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for 26 year old Surrey lad Tomball life is all about friends fun and football but behind his super fit sports mad exterior tom hides an embarrassing secret he's addicted to beans and chips nothing else will do know why or how I started eating baked beans into I just remember that all ever really and let's play my main meal every day and he washes it all down daily with an incredible 4 pints of milk anything else is strictly out of bounds don't wait another foods like that are made to be honest helping Tom to beat the beans will be nutritionist Charlotte watts and psychologist Felix Akana Marcus over the next four weeks they'll give him just the push she needs make him see his dire diets not funny anymore I'm actually like you to do a very quick stand-up fatigue force him to confront some home truths I have to grow up and start doing things for myself you've come to that conclusion yourself conflict and reason that helped and encouraged him to face the foods he spent a lifetime avoiding but after 26 years of freaky eating it's not gonna be easy twenty-six-year-old Tomball is a single bloke living at home with his mum and dad Jill and Simon he is a successful career as an IT consultant and it's footy Marg playing at least four times a week but one thing he's not so passionate about his food Thomas spent his life surviving on a bizarre diet of nothing but beans and chips and even Tom's beloved beans and chips must conform to strange rules I like to keep them separate I don't really like it with the beans touching the chips like chips will be covered in the veins juice when he can't get hold of his mainstays he fills up on litres of milk could have built two of these a day and yet more potatoes in the crisps in here ate about eight bags a day fruit and birds don't get a look in what about salad thanks leaves and if someone says why don't you try this instead I just think no because last time I tried selling I found in all uncomfortable heart start sweating and sort of panicking and just feeling really nervous having never moved on from his childhood diet means Tom still even eats like a child 26 years I wish in power to use a knife and fork properly but only need a fork from about things and 1/4 my chips and if that wasn't bad enough even chewing is a struggle I've tried to invade before late this doesn't feel natural to me and they go and they're gone Tom's freaky eating started when he was a baby and refused to eat most solid foods it was from milk basically to things like packing his hips and then beans tom has two younger sisters who grew up eating a normal diet but his parents fought a losing battle when it came to Tom when I remember a few traumas at the table to try and encourage him to eat different foods but it just never happened isn't the fact that he started eating meats or cheese or anything like that he's never started they've never tasted those things growing up even Christmas and birthdays had to be chips wheel or sit down and have a Christmas meal and he'll sit there with his happy chips Tom may be 26 but his mum still looks after her little boy I always make sure that in the house we have the foods that he will eat but outside the home his mates are less supportive you just feel like everybody's looking at you and to be out and feel like that it's not comfortable and welcome I guess can I just have a side order of fries please [Applause] it's even started to affect his work forcing him to lie to get out of professional lunches with clients I make up stories all the time when people say oh should we go and get some lunch I'll say and I'm not really hungry I've been ill I've said before and I'll be starving but I'll put it off till the end of the day when I know I can get something called 108 at mealtimes it's not just food he's uncomfortable around preferring to eat alone and his freak eating is taking its toll on those closest to him when we want to go out for special occasions with the family we have to make provision for Tom or just not inviting it would be lovely for us all to be able to just go out and eat together and not have that horrible feeling for me because sorry it's make or break time for Tom I want to do my health reasons I want to do it for my friends for my family I want to see what I'm missing out on and I want to be able to enjoy all these situations where I should be able to me it's day one Felix and Charlotte have invited Tom to London to kick-start his battle of the beans it's natural to have some nerves as to be expected as an heir but you're in safe hands are you ready okay now we're looking to help you change the habits of 26 years here we've got a lot of work to do yeah so we'll leave you to watch this and then we'll come back and have a chat to you okay yes Tom begins by listening to a few home truths from his fearful family and friends Tom we're really proud of you for taking this first step it would be nice if you could enjoy a meal with us and actually enjoy the time we spend together and not have to worry about running off as soon as you can the fact of the matter is if you carry on eating chips and beans like you do it can't be healthy for you I mean we can tell that by the fact that he take these knocks and you get really badly bruised Sevilla honestly may I'd like today for many years to come we really think this is a chance for you to actually change now you're 26 if it's not gonna happen now I don't think it ever will and we do worry about your health and we do want you to experience other things we find it very difficult sometimes to work things around you I'm sure once you've got over that problem we can share a lot more as a family hello how was that for you it's quite powerful isn't it really yeah I thought so I think what that was particularly moving in there yeah my dad was a bit he'd never really said anything like that to me whereas my mum's like that all the time yeah I think that's the thing that got me feeling a bit yeah awkward about it it doesn't mean any feeling no so what can you take from what you've seen today Tom that will help you