Follow-Up Video: Mirror Upgrade! ⏫ Fallout 4 No Mods Shop Class

What’s up class! Today’s video is going to be a super quick
update to the last video I posted on how to create a mirrored vanity display for kitchens
and bathrooms in your Fallout 4 settlements. I got a ton of amazing comments on that video, and
you guys really seem to be loving what I’m doing. So I’m definitely gonna keep it up. One viewer named Beth Schogren
commented about the vanity mirror display: “Awesome video as always! Take a bow!” Thank you so much Beth. That’s
super sweet of you to say. But I can’t take a bow yet because I always feel
like there’s room for improvement, you know? No video of mine is perfect. And I’m not above
revisiting old videos and admitting mistakes I’ve made. Or even showing you guys new discoveries
I made on how to improve on those old videos. A good example was the upgrade I made to getting
into those closed buildings in your settlements. First I uses the fast travel mat, and then
discovered the crafting station technique. Which is so much faster and it
doesn’t require a loading screen. I’ll leave links to those videos if you
don’t know what I’m talking about here. Well, right after posting the last video on the
vanity display, I found there was an even better version of the mirror. I mean, if you guys thought
the cart and crate were cool mirror substitutes, then you’ll be stunned at this discovery. Now, this technique will require the pillar glitch
and a native floor and wall. So I’m not going to go back and do it at my Jamaica Plain build, but
we’re here at my Sanctuary “work in progress” and we’re gonna add the mirror to the next house
since it has a built-in bathroom that’s actually missing a mirror. Perfect for what I’ll be doing
here because when I say native floor and wall, I’m talking about floors and walls that came with
the settlement that can’t be scrapped or selected. So, let’s head over there and
I’ll show you this upgrade. So here’s the house. As you can see,
it’s got a nice bathroom going on. Actually, it’s pretty ratchet. But anyway, it is a
bathroom with some items that aren’t available in the selection menu. And this wall right here
looks like it should have a mirror and a sink. So, let’s go ahead and add
that with this new technique. Now, what I’m gonna do is, I’m actually gonna
build the mirror out here on this wall because… …this wall is a little bit squishy for
what we need to do to start it off with. But I’ll move it in here
when we’re finished with it. I’ll kind of show you what i’m talking about here. So, like for example… …We’ll go into wall decorations, then we’ll go
into paintings, and see how it’s kind of clipping through the wall there? So, you want to start
on a wall where it’s not gonna do that, all right? So, we’re gonna go over to… Let’s get rid of that. We’re gonna go over and do it on this wall
right here, okay? Here’s what we’re gonna do. You’re gonna need Nuka World to do this,
but most of you guys have that already. And you saw an example of this item
in the Jamaica Plain build, all right? Which was this poster right here that I used
to cover up the back of the crate, all right? So we’re gonna put that right here, and
then we’re gonna get out a pillar or a post. I like using these warehouse posts because
they’re a little thinner than the concrete ones. And we’re gonna get as close to the wall as we can. It should be good. Group select those, and then check this out! The back of the mirror! (*poster) It is just perfect to simulate a mirror, right?
So, I’m going to move the post to the front. Actually, let’s get it kind
of lined up so it’s even. There we go. I’m gonna group select, and
then I’m gonna push this into the wall… to where… it is completely flush. See how it’s flat up against the wall?
Maybe even just a little bit in the wall? You don’t want to go too far
into the wall, but you don’t want any gaps between the
wall and the post over here. I may have to come back and
push in a little farther. Let’s see how this works because… Actually I’ll just move this post over here. Because, first of all, that in of
itself looks pretty good. All right? But we’re gonna put, actually, a frame around
it. Because there are two pictures in the Wall Decoration section, under Paintings, that
fit perfectly around this frame. All right? So, let’s see here… Which one is it? Oops! You
know what? I may have gone too far into the wall. So we’re just gonna pull that back out just a bit. Yep! It was actually four little lines there.
so, I was a little too far to the wall there so… Okay. So, check this out!
So, this picture right here, which is normally this little mountain
valley, fits perfectly around this mirror. So, I’m just gonna pop that right into place, and
it should fit right over it without revealing any of the mirror underneath. Nope! I pulled it out too
far, all right? So, I put the painting over here. Got to be a little precise about this. So it will take some patience, but we’ll go
back make these little quick adjustment. Okay. I think I got it that time. It’s finicky, but like I said, it’ll be worth it. Boom! Look at that! Isn’t that awesome! That just looks like the perfect mirror. As a
matter of fact, there’s one other frame that you can use if you don’t like the wooden version. And that is this… I’ll just kind of go through these paintings to kind of show you which ones fit. So most of these others won’t fit, but there is
one that will, and that is this cat painting. So if you prefer a blue frame to the
wooden frame, then you can use this. And you can line it right back up again. There we go! Alright? So, I’ll
just store that for the moment. I like the blue better because there’s a
blue shower curtain in the bathroom there. And then we can just pillar
glitch this right onto that wall. Right on! Right on! I think I got it! Okay, Let’s take a look. See, here’s the blue shower curtain.
Kind of goes with the blue frame. But there we go! That is a much better mirror
than the crate or the cart. Don’t you think? Hahaha! And then just for the heck of it,
real quick, we’ll go ahead and add a sink. All right my friends! Short and sweet. Well,
you know, at least for one of my videos. Hope that helps make your settlements
even cooler then they probably are. Got some bigger and better stuff planned for the
next video, but I wanted to shoot this video out there while it was still fresh in my mind. Thanks as always for watching. Make sure you’re subscribed and have that
notification bell turned on to get these videos delivered right to your digital doorstep.
And a like and a share is always appreciated. See you next time! Happy building, and class dismissed…


