the first segment
for the next I don’t know ten days two weeks I have decided that trying to do
this weekly is a little too much for me especially on the week’s ride on stitch
every day and I don’t have a lot to show you guys so I’m thinking like I said ten
days two weeks I don’t know you’ll just see the videos from me when you see him
um let’s see I have a little bit of a sore throat so I’m drinking tea and I
have a couple of whips to show you guys and a little bit of haul but not a lot
so okay first is my witch’s night out blackberry
Lane designs design the pattern I am stitching this in DMC $37.99 on and
organic hemp linen it’s 30 count and the color is pale shale and it is from
Jackson fabric arts on Etsy but I just noticed that Sarah the woman who runs
Jackson fabric arts has a website now too so I’ll link to both of those below
and this is what I’ve done fabric is so big and unwieldy okay so I
finished this part of the border and I added a little bit more to the tree and
that’s it I mean not a whole lot with this this week I only worked on it one
afternoon so this is the last Halloween piece you’ll see from me for a little
while I think well maybe I’m trying to decide I keep going back and forth on
this if I’m going to since I’m going to be stitching Christmas for all of
November and most of December I’m worried I might get burned out on
Christmas Eve things so I’m thinking I might still keep which he wins stays in
the mix in which case this will probably be the main piece that I work on I’d
really like to get it done it’s huge it’s gonna be a bellpull so there’s this
scene and I think five more and then I bought the companion piece which is
goblins on parade and I’m gonna have to do that one too so I think I’ll work on
this once a week and if I get tired of this I’ll switch over to one of my other
Halloween projects I mean I’m who knows when I’ll finish all this stuff but it’s
it’s the journey right it’s not so much the destination at least for me with
cross-stitch okay so that’s one of the whips the second one is I pulled out my
piece on earth um cottage garden samplings is the designer and this is
the piece we are doing for our stitch along but stitch along at christine’s to
Chava things and I are hosting I’ll put the group and the hashtag down here
somewhere and it if you’ve seen this before you’re like that doesn’t really
look any different Sarah why are you showing us this well I’m showing you
this because I pulled out all the white stitches because they looked really bad
here’s the deal this piece of linen is a hundred years old I have no idea
who manufactured it I hate it the weave is really loose and I didn’t really
realize it when I started stitching or I didn’t really I mean I noticed wow those
holes look kind of big but I didn’t really think about the fact that I might
not like stitching on it I hate stitching on it but I’m not
starting over at this point it really didn’t bother me with the house or this
part of the border it didn’t really bother me until I got to the white
stitches White’s tricky anyway right so it looked awful I showed a picture of it
in the group so if you’re in the group you know what I’m talking about so what
I did with I pulled it out and instead of stitching with two strands of B 5,200
I am now stitching with three and I think it it’s much better coverage and I
am I’m much having more happy
with it or much happier with it I don’t even know what language I’m trying to
speak right now um so I’m doing the natural palate there
is I can’t remember I think we’re calling it the blue palate and then
there’s the natural palette and I’m doing the natural Kristina’s doing the
blue and there’s a pretty good split of the other members and who are
participating in the stitch along of who’s doing natural and who’s doing blue
so obviously I have a lot more to do so if you’ve been on the fence about
joining us or stitching this pattern there are several of us who are nowhere
near finished so if you have been thinking you might want to stitch along
with us there’s still time I’ll be lucky if I
finish this by Christmas so feel free to follow along on Instagram or in the
Facebook group okay so those are my whips now I have a couple of other
things to show you before I get to my haul I think I showed you guys this
piece of ADA a while ago I had died at fuchsia and then I didn’t like it so I I
wanted more I guess modeling I wanted more texture to them I wanted it to have
I don’t know what I’m trying to say let’s just go with modeling I wanted it
to have I wanted it to be more than just flat fuchsia and then I decided well I
have enough of the fuchsia powdered I left I sty it again so that’s what I did
I started a second time and I’m much happier with the way the modeling turned
out it’s much more evenly modeled I guess and I know what I’m gonna use this
for I had hoped to start it during dark October stitching but it never came up
on the wheel so this is going in a project bag with a bunch of black DMC
