Frantic Online Predator Runs in Circles & Drops His Keys

yeah dude I like running go ahead nice little maneuver it's a fun game of take you're a little too old for this got your keys you don't know who it is that you're confronting you don't know if they have a criminal record you don't know if they have a little pin or anything like that hey I'm in the wrong chair hang on this is this one's too loud get back oh boy all right we have a lot to talk about I know it seems funny when I say I wanted this video to be short and sweet but I really do but at the same time it's impossible and I have to be thorough if you were to take the chat log and transcribe it on word which is what I've done it is 19 pages single-spaced 11 point font several hundred messages and almost five thousand words so we talked a lot on a couple different apps really really insane this guy I would say is one of the worst ones I've dealt with just because of how manipulative he is I mean they're all bad but not everyone asks for nudes and not everyone even when I say no continues to pressure it over and over and over again like this guy has and another thing I have to say is this is the huge ethical dilemma for me because these guys this guys is among one of the older predators I've dealt with in his late 30s early 40s I have no idea when they say their age I have no idea if they're telling the truth or not often times is BS but this guy is middle-aged and as someone who's middle-aged he has he's pretty developed I guess in the eyes of society with I don't want to get anyone else involved and please don't judge anyone else that this guy's associated with this is all on him and it's just such it's such a shame it's so tragic but there has been a lot in the conversation that I'm not gonna say just to protect people because I wanted to be all about him not anyone close to him so and for those who know this guy personally on a very deep personal level but I'm sorry that I'm the one who has to tell you this but it is the truth and I just wish you all the best so that being said I'm gonna sense her a little bit of what went on and chat about him talking about about those people so we won't talk about that here and then I'm when I confronted him I mentioned some of that but I won't include that again I want I wanted all to come down on him and just I want all the attention to be on him this is such a crazy story and I really do hope people look at this and realize that wow there are so many dangerous online and to avoid people like this or at least I want to spread the message that this is what to look out for and I just don't like telling you about that I like showing you because I think that really hits home so he hit me up and he asked me what I was doing I said I skip school I'm just listening to music right now I asked him how he's doing he said I'm sure there's all kinds of trouble you can get into just got out of the shower getting ready for work cool yeah I'd rather skip to low can I ask you two questions first yeah of course first is how old are you 14 oh wow I don't know if I should ask the second I was gonna ask if I could see you and if you wanted to chat on kik but I don't know if you like older guys so he messaged me on kik and I saw on his profile that he had been on kik for almost five and a half years and his display picture if I was a Jedi there's a hundred percent chance I would use the Force and appropriately so I knew where this was going I knew that this is going to be a long journey so do I get to see you do your parents know about your kick I told them that I kind of hide that app so the parents don't see them if they decide to check my phone he said okay don't want to get you in trouble he sent a picture of himself I'm trying to always be safe I told him he looks pretty professional so what kind of trouble should we get into today lol I thought what would do I'd like to know who I'm talking to you'd be surprised how many people pretend if he's somebody they're not he sent another picture of himself and I said dude that how old are you he did an answer so very early on I knew that this guy was going to be super sketched out the entire and pretty smart in my videos a lot of the Predators look kind of dumb that's because I don't tell you how smart they are I like keeping a lot of things unknown so that it doesn't for any other operations or predators don't become smarter so there's a lot of tricks I keep up my sleeve that I don't give away but just do not underestimate how smart these guys are okay don't this guy may look like an idiot but he is not I know I've confronted 16 of these guys I know this guy's is he's way up there intellectually he said again so what trouble should we get into today predators usually don't ask to meet this early on the same day of the conversation they usually don't do that probably super horny of that day or something so I said I don't care like where would you like to meet there are things I want to do but shouldn't want to do lol he asked me what