  1. This is by far one of the best builds I have seen for the Fallout 4 workshop! Thanks for all your hard work!

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    Would it be easier to line up if you put the painting on the wall after you reverse the poster, then pillar glitch it into the painting?

  6. You always have great videos that contain great information on building in Fallout. I seem to have trouble getting things to work on my builds. Alot of stuff doesn't get close to the walls or join together. I just stopped building and watching videos on how to build cause the things don't work for me. Please help anyone.

  7. Thank you for calling out my post. You definitely need to take a bow now since you pronounced my last name correctly. 😁

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    Personally I love the "and a few minutes later" inserts, crack me up every time!

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  15. Love your videos. But ain't it funny how Deus Ex had working mirrors in 2000, 15 years before Fallout 4? They were laughably bad but still, they had them, and they worked!

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  17. Looks really good. Nice and shiny! Maybe I'll have to finally finish Nuka World so I can upgrade from the filing cabinet and picture frame mirrors I've been building since before the DLC's.

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  19. Paul I love your videos, I was recently watching the top 10 craziest creatures video and I thought I might give a suggestion that could help you have more fun and maybe inspire you create a new line of content, let me know what you think. So it seemed to me that you were hitting enemies like Swan and Grun way too hard and not taking a lot of damage. I play on Very Hard usually (can't do survival for too long only because I need fast travel, running takes too long), but what I noticed is, in the beginning it's extremely frustrating playing on the highest difficulties, but once you figure it out, it's some of the most interesting and enjoyable gameplay ever. I don't know if your guy is just really strong or if you are in fact on a lower difficulty, but you might try changing it and then pumping out more content (it probably already exists, but you're the only FO4 tuber I really watch and probably same for quite a few others) about how to play the game on very hard or survival with tricks like psychojet, positioning, builds for different situations, etc. Just letting you know it's really way more fun than it is frustrating, and when you do it right, 90% of the game is still ridiculously easy, but it's just more rewarding of a feeling in my opinion. Just a thought anyways, keep up the good work!

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    As usual, I love watching your videos. I am learning so much and found some NO mod techniques on my own. U R AWESOME!!!!!

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  28. Hey Paul, another awesome build as always! But let me ask you; Are you sick of having a nice clean bathroom but you're always stuck with a disgusting unpolished bathtub? Well no longer! Luxury bathrooms can finally be upgraded to have a nice jacuzzi style tub. I was inspired by your manufacturing video where you glitched together those 2 chairs to make a nice collection bin and I realized that the Overseer's Terminal from Vault-Tec looks like a cut in half hot tub. So using a rug glitch style method I put 2 terminals together to create a much nicer bathtub. It does take up a lot of space but it makes for a great master bathroom for the Sole Survivor or possibly even a party hot tub for social gatherings. I managed to do this using the rug glitch but using two of the smallest shack foundations as the terminals seem to snap to flooring so I couldn't get them onto a traditional rug. And you'll find their bounding box is very forgiving on the portion of the terminal where you would put a chair so you can do a surprising amount of clipping them together without even really needing glitches. And if memory serves I was even able to move them without group select, as if one terminal was on top of the other. Although that might just be a fuzzy memory. Now the only problem I had was that when I removed the shacks one side did fall lower than the other but I decided to keep it that way because now it looks like the tub is designed for you to get in on the lower side. Anyway, happy building!

  29. All your videos are inspirational – including these mirror ones. All your methods are really helping me improve my settlements. Keep up the great work.

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