down the line everything that people have just said then that they care about me and they want me to be there and they like one of my friends Daniel just said then you know I want to spend many more years with you when people say it like that you've realized oh yeah right how much how much it affects them so if you do want to change we need to start by really looking at your diet and really work out where we can go from here you ready ready yeah okay let's go okay but we're facing up to the stock reality of his diet to be enough to make him change you've been eating chips beans and milk day in day out for the last 26 years all the time isn't it it's like little kids pie Tom you're a free man yeah a choice and this is what you're taking into your body it's pretty well disgusting really yeah if that's not bad enough there's still Tom's greasy crisp habit to look at you eat a package today yeah that's over 3,000 packets a year that's over 22,000 grams of fat it's represented by the lard over there no yeah that presents a real heart disease risk it's concerning really when you talk about how much fat and everything that I'm putting through my body and especially when you stop talking about my hide really doesn't make you worry and I think just because every this is what I do everyday I don't think about the impact it's gonna have long-term so and then when you put it all out in front of you just think God that's a lot of junk yeah so what we need to know from you so that we can help you work towards this is what you want to achieve at the end of the four weeks okay I'd like to get on to more healthier food obviously okay there's a very specific goal that we're gonna aim towards you're gonna sit down with your family and have a very meal yeah I know you're committed to that goal right now care more than ever standing around all of this the health aspect seemed to be the most shocking aspect for him and that's gonna work really well for me but it's also incredibly clear that he knows nothing about food and he wants to be educated so it's all positive but he's clear he's got a really long way to go as Tom heads back to Surrey the day has given him food for thought 22,000 grams worth of fat goes into my body a year he's just disgusting that's been going on for 26 years just made me realize how bad and what bad shape my body must be and even though I exercised our life and made me realize how much I weigh I work on changing my diet he's not the only one who thinks it's time for change as Tom gets a grilling on his return home from friend JP and his mum I know how much everyone care so like that and I know how much it affected everybody and how they want me to change my health reasons do you know that because we don't know whether you actually yeah no one's ever actually told you how I feel if they really dig down about so many hadn't Dan I said and then it's all been rushed off I know you've watched that you know how we all feel not really deep down seriousness that you know it's got to change within there yeah and then with that and I'd say that and seeing all that food how much that fat and how much problems it could cause many yeah and when I was talking to her off the camera but no we were just standing there chatting my arms my hands were going all pink again like you know something I totally pink she's explaining you nice bad liver not through drinking or anything like that through all the fat in my diet my body's toxic a it so it's kind of clear out through our sweat or circulation do you think the next steps gonna be easier no I don't think it's gonna be easier but I think is achievable good feel like I can I can I can do it the root of Tom's eating problem remains a mystery to his family today Felix will be doing some psychological digging to see what secrets his pants might hold what's your earliest possible memory with regards to eating this way I don't remember ever remember eating anything different it's always been milk and then chips baked beans and don't remember eating baby food ever and your mom can't shed any light on it she never said once you had a severe reaction or you threw up no there's no no reaction she just said it was difficult to move me through the food different food and there's nothing else that there you can think oh well you see I won't like their food I can't like it because of some other kind of worry or tension around it okay I don't know what it is that stops me all right but I know that when it don't when food does come out I dismiss it straight away right and just tell me a little bit about how your family have so reacted to you you know historically so at some point they thought you're young kid you grow out of it I think I'm mums only boy hmm and I think that's quite obvious sometimes how cuz she lets me get away murder does she Wow yeah with Tom drawing blanks around his eating memories Felix moves on to football age 13 tom achieved every boy's dream when he was scouted by professional football club Crystal Palace however a knee problem at 16 forced him to take time out a year later tom was able to return to football but he chose to join a local club with friends where he felt more comfortable when did you start playing football again I think I was 17 and a half about 17 same stuff for you and me and a bit yeah well the interested in you trying again when you read because I don't think I would have been good enough then and also how did you know that you would have mister quite a bit important timeout but I didn't think I personally would have been good enough and I was enjoying it when I was or spikes with my friends so no one no external authority told you you know sorry you'll past it you've missed dinner no I don't think I didn't think I believed in myself anymore and I just I think I was maybe worried about failing again again when compared to what not doing it the first time around for that kind of fear that Phineas to be strong to stop you doing a dream when you had a real chance to do it hmm and what is that fear fear you said fear of failure is it that isn't something else and I don't know maybe I accepted