I've done sexually any chance I could see more of you I told them I want to see more of you ladies first but I'll show anything you want but I want to see everything too so ridiculous he was wrong form of – I said that sounds kind of a naughty may be long I said if you want pics we could meet today and you could take pictures in your car because you should send me a picture of himself in his car I don't want to wait that long besides you have me wondering how naughty you can be I said you can't wait within a day nope Capital lol he wanted pictures okay so let's just start off with a bra and panty pic I told him that my boobs are so small I don't even wear a bra they're very uncomfortable and he says Oh even better I told him I tried I said yeah bras are so uncomfortable I hate them so much and I'm actually saying that from my own personal a 26 year old man's experience because when I was 23 I wore bra inside that black guy's house and it was the most uncomfortable thing ever the bra straps kept on getting twisted and I thought this is just so ridiculous I thought I'm so glad I'm male so ladies I feel you out there and but yeah I told him I don't wear a bra because I don't have any boobs like right now you know so I guess he can just take a panty panky and I can see how small they are I said they're small so show me and I'll be the judge lol I told them what would you send me in return what do you want to see whatever you want to show me I told them I can show you what looking at your pictures does to me disgusting so I knew very clearly that this guy wanted child porn and so I said I want to me no because I might have to expose this guy he's won in child porn so I said let's go to a park near my house and there are woods there I don't know especially for not willing to let me see anything and what this was he wanted to manipulate me into standing nudes and just wanting to pressure that ever so subtly but you know I've been around the block I know manipulation when I see it and really I'm not a young girl I'm a man so you know I don't mind playing this game I told them your loss and I ignored them I guess so damn so I told them I'm gonna send you one more pic but that is it that's all you're getting from me so I put it on my good old yoga pants and I took a picture in the mirror and this is how it came out it looks very female ish like look at those curves right so I it took a while to get that pose I even shaved I had to shave a little bit just in case if you wanted to you know zoom in a little bit man I go all out on these things you kind of have to you know yeah you have to but I was a little worried about how's he gonna react to this picture because I know it's me and I'm a guy an adult so as soon as I read this next message my heart skipped a beat the first word I saw him say really was like oh no no at the fight he said I know my good girl can do better than that I said that's all you get for now I told them that so many other guys want nudes and it's annoying like I feel used and I told him that I'd set the record straight I get that I'm just worried about getting in trouble you are so sexy of us so young listen to this this is insane if I see you naked I know you are for real and not setting me up I have to be careful wow wow wow wow insane guy that is insane and I told them I don't want to send nudes to just anyone I don't even know you we haven't met yet but I said after we meet maybe then I can show you something or whatever I'm sure and I do want to meet just being cautious maybe talk for a while then when you get comfortable we can show each other everything then meet and I can feel that amazing tight body and I'm super curious about how big your breasts are now makes me so angry this guy I told him again that I'm just sick of citing my news and then people leaving I feel like I'm being used I'm not going anywhere especially after I see you so then ever since that he knew he knows he knows how to play his charm said in its to be manipulative to make her feel so special and to get her trust it is a predator is all about getting a victims trust that is the number one goal of the predator because without that he can't control the girl he can't or the boy or whatever predators have no control when there is no trust and they love they thrive on control and to get that they manipulate and it's so subtle at times but you have to see it you have to recognize these signs they want to be your friend they want to be your confidant it is not cool people like this are the absolute most garbage people on earth and they should be taken out accordingly so I don't know what he's doing I said wow it sounds like you really care a lot I do sweetie and at this point I think oh I'm gaining the trust aspect now where do you live kind of downtown Grand Rapids Michigan I asked him where he lived Grand Haven Michigan which is kind of a popular tourist town there's there's a beach there I told him I love Grand Haven you're so lucky do you want to trade cities well thanks nope