Founders Family Medical Center – Castle Rock, CO

I’m Dr. Kleiner and I work at Founders
Family Medical Center. We’ve been open since 2005. We see babies, children,
adolescent, adults of all ages. In addition to doing routine wellness care
on an annual basis we see chronic medical conditions and manage those
conditions for our patients. We also have an urgent care for those times when you
need to be seen quickly. If you come in this urgent care we do offer a callback
option which allows for us to call you when your appointment time is available.
Here at Founders Family Medical Center we offer on-site digital x-ray this allows
for you to come in with an injury and for us to evaluate it while you are here.
If a fracture is detected we can either treat here or refer you to an
appropriate specialist. We also do minor procedures here such as treat skin
lacerations, abrasions and form skin biopsies. We have taken advantage of a
government stimulus package to allow us to afford and to upgrade our medical
record system into a web-based system called Athena Health. The patient has the
ability of logging on to an encrypted and secure patient portal to email your
physician and providers as well as look at their medical records and their test
results. Check us out at Facebook at or give us a call at 303-688-8666

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  1. I have been a patient at Founders since 2007.  Everything they do is exceptional and they make me feel like family.  Thank you Dr. Klienert, Dr. Campbell and all of you wonderful staff, Carolyn Katzoff

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