1. I get so saddened when I see severe neglect in any animal. We buy animals and therefore, we buy the pleasure and the pain that goes with ownership. Whoever the person is who let this beautiful horses hoof/hoofs get in such a state should hang their head in shame.

  2. يا بوي لا يكثر بس الصلن خيولكم بيض الشكله مهوب مثل العربيه حقتن 😒😒

  3. The problem I see with this is the glue and plastics will prevent air from getting to the foot, which isn’t good for cell development. Just as women’s nails get thin when constantly using glue- on nails, same principle.

  4. Shame on you for neglecting your horse!!!!! That took awhile to happen. Was the poor animal standing in mud? Shame on you!! Cause a crisis so you can pretend to be a hero and fix it so you can sell forma hoof. Shame on you!!

  5. If you are not a farrier I think you need one. Are you just advertising the Formahoof mold? You say its one of your horses but I'm not convinced, it looks sedated so you can work on its foot. The frog is WAY to long and the angle of the hooves is awfully seriously wrong…………… why did the hoof crack???? Figure that one out first besides just slapping on a formahoof mold.

  6. So first off I’m a fully qualified farrier from Australia. Secondly that foot needed to be trimmed down in the heels to bring them back closer to the point of origin. They may not have had much vertical length but they were about an inch too far forward into the foot. Thirdly I’ve seen people using the same idea with polyurethane shoes like this and in my opinion they don’t work for the foot. Especially if there is clear signs of seedy toe (white like disease) in they cracked area. I wouldn’t be surprised if that area was necrotic after taking that polyurethane off. And finally it’s fairly straight forward to show a foot like that. You trim it around the internal structures of the hoof i.e pedal bone. And while hot shoeing you move the placement of your nails to accomodate for the lost hoof wall. And if needed depending on the level of lameness of the horse I’d choose to put a heartbar in the hoof to transfer some pressure to the frog. But that is only depending on the lameness level of the horse.

  7. You ether drugged this horse up to the point it thought it was Elvis or it was a dummy horse. Lol.

  8. You said at the beginning "Today we are going to work on a HORSE OF MINE". Why is your horses feet in that bad of shape with you being a farrier? THAT concerns me a lot.

  9. That sander creates a growing heat deep inside the hoof. Will feel OK on outside, but inside blistering

  10. Haha, I thought that the silicone was going to be left on and that he would have to walk around with that on.

  11. and theres about 100 ways do it bettre.. first is to trim the damn hoof properly and put a shoe on it.. if it some how dont work theres plenty of glue shoes that are way better..

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