I told him I figured you can come visit get you a teeny bikini I told them yeah but I can't drive I know but you can in a couple of years so that's too long I know and you will be legal then too he used the wrong form of two again and I have to say the legal age of consent as I'm producing this video which is May 9th 2019 that's the date now six years since I caught my first redditor um anyway the current legal age of consent in Michigan is 16 and some other states at 17 and some other states is 18 but child porn is under the age of 18 so it's a really weird it's weird how the laws are but I mean yeah you could legally have sex with a 16 year old if there's not if they're not in an authority in the state of Michigan but if you have a nude picture of said 16 year old or 17 year old you can go to prison for its it's a it's a big offense it's it's probably like up to life probably and trying to entice someone who he thinks to be a minor 14 – um to send news that's a he's such a big crime you know I talked to a lot of predators at the same time and some lately I've been posing as 13 or 14 and I slipped he said when is your birthday I knew as soon as I said that screwed up because the math doesn't add up just because I I have all these things in my mind from the personas I pretend to be beforehand and so I just had that stuck in my head and but I that was for the my 13 year old person and I just get kind of mixed up sometimes like I said I I do this a lot too many men and I knew it and so before he said anything I quickly signed up so glad I called is I said I'm actually 13 yeah this is work so you're gonna mess up it's not gonna be perfect but you can make it perfect and I did just that I knew my mistake and I said I'm actually 13 and quickly said that and I knew this guy was smart I know he could do Matt I was just gonna ask you so i BS my way around it and said yeah I don't know 14 sounds older I'm not immature like like most 13 year olds and I saw this as an opportunity to ask him how old he is I said how old are you you really want to know and I can tell you aren't I like talking to you I said oh thank you so much yeah it's okay you can tell me how old you are 39 I said okay that's that's um it's so fine you're still in your 30s but who knows if he's probably 42 you know he's gonna say 39 like I don't know in dealing with predators a lot of them say they're an age where they're a little bit older than that it's just like why guy who hi doesn't matter I said don't feel too old I said what's your favorite Star Wars movie Empire Strikes Back oh that is old-school we talked about star wars we talked about some other stuff other than sex but sex mainly charge at the conversation and whenever I would change the subject he would transition it back into a sexually charged one listen list I asked him when is the next hours movie coming out not sure another year at least I told him no I can't wait that long because I told him that I'd like to start where his age and I like don't judge me but and I liked the movie solo I I learned I first I watched the movie solo after I was talking another predator and he said you got to see and then so I watched the whole thing just to like make my character more believable but he's actually pretty good movie I might know the suti not sponsored by Disney of course not definitely not Disney okay he told me that I'm he said you you are pretty impatient I guess said maybe mm-hmm I told him I'm hungry so II beautiful what are you going to have I just made a pancake listen to this that sounds good even though there's something else I want to eat I knew where he was going with that I said my put my cat are you shaved yeah I am but I haven't in a while not much hair to be honest I should but I should shave lol it need a hand or a tongue that's so wrong it's so messed up hopefully soon gorgeous the next day I said yeah maybe soon you know it's a little road trip for you but it's actually not that far true what are you doing I'm listening to music right now probably I said probably something you would know it's old-school Led Zeppelin I got less friend down at a thrift store and just like this here the Hindenburg this footage is gonna do you like that but I guess that was too old-school from because I asked him what kind of music you like alternative barenaked ladies I like Green Day – I said no Barenaked Ladies but I'd mentioned I love Green Day nice and yes I love Barenaked Ladies Yeah right more like little girls the band and you showing LOL told me I bet mm-hmm ask him what he's doing though I'm making dinner and one of my you burgers I said well burgers that's cool am i invited burgers on the grill who he said might be awkward and then he mentioned some stuff that I won't say I told him it's best I stay away from your house yeah be weird when I took you to bed I told him I'd ask for you to took me and you know God sweetie I definitely would have you come to my room when I'm sleeping calling it next to me and just a t-shirt listen to this what