it and just thought this is good enough for me where I am now I don't know this is good enough for me away I'm gonna spit like food I don't really know yeah this is good enough for me yeah maybe I didn't think about how much bear it could be again yeah maybe I just went I'm enjoying this let's just keep enjoying this for my father still Colorado answered questions yeah so I look forward to us working together again and finding more pieces of this puzzle yeah sure Tom's problems with food seem to have stemmed from fairly typical childhood fuss eating behavior but now as an adult he stuck in his childhood patterns and is using food as a way of avoiding his adult insecurities and fears so I need to look at the origins of Tom's fears and tried to find more clues as to how his eating problem started it's very difficult when people are asking so how did you think he felt back then I can't remember what I was like when I was five and what I was thinking when I was three so strong gains were helping are three years on to work out why I'm like I'm now found it very difficult and for me I don't need clarification to say oh it was that that stopped you I just need to know how to deal with and getting over my fear of eating Charlotte wants Tom to start eating a new healthier diet so her first challenge to him is to ditch the crisps therefore I say this say goodbye to a crisp favorite one there's oh oh this was the actually only thing that I enjoyed it in a nice not good G but it was the nicest bit of a day Tom will need all his determination if he's to get through his next session with Charlotte today he'll have to face a table full of food he has never tried before fact that Tom goes days without food skips many many meals and exercises an enormous amount means that he really is almost in famine mode he's body's in crisis so I need to see what his relationship is when presented with new foods so that I could start the process it'll be a big challenge to get Tom to try anything this is the first big step really because I need to make sure that I can eat something otherwise I'm gonna feel like I'm not going to progress so it's the food part the last part what has stopped you trying new foods in the past I don't know why every time I think I'm gonna try saying I think it's gonna make me feel sick or say do you mean feel sick my moments oh no I feel sick now right just being know might be butterflies yeah and knowing that I'm gonna try something cuz I'm gonna try something so you are you definitely have this I'm ready now I'm ready to start try do you want to pick up some cucumber to start with them either fuck yeah that's another thing for me after a lifetime of using beans and chips tom has never had to use a knife and fork together so after a crash course it's back to the food they pull it down and cut with a knife just a little bit cuz I have to rate this other yeah does that look ha yeah your face it's really you're gonna all the muscles were going all over the place yeah well I kept chewing into your nose thinking now right now swallow and it was just sort of getting stuck there's so much this is about not that it's not a taste it's this is the cheering isn't it I've never fought it like this way really mm-hmm come she gets the tomato okay work out I'll take it with the knife because I'm shaking you shake him yeah cuz you nervous it's a result for Tom and Charlotte for the first time ever he's eating new food but it's still only baby bites get it on the fork you are taking incredibly small mouthfuls though that's a whole mouthful isn't it yeah there's like baby sizes baby steps the boy leaves Charlotte wants him to try some of the more challenging foods the fists too many would be harder for me to try them the chicken and the chickens are no the fish is that no no that's broccoli isn't it everyone keeps telling me how good brokers but they'll hate it what should I eat well it's usually good to eat a bit the stalks and the knees at the same time oh I can't do that much just okay guys no that was too much for me but yeah just too much to my mouth yeah I think the reason I've tried stuff today was because she didn't let me deal with her normal things that I would do like to start judging it I've just taken baby bites of different foods today I need to be taking plate forwards of that or having a decent portion of that say a million miles away from where I need to be or where I want to be Thomas been eating so little up to now he's been virtually starving his Bobby Charlotte wants him to work up to three regular meals starting with breakfast whole week cereals and whole milk toast movie or porridge all right this is gonna be our back that's banana so I try and not look at that bit but after the taster table cereal is easier than expected so high go back 26 years of me saying I'm not gonna try it and not even attempting it because I thought it's gonna be sick now I know I'm not gonna be sick I'm quite willing to try food so it's quite exciting today Tom will meet dr. Pixy McKenna a GP with a special interest in eating disorders he can provide today is exactly the extent of what his diet is doing to him and how he needs to change that and I think he needs those specifics to motivate him all those sports mug Tom's seems super fit his restrictive diet means he suffers from easy breathing shaky hands and bad circulation dr. pixie has run medical tests on Tom and has the shocking results when we looked at your blood you've got some problems with your blood cells you've got big fat red blood cells in fact you've got the red blood cells of an alcoholic okay someone who lives on a really really poor diet and only gets their calories from alcohol yeah yeah although Tom only drinks moderately his diet is wreaking havoc for his blood cell and therefore his bone marrow this is a nice healthy bone marrow of cow you're just not putting the right stuff into the recipe if this stops working you're in trouble bone marrow produces bread and white blood cells and platelets healthy red blood cells are essential because they carry oxygen around the body and give you energy returned