Food is Medicine: Scott’s Extraordinary Story

SCOTT: I have tried in the past and had limited
success for a short time and then would always revert back to eating the old way…lots of
pop, lots of hamburgers and fries and stuff like that. I went to my annual physical with Dr. Bird
and did the usual array of testing, and it came back that I probably had Type 2 Diabetes
because my glucose was quite high. DR. BIRD: Initially there was some diabetic education, and he needed some medication to get his blood sugar down. But my biggest goal with him was to have him
make a change in lifestyle. SCOTT: My weight was probably at the highest
it had been for a long time. I could see an ongoing problem. That was a big change in my thinking about
health in general. DR. BIRD: I think the main points are increased
vegetables, less meat and dairy. That’s how I would say it in summary. Benefits with less calories, benefits with
health-promoting nutrients. SCOTT: I think it was very important just
to have a doctor be promoting nutrition as a solution to a problem rather than just more
medication. That really did turn on a light bulb in my
head that I could make a really big change if I just change the way I eat. So over the next year or so I’ve dropped about
40 pounds. DR. BIRD: He certainly has had success and lost
quite a bit of weight, and we’ve been able to cut back on his medications. I think with him seeing the success that he’s
had has given him more power to realize how much control he has over his health. KATHY: He’s got more energy. He takes more initiative. He’s more engaged. He was just healthier as a whole person–not
just physically. So this is not just about a diet or a physical
change. This changes a whole person and the dynamics
of the relationship for the better. DR. BIRD: What my patients eat is more important
than any medication that I give them. I really try to stress that you can exercise
an hour a day, but if you don’t change the way you eat, number one you might lose much
weight and your health is not going to be as good as you’d like. SCOTT: The biggest change in my attitude was
that–OK here’s not just a diet plan I’m going to do for six months and get to a point, and
then I can slowly revert back to eating my old ways with lots of red meats and sugars
and pop. This is the way we’re going to be eating from
now on. So if we continue on this, we will see good
things happen.

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  1. This is great! I am a "retired" dietitian from McFarland Clinic Diabetes Center. Lifestyle changes are the key to long term success. Way to go Dr. Bird!

    I've just started a private practice recently, especially trying to reach out to adults with newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes & pre-diabetes. I offer quick, nutritious solutions for healthy eating.

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