would that look like lol he wants a picture of me and just a t-shirt so with nothing on below that I told him yeah it would look very bare no peek huh and and then he sang one of those emojis with like the the slide kind of grin roll over and run my hand up your smooth legs I said I'd like ya want daddy to go on oh right here he says the word daddy yes please can daddy earn a pick if I turn my good-girl on enough I said dude I told you I've told you you're not gonna get any more pics until after we meet hmm okay sweetie but it's gonna be a while until we meet but I am transferring to Alpine next week Alpine is a business district and near where I live there are lots of stores there that people shop at so I said in Walker I go there a lot you do mmm so I said yeah like Kohl's and target I like shopping there maybe we can meet sometime I said yeah if only it was close to me because I don't I yeah yeah I I need to get a ride there if I want to go there if your parents take you you can just let me know when you are there and maybe we can meet in the dressing room so Daddy can help you try on some things so I said yeah that actually sounds like a good idea they would have to drop me off though and not be in the same store at the same time the next day at 6:30 8:00 in the morning April 25th lol that works through sweetie I had an amazing dream with Bobby last night just making her feel special he asked me how my day is going on I said you know pretty good but you know I kind of sucked and he said yeah work sucks too like you said he's working right now and it sucks I told him to skip work he said I wish what you doing and then we talked about the weather I said I hear it's gonna snow this weekend don't worry daddy will keep you warm I said hehe yes please daddy daddy knows a lot of ways to keep my good little girl warm yeah I asked definitely what you doing now I'm about to sleep the next day April 26 Friday good morning sweetie we talked about school he talked about I went to the Secretary of State to renew his plates and talked about how like the lines there her so long and he said I lost our entire conversation with my phone messed up he asked me if I'm doing any fun plans for the weekend I said I'm just wanting them all what about you he said just working I called him a workaholic used to tell me about it and I have to work tomorrow on my birthday yeah I told him to skip I wish I could but I just transferred to Grand Rapids remember not a good impression I said yeah that's closer to me that's cool and then the next day listen he asked me how am I like how how are you this beautiful morning sorry I can't talk I said I'm great how are you I didn't wish him happy birthday and when I realized this like a couple days later I thought wow he said his birthday was this thing and I didn't say anything about happy birthday and I almost felt for a second I thought like a little bit bad because naturally I care about that kind of stuff but I thought I thought like why like he's a president listen this he told me I'm stuck at work did I tell you my phone messed up yeah you did I know what you want dude I don't have any pictures of you now so I said that sucks but I told him you work too much changing the subject I know I do any chance I can I can get I I can see any chance I can see you get at least one pic dude learn English I can't it's hard for me to read this and I hate it when because I know I have to put this on YouTube where other people are like what the heck it's like oh I have to have it like how he says it but do just like if anything I should be the one who is screwing up at English not this the old guy anyway any chance I can see you get at least one pic to fantasize about that's so broken which makes sense right because the guys is just he screwed up anyway and I said remember I said later later you will get pictures like we have to meet at Target first like you said when are you going to get dropped off at Alpine so I can see you and so do you want to do it tomorrow what time you thinking I don't know what works best for you five ish I said yeah let's make it five III have to didn't have my mom dropped me off there then I'm worried that you're trying to get me in trouble I really like talking to you in your studying but I have to be careful and they talked about some personal elements to his life that he could lose why would you do that why you know you know some people have it all and they always want a little bit more and it's just mind-boggling to me so perverted it is so evil men the next morning we made small talk you kept calling me sweetie I can't wait to start seeing everything I thought that's right that's right I'm in control this situation you yeah I'm not your bippy male dog you were my female dog I can't I don't know it's a little together for me to say okay stop making fun of my water bottle what you want me to throw this away just because it doesn't look cool come on that's just a waste okay I told them I'm exciting for Target and I messed up too