Fort Knox Prepares for CST 2019 | First Aid

The Public Affairs Office stopped by the
first-aid training event to see how Randy helps cadets prepare for first aid
in the field. How do you feel about that? Our jobs here are to facilitate training and give the block
of training, test after the fact that way everybody has warm and cozy on first aid and how it’s supposed to be carried out all the way from carry to
fire to being able to do a blood sweep. So, it encompasses as if you were
actually under contact and how you move from under contact to transporting the
casuality away. The people that are around you when you get injured are the quickest to perform aid
to those people and so that gives you the highest chance of survivability and
so that’s why aid is so important because those people that you’re
training with are going to be the people that you’re with when you’re in a combat
situation so they need to know how to basically do the interventions that
could save your life like tourniquet MPA, a needle chest decompression
whatever it may be. Being a combat medic on the battlefield, I absolutely love knowing that there’s people around me that are also at least somewhat
trained in that field as well. There were a couple of times where I’ve been in contact
in both Iraq and Afghanistan I was not the first person that could lay hands on
somebody everybody knows what to do and if it becomes a little bit more like
common knowledge somebody else may very well be helping me just as much as I am
in saving a life. Reporting from the Public Affairs Office at Cadet summer training, I’m Haley Brown.

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