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The tablet press, a mechanical device, is
also known as compressing machine that compresses powder into tablets with precise size, shape,
and weight. The tablet making machines are used in pharmaceutical companies as well as
in industries which deal in manufacturing of medicine, cleaning products and cosmetics
for producing pills. Tableting machines are used to give varied shapes to tablets.
Now, Why Tablet Making Machine has been constantly evolved? The development in tablet press became
necessity to cater its increasing demand, multiplication of ailment conditions, and
extreme growth of population. Here I will give you information about Some
of the Modern Innovations in Tablet Press: –
Single Rotary Tablet Press Single Rotary Tablet Press is a standard model
machine, used for production of pills from powder.
The machine is designed to maximize cleanliness in operation and accessibility.
They also come in varied models such as Single Rotary Tablet Press with Exchangeable Turret,
Single Sided Rotary Tablet Press, and many more.
High Speed Double Rotary Tablet Press The high speed double rotary tablet press
is used for huge/Medium batch production of tablets.
It supports easy cleaning with its Dust Extraction Nozzles.
It ensures safety from any accident through reverse direction motion protection.
These machines can be operated and controlled by soft touch and PLC control system respectively.
Thus, it ensures smooth operation. Fluidpack under the brand name of Accura manufactures
a varied and modern range of this type of machines. They are:
High Speed Double Rotary Tablet Press with Pre-Compression 3 Tons & Main Compression
10 Tons & Exchangeable Turret High Speed Tablet Press II
High Speed Tablet Press IV Slugging (Bolus) Single Sided Tablet Press
Slugging Single Sided Tablet Press is suitable for small size batch production.
It is a square model and it promotes easy lubrication with one shot Lubrication System.
It is useful for the production of veterinary tablets for animals. Mini Tablet Press
Mini Tablet Press is compact in size and it used to produce small and precise tablet production.
It is mostly used in research and development departments for medicine formulation development.
Accura supplies mini tablet press with two different models viz. Single Rotary and Double
Layer Mini Tablet Press. For more information about the company and
Pharma machineries they offer, Visit – https://www.fluidpack.net/category/tableting-machines/ or can send your requirements on E-mail: [email protected]
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