okay my English isn't gonna be perfect to me you know but I told him I had to go later sweetie me too you just made me up lol wow wow dude so you promise that you're not gonna get daddy in any trouble right now and I have to say I read a comment from a victim of one of these pieces of crap that recently that and I said something like it's funny how predators are always worried about themselves getting in trouble the consequences it can have on their lives but not the underaged girls or boys or girls life is just such selfish people that I don't think they can be helped I believe that from many years of experience I don't think you can help these guys this guy is an old guy like come on dude what is he doing it's just insane and why there are adults everywhere pick one one do you understand why why I am worried right so I'm trying to be extra careful I could get in a lot of trouble I said I know but you won't get in trouble silly I'm smart as I told them that so I'm smart I'm sure you are but how can I be sure there is one way but I doubt you will do it wow dude amazing he wants nudes he always sometimes subtly sometimes directly gets the message cross that he wants news it's incredible and it's mind-blowing that these guys are all worried about getting caught in person trying to meet up for sex but then when it comes to whiny nudes do it look at that that youtuber with with with child porn got ten years and some of these guys get life for child porn offences and somehow he thinks that that's ok but like he's worried about all this other stuff like meeting up in person these predators need to understand that you're not safe dude you want news you're I'm targeting you and at Target but I have to say real quick I love Target I go to I shop I go there a lot and I support Target I so it's such a great atmosphere and a ton like Walmart but most Walmart's I think I've never seen a good one but anyway I love Target and yeah ok sucked up enough ok just please don't ban me from your store I like I told him you just gotta relax it's hard I want you I want you so bad I said yeah I bet it is hard yes find out if you want to what do you want to do first said maybe try on some clothes will you need dirty as hell I said yeah and what the sexier option would be maybe I told them I'm sure you have a good case listen to this and I did not mean that in a sexual way at all when I said that but listen to this and I'm sure you taste good this is gonna get graphic so warning I hope I know this is long video and you may probably have had some gotten something to eat but but put put it down for a second listen ok unless if you're into the is just given the context of how old this guy thinks the person he's talking to 13 now yes I lied about my age sure no I did it it was a mistake who cares 14:39 yeah when you said I'm sure you taste good I said I hope I don't know I've never gone down on myself not that flexible guy there are other ways to test yourself you've ever tasted your fingers after oh wow you're asking a thirteen year old girl that that is screwed up in and of itself is just so wrong I told him I haven't I've always washed them after you definitely should try them but I said I'll remember that for next time bought the case and the finger clip listen to this hopefully I will witness next time I think it's gonna be closer to six is that okay to me that target you wanted to meet that day I said yeah that's fine you still at work I told him I'm doing my homework now like a good girl I like you being a good girl I can't wait to see how good of a girl you are how far away from Alpine do you live told him you still at work yes I am I called him a workaholic again tell me about it and I'm sorry sweetie but I don't think I'm gonna get a lunch today he referred to that as a lunch he told me that he thought there was no way for him to leave work I said but when can we meet then let me look at my schedule and I'll figure it out I said okay I could I would I said you need to stop working so much guy I asked him if he's working on life he said until 11:00 at the earliest hopefully I will get a time to eat trust me I want to meet so that you can start setting me the good stuff unbelievable it's a little bit of small talk do you like your new work location it's just busy but yes I set out I guess I'll just find something else to do tonight so what are you gonna do I told him I'm trying to think of a good movie to watch you got any listen to this I wish you and I can make a good movie and then it gets a little bizarre I told him yeah but but you would be stuck at work listen to this maybe I would find a place here you could come in and apply I take you to my office and when he told me this a completely remodel my of a guy I dealt with almost six years ago that was a supervisor of a construction company and he had sent me nudes of himself in his own workplace with justwhen shoes these guys are insane and I remember when I posted that video people would tell me dude this guy was my boss two years