Fragmentation (The Worldwide Disease) – Teal Swan –


  1. Did not get this video the first time I saw it. Nearly one year later it’s so much more clear. Thanks 🙂

  2. I think Id be ok if parents were more the same one was supportive the other isnt and is very controlling

  3. for me its verbal abuse, having substance parenting, yelling parents and abuse of other kinds as adults

  4. Found this maybe you like it as a kind of using it in another example in fragmentation

  5. I find it unsurprising if it is a worldwide disease, because of the values espoused by our capitalist system. Like a conveyeor belt it wants to "normalize" everyone- become like manoquins- further and further rejecting anything seen as uncompetitive, weak or unattractive, a centralising pattern, like the way wealth is becoming more and more centralised, maybe our values of competitiveness, strength and beauty become more and more extreme and if this is the case it would become harder and harder to live up to societal values and we would possibly have to fragment or repress more and more of ourselves. Also reminds me of Voldemort- how he fragments more and more of his soul with each killing. Thanks for the video really interesting 🙂

  6. I think I get it. I have no left ovary due to cancer at 33, & I'm a very fragmented person (duh). Your choice of words is synchronicity at it's best in this example.
    What a genius. But I won't live long enough to heal everything after watching 4 of these videos. I'd get nothing else done.

  7. I love myself I love you swan I love my demons i love everyone's demons and everything and everyone on this planet in this universe. It's all about love. I would say you think out side the box teal but after hearing your messages it makes complete sense in the spiritual way. You just bring extreme depth in your messages. Your videos are for lack of a better word incredible. I'm on my spiritual path and I thank you for helping me along my journey. Don't stop

  8. I have over 900 pictures of this.of at least 50 different faces.i need to know who to talk to.please help me.

  9. And what is childhood? 0-10? 0-18? 0-25? Is it just our past? Seriously curious.

  10. Like a diamond with its many facets… all of these individual sides come together to reveal the diamonds luster. We see them all.

  11. Finally, I hear someone saying this out loud! I have discovered exactly the same in my own quest, but I don't have the calling for being a teacher to the masses, like you. I've been hoping that someone would actually do this work – and here you are! Great! Bless you 🙂

  12. Wow I just allowed myself to become the consciousness of my ovary and immediately felt so much rage anger and fear. My whole body started twitching in different places and it reminded me of what cramps feel like. It says I will never ever want to have sex again because of the trauma I went through. I was supposed to be treated with love and kindness and gentleness but I was treated with nothing of that. (I was dateraped and sexually abused as a teenager) interesting stuff. I asked it what it needs and it immediately softened and said love and gentleness and calmness. And it started flowing. So interesting thank you s o much teal

  13. I just realised (and by that I mean bursted into tears) that my childhood memories of being a (in my mind) rejected loner kid was holding me back from not opening up to people even if I have a chance I froze and appeared to be bland and boring I guess. Thank you so much Teal . I didn't expect to experience a moment like that.

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