and I might pull it out sometime I don’t know
okay so the next thing I want to show you guys is I had hoped to start All
Souls veer Landon last month and that did not happen and one of the reasons
that did not happen was because when I I bought this beautiful silk and I don’t
have it here Christine just showed it in her not
her most recent video the one that came out on Halloween but the one before that
I had goofed and thought I’d send her birthday president back in August and I
didn’t and so she just got it like a week ago but if you saw that video you
saw this look that I’m talking about so I bought that silk and then I thought
well I would love to do all souls via London in that on charcoal fabric so
being stupid I just bought a piece of 20 count
charcoal ADA and then I mean you guys know how ADA can be right stiff and
Scratchy I was like I don’t want to use silk on
this so I talked to Christine about it and she was like yeah maybe go with like
an even weave so I bought a piece I couldn’t find any 32 count charcoal Lu
Ghana or Joe Boleyn so I bought a piece of white Lu Ghana and I dyed it with
rich charcoal and I have dyed this piece of fabric like five times y’all five it
kept turning out like this warm gray color and I wanted it to be more like
this so this is the ADA and this is the loo Ghana this loo Ghana still looks
really warm next to this really cool charcoal right so I dyed it um it has
like an orange e under cast so those of you who know about the color will know
that orange and blue cancel each other out so I dyed it again in some blue and
it’s a lot less warm than it was but if you look at what I was going for it’s
still pretty warm right so I think I’m gonna dye it again and some more blue
and see if I can get it the right color I last last you know worst case scenario
I have some black RIT I might dunk it in that I don’t know if anybody has any
suggestions I’m here just you know type them in the comments that would be great
if not I’m just gonna wing it worst case I’ll use it for something else and
a piece of charcoal linen I don’t know okay so those oh do you have Hall but
before I get to Hall I mentioned in my last video that I was going to do and I
mentioned earlier in this video that I’m going to do a lot of Christmas stitching
lately and I was talking about in the last video the projects that I’ve kitted
up and I thought that I would just show them all to you in one segment but
that’s kind of like I don’t know if that’s a lot so I thought maybe in each
segment I would just show you guys one of the ones that I’ve kid of that so I
am first one I’m gonna show you is Santa rides by the Prairie schooler um I’m not
doing the called force on this I want I have I don’t know I just like gray
backgrounds for Christmas things versus natural and that’s just my total
personal preference the natural stuff is beautiful but I just prefer gray over
beige and that’s just me I’ve always loved gray so I changed the fabric it’s
going to be on 18 count picture this plus sterling and I then did a floss
conversion because I did not like the way the philosophers looked on the the
Sterling Ida so I will insert a picture of the fabric and the flosses here so as you can see I’m using mostly
Victorian motto with a couple classic color works and then one DMC and that’s
for the skin – oh I just went with what I had and the Victorian mottos are not
available on Nancy’s shop on eBay I think one of them is from the tis the
season collection that she died for the tis the season stitch along that I’m
doing that half of everybody on the work I think half the planets doing that
salad because I was such a gorgeous pattern so I bought Nancy’s classes for
that and then decided to go with something totally different so I’ve been
wanting to use those beautiful flosses that Nancy died so I’m using the red in
this and then the greys that you saw are from two of her bewitched collections
I’m not sure which ones are from which but I’ll put it down below I only bought
two of the three I bought bewitched and I bought bewitching our I think that’s
what it’s called so I can’t remember if those three grades are all from one or
the other I’ll list it in the comments and then the two classic color works are
a couple of greens that I had that I really liked and been wanting to use and
it was a happy coincidence that they worked with this so next I have haul
just a little bit and I bought two gorgeous pieces of fabric from X Jude
and she included a skein of floss this is a limited edition called dark forest
it’s absolutely gorgeous I don’t know what I’m gonna use it for but I’m gonna
use it soon then I bought I love her 18 count 8s so I bought – sorry about that
my mother called so I had to stop recording for a minute and so I have
haul I have some X Jude and you know that she always sends a skein of floss
so this is gorgeous it’s called dark forest it’s a limited edition I cannot
wait to use it on something and it just got really dark out I think it’s gonna
start raining again so the color might not be the best