to improve his fat red blood cells he needs to eat red meat leafy greens and citrus fruits adding into the fact there's absolutely no vitamin C in his diet at all and that will add to easy bruising because your ability for your veins to be integral and continually repairing themselves is very much compromised another potential problem is Tom's habit of swallowing his baked beans hole which could affect his digestive system his long-term scenario that's going to cause damage it's going to cause inflammation in your esophagus in your food pipe then you're passing all this undigested stuff into your Gus so it's putting pressure on the muscle walls here the muscles are going to become weaker because they've got too much work to do and they're going to start to bulge and you become very unwell with stomach pain diarrhea temperature no the body is incredibly adaptive but it needs that so are you gonna give it a shot I'm gonna give it a shot the voice of known of what I'm doing is I'm not good for me I've never been really known the effects I have little things like handshaking stuff enough in class and in my hand shaking but when the doctor explains why it all relates to and shows you like the insides and what's gonna happen in the future it makes more sense and it makes you think could God do it now to help Tom change more clues about the cause of his eating problems unneeded charlotte is visiting his mom to see if she can shed any light on his early years can you remember what happened when he's first started to eat solid food he didn't he had trouble going onto solid food that was the problem what did you try basically you know you would sit there and you it has array of different fruits and herbs and just take it at his time to see whether he would try anything because if you tried to say oh gone you know you know just flat refusal and he would just go off and play so what did you do when he did that well it generally gave in you know probably I was just too soft because by this time as well I'd had another child right and his sister is only a year and ten days younger than him and then you know Katie would go out since I don't know mum please don't don't and so she'd cry and say don't food so she would gather then do you think Oh what do we do now how much have you been involved in his diet and since he's essentially been an adult I must admit I haven't forced him to eat oh I haven't encouraged him to eat anything in the last few years because I've always felt it's got to come from him now because it it won't make any difference what I do so he's set this context that even just thinking chips and beans is normal and basically everyone else is kind of falling into line with that yeah I think so yeah basically yes he's trained you he has trained us all very very well mm-hmm I am slightly worried about whether or not tom has got the chance here to grow up or not I miss something he clearly needs to grab everyone is pleased that he's doing this but he needs to be given the space to grow up be an adult on his own if he doesn't get that then he doesn't necessarily have a reason to push himself forward and he really needs to do that now to keep up the pressure on Tom to try new foods Charlotte was sent him his second hamper she wants him to start his lunch but he's never even made a sandwich let alone even one where the best fit out of these they're nice but used to do I think I think that looks horrible so here we go after only one by Tom Jackson in it looks like the next three weeks are gonna be hard work following evening Tom meets with Phoenix who's got a funny feeling he can help the time speed probe use one of the suspicions I have been working with Tom is that he might have a bit of a fear of failure so he's got a very strong security base with his family and friends know was there kind of buffering him I want him to do some things on his own to take some risks so what I've designed for him today is something that I really don't think he's kind of like I think it's gonna really push him up there through his fear barrier but I'm hoping you'll learn something from this which will really help him to unblock those fears he has around food hey just through here so far you've been using humor as a kind of mechanism to avoid things that you should do and I don't really want you to start using humor as a way to confront what's holding you back and those fears I'd actually like you to do a very quick stand-up routine why I wouldn't know what to say yeah hiding right now I'm hating it Tom will join other first-timers at an open mic night and on hand to give him a crash course in stand-up comedian Martin basserman it's gotta come from you it's got to be your story okay but I've got funny habits like I'm never eating with a knife and fork before that's funny and and you should write that down after working on a routine together you can only wait for his curtain cold this I feel sick physically sick but it's gotta hold it down and get all of it actually I'd rather try food than do this I'm not gonna be good I'm not gonna be funny this man has never ever done stand-up before please give a very warm welcome to Tom basically they told me I've got to stand up and talk to you guys for five minutes and being a bloke you know you're gonna get one or two minutes so anyway my favor is about eating so I don't really eat very well all ladies tips beans and that's it that's all of it my life's a they're trying to scare it out of me by putting me up here and I'd rather go for a curry right now to be honest it's not nothing I've ever done so I just gonna taste a few stories how it's hard for me so like so we got to a restaurant we although the waitress comes around she takes everyone's orders about what would you like for your starter I've never had a starter in my life so so I just said chips and then I thought that's it my work here is done she comes back round it says what do you want for your mind I just went chips what to say and then she said dessert a surprise you know the answer [Applause] Tom I'm so impressed with what you just did what we like to eat realizes difference