ago on my holy crap and he went to prison for it he had a bunch of child porn on him too nuts I asked him if he's in his office now he said it I'm about to be what do you have in mind I said we could eat lunch together what would my go-to girl like to eat sausage that it can give you that when you're done you can sit on the desk so Daddy can eat are you just laying in bed naked thinking about daddy you know delusional what does daddy have to do to get his a good girl daddy has to meet me at Target hopefully soon I told him yeah you must be a CEO or something something like that he told me he's tired maybe you should help keep me a link I said dude don't sleep on the job mm-hmm never I said good daddy's a good boy I try to be you make me want to be very bad and then later that night he said I wish you would give daddy a treat I don't know I haven't counted how many times this guy has said that he wants nudes or has suggested that I send one but it's got to be insane so I said I would daddy wouldn't have cancelled you have no idea how much it kills to cancel I don't think you realize how much you turn me on Wow okay I didn't know you went to 26 year old guys OAL de 13 girl girl what am i deaf huh what if these guys think sket might want to show them the piece of paper with her face on I wanna meet face to face imagine what's going through their mind it's it's gotta be so Wow like it's just they know they know it was a trap the end of Wow that's gotta be crazy in the amount of fear but now I guess I have to wait to see my good girl I promise I won't disappear on you maybe just a peek while you're laying in bed thinking about daddy what a more looser I told him I'm tired I don't want to talk to these guys all the time right so yeah I'll go to bed a little earlier than I actually do you know Plus being a 13 year old girl I need lots of sleep I told him daddy I'm tired okay sweetie daddy is too but get some rest I told him you're amazing why is that sweetie you're not like other guys he's not he's creepier than other guys I mean they're all creepy but this guy is just he's so persistent and he's new so yeah I don't know what I did that you appreciate but I'll try and keep doing it lol I just said you really kind and you care but I'm going to sleep right now good luck at work tomorrow yes I do sweetie I wish that was enough for a little tease but I understand why you don't good night sweetie message me when you wake off the next day I told them I'm leaving for school e oh yeah I'm laying in bed kiss emoji have a great day Sweeney and when I got back from school I told him I just got back what are you up to today how was it sweetie right now laying in bed thinking about you and he did a lot of heart emojis and love emojis and the kind of the sly type grin emoji come sit on Daddy's lap sweetie so I said come though the way he spelled it you replied oops with that type of face again he said he didn't want to go to work I told him I didn't want to go to school so I said let's skip and go to bed I said yeah but you'd cancel out that's right I hope it's dumb predators for the most part are very needy they crave attention they're very pathetic sometimes lonely but they're just a lot of maintenance and I know maybe maybe it's not but maybe it's just I don't want to be in a relationship with this guy I said what can we try to meet again I'm hoping tomorrow sweetie I'm just gonna figure it out today hopefully are you in any sports or anything what school do you go to whoa it's too that's too personal but and I'm not in any sports no no how do you stay so fit and tight and sexy I said I run a lot but not in school I like walking uh I'll help you with other exercises how often do you have the house to yourself Wow that's why he asked me where I lived I said not often to be honest it's rare I want to see your room I said I'd like to have you in it but it would be way too risky okay sweetie message me when you can I'll miss you and I didn't reply for many hours I said sorry it's okay sweetie I'm still stuck at work I kind of wish you were being a bad girl right now he told me he wanted to meet soon I asked him if he was gonna be a target today yes what time are you thinking but he put it off too maybe Monday or Tuesday I told him daddy works too much I know I could use a nice massage I told him I'd like to give him one mmm please sweetie maybe a happy ending too then a couple days later may 6th which was the day of confrontation 641 in the morning he said good morning sweetie told me he was getting ready for work I said daddy needs to go to Target soon I'm hoping today sweetie because then we can do lots more Wow I told them when when woodwork went like what time 5:30 through 6:00 you going to wear a dress for daddy I told him my mom and dad could drop me off around let me know when you're there did you find out what you're going to wear let me know when you get there and I knew this guy was going to be really really sketched out I knew he was gonna know the area and I knew he was