I can’t wait to use this the two pieces of fabric I bought from her are both 18
County ADA’s I think I’ve mentioned before that I have rediscovered ADA
recently and I am loving 18 and 20 counts and the reason why is because I
like the smaller count but with linen I just I don’t know I struggle a little
bit with 36 and 40 count linen I don’t mind it but I don’t like to use it all
the time I feel like I don’t know if it’s just the two over to the over two
versus over one with Ada I don’t know I’m fine with 32 counts I don’t use
twenty-eight count too much because I’m not a big fan of 18 and 20 or 14 and 28
count because it’s bigger I like 32 count for even weave in linen
and then I like 18 and 20 count for ADA and also 8 us a little less expensive
and then you know every little bit helps right so the two that I bought from her
this time our jack-o’-lantern look at this it’s not awesome I mean I love this
so much and I’m sorry about the crease if I didn’t iron it because I’m just
gonna fold it back up until I use it for something this is gonna be so cool with
some sort of Halloween shark and then the next one is um what is this called I
just went blank hold on Oh witches broom yeah witch’s brew and I you know me
pretty much anything that have stairs witches I’m down with look at this it’s
gorgeous look at that purple y’all I love it love it
um so I will be adding these to my stash I don’t know what I’m gonna stitch on
them I don’t have any plans but I’m pretty sure they’ll both be used for
Halloween stitching at some point so that’s all the sticky stuff I have we
did watch a couple things that I wanted to comment on we watched the post which
stars Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks y’all that was such a good movie it’s a drama
and it was really really good it was about
The Washington Post in the 70s and the Pentagon Papers and I am a huge fan of
like really good dramas most of the movies that we watch our science fiction
or you know superhero or Harry Potter or I am drawing a blank Star Wars and I
love that stuff so much those are my favorites and horror movies and scary
movies and um but every once in a while I just like to sit back and like really
dig into a good drama and this was one of those so if you haven’t seen it yet
it’s on HBO this month I highly recommended there was there was
something else and I can’t remember what it was
oh we started watching season two of making a murderer it’s really good I
think we only got through like four episodes and I am just like wow it’s as
good as the first season was um it’s a little slower because we already know
pretty much you know like all the stuff so this one’s a little more a little
slower deals a little bit more with procedure and the legal stuff but it’s
still really really good and that’s it that’s all I’ve got for you guys today I
will check in in the next couple of days I’m not gonna say tomorrow because I
make no promises I keep feeling really bad when I say I’ll be back tomorrow and
then I’m not back tomorrow so I’ll be back when I’m back but for
you guys it’ll just be a couple of seconds so see you in a minute hey everybody today it’s Thursday
November 8th and it took me a little bit longer she’s on my next segment then I
thought it would I came down with a really nasty chest cold so remember the
other in my last segment when I said my throat was kinda scratchy and I was
drinking tea yeah I woke up the next day and I felt terrible so I spent a good
part of the day or of the next several days in front of the TV and I did some
stitching so so I forgot to mention in last week or
the segment earlier that the quilt behind me and this is the back of one of
the quilts that I had shared with you before it’s um a whole cloth so if you
don’t know what that is lots of times distributors print certain prints at a
1:08 length instead of 42 inches or 42 to 44 so that way you can just cut one
piece of fabric not have to stitch anything and baste it and you’re done so
that’s what I did with this one I love this print I’m actually thinking of
using it to make duvet cover for our bed and yeah so that’s what that is I
thought I would share with you some of the backs of my quilt since I don’t have
any new quilt so I can show you guys and this is actually from the quilt I shared
in my first philosophy video so if you haven’t watched that or you want to go
back and see what you pulled I’m talking about that’s which one it is
okay so whips since I put um peace on earth in time out I asked on my
Instagram stories what I should start next and I gave two options and
primitive hairs Merry Christmas or as I like to call it the spooky bunny pattern
or Satsuma streets joy you know the long kind of banner one and I think it was
like 65 to 35 percent said joy so I started joy here is what I have done I
only got the tree branch done I mean I think they called for DMC’s and this
gorgeous fabric is 32 count I think it’s linen it is one and why don’t ya isn’t
lemon know it’s even weave 32 count winter sky from Nancy and Victorian mono
and I love this fabric so much and I have about a half yard so I’ll be able
to do a whole nother prod you know a couple more projects on it because look
at this yeah I mean you guys know what a half yard looks like but it’s just a
half yard of court a half yard of gorgeous okay so I’m using the called
for DMC if I can’t remember if I said that I stopped where I stopped because I
it’s gonna go ahead and use stitch the the light effects that make up the
string or the ornament string and the tops of the ornaments I was gonna go
ahead and stitch that as I went so it would make it easier to count like you
know how far between the ornaments or the branch in the ornament but then I
remembered that I hate light effects and I stop that nonsense like 15 stitches in
and once again consulted my stitch aguru christine and after what she used
instead of light effects when she said petite treasure braid which I have none
of so I need to order some of that and I had literally just placed a one two
three stood shorter that morning and I was like they’re gonna laugh if I put in
another order I mean it’s not like they complain money’s money right but I felt
kind of stupid putting in another order like an hour later not that I haven’t
done it before oh I stopped working on this and I
started the spooky bunny pattern and I’m not making fun of that bunny the bunny’s
beautifully designed but it is a little spooky looking so I’m using the called
for damn C’s oh well let me show it to you this is what I got done I got
married done in the last part of Christmas
I mean called for DMC’s except for the white I’m subbing out the white that’s
called for in the pattern with toasted marshmallow and I can’t remember if
that’s classic color works or gentle art I’ll put it down here so when I get to
the bunny um I think that’ll look better and this
fabric is well on this fabric I mean this fabric is 32 count where’s the
little tag here it is 32 count platinum Belfast linen so I did
all this I think I stitched Mary last night did I miss a stitch I don’t know
I’ll have to look um i stitched Mary last night and I stitched Moff this
morning it’s still in the keeps not because I’m just gonna continue working
on it today and probably if my probably tomorrow and last my one to three stitch
order comes okay those are the two whips I wanted to
show you I often need to show you guys my stash piece but I’m not done with
this week’s clue yet so I’m just gonna wait and show it to you when I’m done so
in the last segment I showed you all this piece of 40 count or 20 count
charcoal ADA and then I showed you guys this piece of 32 count
I think blue Ghana that I died and I was trying to match the colors but I
couldn’t get the even we have to die charcoal enough and it’s just a little
warmer I dyed it again which is why I’m showing it to you now and it’s much
better it’s much closer it’s still a little warm but I think it’ll work now
so I just have to find the silk and make sure so other than that all I have to
show you guys those two patterns that I bought do y’all know about the horse
country holiday Sal um I saw something about it on Julie the Gulf Coast
stitcher on her in her Facebook her community Facebook group and I had seen
the pattern and I loved the pattern and I was like now I’m not buying another
Christmas pattern you have way too many Christmas charts you don’t need another
one don’t buy it Sarah so I turned around and bought it when I heard about
the stiff song because that’s what we do right I don’t I didn’t have any of the
called fours so I subbed out I’m gonna use carriage black for the horse and
then I ended up or maybe use carriage black for the horse I’m not sure I ended
up buying mascara and the other I think there weeks are they weeks yeah
weeks it’s hard for me to read without my glasses one so I bought those flosses
for this and I I don’t know I’m gonna see what it looks like when it gets here
I don’t I didn’t order the fabric that um it’s stitched on I have a piece of 36
count blue smoke linen that I am thinking I’m gonna use
for this but I’m just waiting for the philosophize so I will work on this this
weekend unless the Philosopher’s Stone arrived in which case I will continue
with the Merry Christmas the end then I also bought another pattern because we
don’t let patterns travel by themselves I mean this poor horse would have been
in that envelope all by himself so I bought a bent Creek I got glory and
I can’t wait to stitch this I’ll probably use my Victorian motto star
spangled – collection for this don’t know so that’s I have to show you guys
today um I’m a little scattered because I took cold medicine this morning and
I’m one of those people well I should say I’m a little more scattered than
usual y’all know I’m always a little scattered I’m one of those people who is
a lightweight when it comes to medicine I get knocked out by like daytime night
well so I think that’s everything and okay so that’s that you guys enjoy the