gonna do his homework and knowing how the parking is situated and I knew he was on the lookout I knew he knew I know I know so I thought this guy is definitely gonna be a piece of work later today I told him as soon as I finished my homework my mom and dad are gonna drop me off at Target and I'll let you know when I'm there you replied you swear you weren't setting me up right sorry I'm super nervous you are so sexy but I can't get in trouble game on boy game on execute are we stuck in a traffic jam yell with thunder thunder pedagogues yeah buddy we are almost at Target this is the great target vlog Wow hey sir I'm doing a survey I'm at a senior at GVSU I'm just trying to get a feel for what people are looking for okay yeah if you could help me real quick with this look at this it look like how did I get this want to tell the truth it's all gonna be fun on anyway you're pretty fast Walker I'm a pretty good runner dude you're trying to have sex with an underage girl you knew it you knew it chatlog doesn't lie dude you just want to lie all the time all right you dude you were gonna have sex with a 13 year old girl yeah you did walking pretty first what do you have to say for yourself dude can you start running yeah dude I like running go ahead watch this nice little maneuver it's a fun game of take you're a little too old for this got your keys so whoop I will break your hand not even close dude if you want I just told me the let go let go now leave me alone I'll leave you alone you ready on camera so dude you knew she was 13 13 trying to hook up with a seventh-grader do you want to see the chat look you know what the chat log is you don't why not were you here for you thought she was 16 now let's read the chat log shall we you sir no nervous coming here first how old are you she said 14 later she said 13 you said you were 39 man why are you walking in circles you knew it was a bad idea you showed up anyway are you accustomed to walking 30 miles a day you are it's very common dude you keep on doing this you know the police are going to see what's up I'm telling you to leave right now go away you want to call the police let's do it I'm more than happy to Gabi kidding dude [Applause] nice yeah so I was using my video camera glasses and I was also using the camera that's filming this now my sony handycam so I have another perspective with with these they have a greater field of view so I'll include that at the end of the video just because it's you can you can see how physically aggressive he was and when he when he tried prying my hand open it was like nothing I mean it was so ridiculous that it was with my left hand it was my non-dominant hand and not even close but you know what what I should have done I mean of course he's gonna get locked up but I should have just thrown away the key right then and there but look this guy was really bad he's been on the app that we're talking for five and a half years he's talked to many people he's probably done this many times before he knows what he's talking about he is very smart and I know he may look dumb but I like of course he looks dumb of course he's been caught he's been outsmarted but dang this guy was smart there are some things I'm not gonna say that make me know this guy knows how to operate and so I believe there to be a lot more victims people like this predators wanting new it's wanting to meet up for sex whatever go to cyber tipline org and report them we need more people reporting them they cannot get away with it they do get away with us sometimes and I'm just so glad I met this guy I'm so glad he hit me up and we need to turn the tables and also I love Target I love the people there well except for that guy but you know the workers there they're cool people I know this is longshot but to the blonde in the video in the background I wanted to speak with you but I was kind of busy at the time and a little nervous haha if you see this and if you're single please send me up because it's like you're totally my type but yeah if and it is if you're like like if you're over 18 but when I'm doing stuff like this I'm just so focused on the mission I don't really I don't care to to really talk to any other any other people be just because this guy wouldn't when the guy was that target or when he was scope and I'll target he was being so smart about it I was really really busy and I mean I was mentally draining almost just kind of gauging the feel of where he's at and he was asking so many questions and he wanted so much but I wanted to say hi and it's just I regret it now I'm sick of dating these guys I'm sick of talking to men actually not I I don't mind it but yeah target is the place to be and I just it's amazing because when I go to these stores I need anything when I need groceries are just out and about doing whatever you have no idea of why people are there but after dealing with something like this and I've been doing this for six years now confronting these guys it's really crazy to wonder and to think why is