rest of your day and I’ll see you soon hey everyone today is Saturday November
10th and it is about to 2:15 in the afternoon
um I had not planned on recording today because I thought I would just be
stitching and watching football and then going out later but we decided we’re not
going out tonight we’re just gonna stay in and watch the Georgia game and that
gives me more free time so here I am and also the real reason is because I
received an order today and I have decided to change up my stitching plan
for the day and start the horse country holiday sow because the philosophy I
needed came and I now have some fabric that I want to audition it on I said
yesterday or what did I record yesterday or the day before I don’t know whatever
I did my last segments that I was thinking about doing it on 36 count blue
smoke but I’m not sure because now that the stuffs arrived I’m going to audition
it on at least one possibly two pieces that I
received so okay first thing I bought a long dog don’t get excited it’s not like
one of the hair a parent or anything it’s um a smaller long dog it’s called I
think you pronounce this watch it or watch at watch that Alf it’s gorgeous
absolutely stunning it’s pictured on I think it was Navy Aida or Navy women but
I’m not gonna do it on Navy I’m going to do it on this piece of 20 count 20 count
charcoals that I showed you guys I think that this will look spectacular on this
I’m gonna do it in all the called bores and I’m stoked about this I don’t think
I’ll start it until next year but I may start it if I get burned out on holiday
stitching since um my plan is to stitch holiday stuff November and most of
December so we’ll see I don’t know so I’m gonna kick that up probably tomorrow
um next I ordered a madame Chantilly pattern saw someone working on this okay
this has been on my wish list for like a month maybe two and then one of my
Instagram people that I follow showed this and I just had to move it to the
top of the list and I am so sorry but I cannot remember that person’s name I
will add it here somewhere I got a Christmas tree and there’s a little bit
of a glare it’s just because it’s printed on shiny paper um y’all Santa
and a polar bear you know how I am about Santa’s you know how I am at polar bears
Santa and a polar bear obviously I had to have it and there are actually
several of the Christmas patterns that I plan on getting over the next year I’m
not gonna go nuts like I did with Prairie school or and by like 30 all at
once well not all at once but you know like I really course of a month or two
I’m gonna like buy one a month maybe one every other month I don’t want to do
them all but there’s like five or six that I really want to do and I’m
thinking about doing them I might have to do a philosopher Jean but I’m
thinking about doing them on this gray petit point it’s 32 count lagana and I
just thought that would be really cute and
I think I’ve mentioned before I’m not really a big fan of well it’s not that
I’m not a big fan of natural backgrounds but for my decorating and stuff I like
I’m just a great girl I love grace so I’m thinking about changing the maybe
doing some changes and doing them ongoing I don’t know we’ll see what
happens so okay I am ordered a couple more pieces of fabric
I got a 32 count pea or a 32 count piece of silvery moon lagana 18 by 27 y’all
know what this looks I’m not gonna unfold looks like I’m not gonna unfold
it and then I got an 18 count piece of EDA picture this plus fog which I don’t
have any plans for but I am doing my green world map on a piece of the 14
count and I love the way it looks but I hate 14 count so um anyway just to have
on stay on hand and okay so I’m not gonna show you what with lots of shed
I’ll show you the ones for home country or horse country holiday I think what
I’m gonna do is after I finish this segment I’m gonna stop recording go to a
flaw stuff see if I have a combo I like and then show it to you real quick so I
can start at this asking me no okay so this is the only whip I have to show you
guys it’s Merry Christmas by the primitive hair I’m that I showed you the
other day you can see I finished the lettering and started the bunny and I
really like this toasted marshmallow I don’t know if it’s psychological or what
but I just seem to be having a better luck with it than regular old damn see
white I don’t know it’s classic color works DMC based I
don’t even know I guess I could look that up okay so um I’m gonna stop and go
figure out what I’m gonna do a horse country holiday on and I’ll be right
back okay so I’m back I did my floss topof and I’m just going to insert the
pictures here you and I’m leaning towards using the blues
smoke I’m just not 100% sure if I’m going to use the tropical ocean or the
teal frost I’m probably going with the tropical ocean I just I don’t know I
it’s just for the horses blanket so I’m hoping that it works I’m just worried
that the hill Frost is way too close to the 520 I am I’m a cave and just order
there called for which is um hunter weeks hunter I don’t know um
I’m gonna start with the horse so I don’t know we’ll see okay so that’s it
for today and I will see y’all tomorrow for the last segment bye hey everybody
today is Monday and I mentioned record yesterday but my chest cold came back
and I felt just awful yesterday didn’t get off the couch so the whole day
watching floss to him and movies and watching some football so I am I can’t
remember if I showed you but I’ve received the horse country holiday
pattern I’m not taking it out of the bag and I started that I should have worked
on mice th piece this weekend but I just I really wanted to start this I’m doing
it with a mix of the called fours and DMC and I am doing it on 36 count blue
smoke or smoke blue Edinburgh linen I didn’t have a chance to iron this before
I started recording so bear with the wrinkles I started with the border and
my plan is to take a break from the white and start the horse next but I’m
gonna put this down because I really need to catch up on my steed stitching
and see what the challenges are this week
I haven’t had I didn’t really feel like looking at it yesterday so I didn’t okay
so next I’m going to show you my stash piece I’m behind I have not finished
clue for yet and they released clue 5 yesterday Saturday this is all I have
done there’s the top part Evan the bottom I love stitching this it’s super
fun and easy I just got caught up with other things during the week and didn’t
finish it so I’m gonna work on this this afternoon okay so I think that’s it
y’all um I showed you that yeah I do have a few more things coming I am
embarrassed to say so I will show you those next week then I have one more
thing I want to buy and I’m gonna try and be done for a while I think that’s
all I have for this week this will go up depending on how long it
takes the video to upload to YouTube this should go up tonight sometime I
still have to type off the show notes but I think I started that the other day
so that’s good and then I’ll start filming a new vlog series for the next
ten days to two weeks tomorrow and hopefully I will feel better and not be
I don’t know I think I sound weird so hopefully I’ll be feeling better
tomorrow um I don’t really have oh I saw a good movie it’s not going to be for
everybody it’s about a young gay boy in high school who wants to come out and
that’s all I’m gonna say about that but it was fabulous it was heartfelt
and it was wonderful and I laughed and I cried and it was called love Simon and I
think everybody should watch it because I think it really like she had the
struggle of being like a young person in today’s world with social media and
having your whole life in front of people and having to deal with something
like that anyway I went through this with a friend of
mine when I was in high school but that was back in the late 80s early 90s and
we didn’t have to do a Facebook or texting or blogs or you know it was hard
enough without all that stuff so anyway watch that movie it was really good
there was something else I watched I can’t remember what it was shoot I
don’t know um anyway have a great day I hope you all have a fabulous week and I
will start recording the next flosstube tomorrow bye


  1. Love the printed fabric of background setup for your video! Beautiful progress on the Peace on earth! It look great on that fabric! The deep magenta pink aida that you dyed are beautiful! I hope you will get the right color dye for your charcoal lugana so you can start stitching on it. Love the Horse Country Holiday pattern. I can't wait to see you start stitching it! Have a great day to you, Sarah!

  2. Loving the Madame Chantilly pattern. Peace on earth is looking good. I’ve not picked mine up in ages. Must get to it as Christmas stitching is calling to me loudly now

  3. Hey there sweetie. I just love the quilt backing behind you. Love the Christmas stitchin! I caught the cold bug too a few weeks ago. And yep am a medicine lightweight, lol. I always take kids meds.

  4. I watched this last week, but forgot to comment. Ugh. I LOVE Tha magenta fabric. I had forgotten you showed it before, but that color. Wow! Your evenweave dye color looks a lot like my evenweave in Shale from Hand Dyed By Stephanie. I just think the synthetic fibers just don't hold the darker dye as well as cotton (please, lord above, let me have remembered right that yours is evenweave too). I think it looks great! Also, I just love that fabric for a backing. I still have to use my black with white words print as a quilt backing sometime.

  5. I Am A New Subscriber to your Channel –

    I too have a You Tube Channel and it is called Linda Klinedinst. I hope that you will Subscribe to my Channel. I have uploaded my 11th Floss Tube Video today.

    I love all of your WIPS – wow – you have such a Variety Of them. They are so very pretty.

    So looking forward to your next Video

    Happy Stitching – Merry Christmas ❤️

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