this person here it makes you look at people a little differently and also I know a lot of you want to support the channel so I designed these stickers and I did a 10 MS paint every sticker I've signed and dated with a paint marker good coloring that's bone what do you think they are $2.99 each with free shipping anywhere in the world and you can get them at anxiety Wacom proceeds will be reinvested back in this channel maybe a little pocket pistol or perhaps an ak-47 just if you want when it's available to you I printed a thousand of them it's just I guess a little souvenir for you people who think this channel is cool and I want to keep doing this victims our being more confident and reporting their abusers and I think my videos are helpful it's just all about awareness and from that Spurs vigilance no not vigilante no this is not a vigilante behavior I just I don't know the ak-47 it's just it's too big to bring with me you know no no um thank you all and here is the alternative angle he said he was into alternative rock how about this alternative angle but yeah did I like running go ahead bitch mmm nice little maneuver it's a fun game of tag you're a little too old for this got your keys not even close dude


  1. If you've interacted with or have been victimized by this predator, please let me know (of course this will be kept confidential). Email me at [email protected] or DM me on


  2. I shouldn't be laughing but holy fuck that part with the running in the beginning has me in fucking tears😂 "yeah dude I like running,,,, go ahead,,, watch this" starts running faster 😭😭😭

  3. Good work but please god post a warning on the Quentin Tarantino lite (light) dude in purple at the start …the fear from them head swings that nose smash out my lap top left me all of a tither..

  4. do these people get arrested? also I like how he says 16 with pride as if thats any less creepy

  5. Imagine how even more emasculating to the predator it must have been when he threatened to break AW's hand and tried to physically pry it open for a solid 10 seconds and AW just casually said "Not even close, dude." 😂😂😂

  6. Second video I’ve seen of yours, do you live in Michigan? Honestly this is so gross… I’m 17, almost 18 and I don’t feel safe walking ANYWHERE! There are so many disgusting people everywhere. But now that I see how common predators are just AROUND me, make me extremely uncomfortable. Good thing I walk around with protection, cause even almost being 18, I’m not safe…. 🙄

  7. Your condemning all of ISLAM as predators ! The Personal Status Law of Muslims, 1991, allows the marriage of a girl from puberty. Ten years-olds can be married with judicial authorization. The Marriage of Non-Muslims Act of 1926 sets the age of marriage at 13 for non-Muslim girls, and 15 for non-Muslim boys. While it sounds strange according to modern standards, but purpose behind this is to avoid sexual frustration of an individual which comes with this age, and avoid spread of sexual immorality, which has become pretty much a norm these days everywhere, including Muslims countries. For the righteous people who live their lives according to the Islamic teachings, (which includes refraining form immoral ways of living), Allah also promises that He the Almighty will provide them as per their needs. So the excuses like a person is too young to marry, too young to have a family, too young to support a home etc are not valid, and they only show a person’s disbelief in Allah Almighty. For thousands of years people have been marrying at early age and living fine. Its only the modern day that the trend of late marriages or no marriages has started.

    If done right, marriage makes a person responsible, keeps away from troubles, make him or her look to achieve high in life, and over all bound them together with each other with true and unconditional love. Plus you are done with the responsibilities of children while you are still young and energetic to do other things in life.

  8. Was he married? He wasn't wearing a wedding ring. I always worry about the partners of these sleaze balls. If my man was doing this I would want to know about ASAP so I could get my life in order and assist the police investigation. These idiots don't think about how this will effect their families, coworkers, the child and the child's family. It corrodes everything it touches. I did laugh when you picked up his keys!

  9. in prison, if you see a child predator in the dorm and don't physically hurt them, you'll get stabbed by your own people.

  10. Disgusted by the predators and good job catching them…. But… holy fuck the dude running this channel is a weirdo. Shit he might be a predator. Weird ass laughs and “oh hit me up random girl.” Wtf. Fuck outa here.

  11. After i see you Doing this,men i got so much respect.I will purchase one or more if my friends want some signature card.
    I will do same but problem is i can´t be chilled i would smash smash suh mash him.

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