between expectation and then reality your expectation was this is going to be an awful experience actual reality was it wasn't too bad feel the police I did that I'm glad I didn't run away from it basically yeah what will you take away from this experience I've got data same efforts I've just gotta get up there and go for it so I think after he realizes I can do this stuff you know I don't have to think all myself as unable to do these things and I need to ask my friends to help me I can do you know amazing things on my own and that's the first step just sort of growing up and being an independent adult human being 24 hours later and tom is back with his friends not me upstairs there's all these chairs laid out I had to do a 5-minute set as a stand-up guy gave me half an hour notice over the fear because I'm scared of food but you know it's affair to me so it's trying to get me over that fear overcoming fears then with his newfound confidence he manages a slice of cheese and tomato pizza and there are no chips in sight what he comes okay cool I want this one why are you going yours brownie hot it up where's this bad for me look so that you'd eat every day but you know how to treat you to see them actually a pizza and to eat it that quit day on unbelievable can't believe it Tom may be trying new foods but there's still a long way from eating a whole meal Charlotte has arranged to meet him in a cafe to hone his sandwich making skill why is this not going down then they retire for a cozy lunchtime date master chef okay okay Tom is quick to start the canny persevere and finishes meal this time instead of just giving up slate okay that's fine we've got time Thomas taking one very small separate I'm after 40 minutes of baby bites he finally tries at the bigger mouthful yeah don't turn it I just got stuck oh but you know what no harm done no harm done yeah thank you part the reason that you managed to finish more than you've ever finished because I sat there for long yeah that have a longer much more relaxed and therefore you were able to choose it's the only way that you're gonna train yourself to bring up two larger meals is to eat more slowly just because I've started trying food it doesn't mean it it's still easy it's still gonna be really hard and I think today brought that to eyes so it's gonna be tough but I've got to keep pursuing at it with less than three weeks to go Charlotte thinks he's ready to wave goodbye to his greasy best friends Tom it's time to ditch the chips there are some alternatives don't you go cold turkey don't go get rid of them forever I think this is number seven can you believe that I've beat number seven before it beat me having made it to halftime in his diet free makeover Tom takes time out from the prison bills but when faced with temptation Tom just can't resist maybe for servantis was saying different I'll try teammates are quick to volunteer their own theories about its freaky eating because my other sisters eat but they tried to force me to me you're one of these people if you were like me you'd need clarification of what it was with you you'd need to know what it was that I'm not bothered about I just been Robert about how he's gonna make me pay the rouse a bit yesterday yeah what a good day is today one bad days not the end of the world I just got stay positive forget about that now and carry on tryna get on to healthy food with tums commitment to the cause wavering and less than two weeks ago time we confronted the cause of the eating problem unless I understand the past you still make the same mistakes in the future as well so they know today's to get me to look at the past and see how there's other issues going on here though if we can understand them they're gonna actually lock his future Phyllis has brought Tom to the plantation garden in Norwich using the steps up the terracing to represent Tom's life he wants to demonstrate how key events may have affected his eating these beautiful steps provide a wonderful metaphor for life's development okay and I think here we are at the first eggs egg I think what may have happened is you're an only child for a while and the son of your sister was born thirty months later which is quite a close gap yeah and sometimes that there's sibling rivalry around that your mum said that winters first present you with new food and you didn't like it you gotta be you get a bit upset tantrums you'd have a tangle but then your sister would get upset at you being upset and in order to pacify your sister your mum would actually give you what you wanted and that way she sort of kept the peace with both of you yes bit sad really isn't it because my sisters are year younger than me yeah and then I've stayed at her level but she's been ever able to advance and I didn't well I think that's a really good point there's one more reason why I think that may have happened which represents a second zigzag here so let's go up to that one it seems to me from what we've discussed and passed that your mom was quite indulgent she has a boy then your sisters and your friends also seem to be quite mothering as well yes everybody's sort of looking out for me exactly but I think this has led to you feeling safe or in your comfort zone you're needing your family or than your friends around you and you told me once when you're 13 you're playing for a team you actually got scouted by a professional football team now that would be every young boy's dream yeah but what you told me is that you felt really uncomfortable being with a different team and that's what really put you off it yeah I can see how it relates but I'd like you're saying I haven't stepped out that safety net here we come to the third let's take a vantage point over here told this is the course of your metaphorical development we'll walk out these steps twelve months yeah twelve months and then as a teenager and then all the way to when I first work with you and what I saw was a 26 year old man on this kiddy diet who so something has not developed in an adult way there you weren't allowed to train your independence muscles so to speak then this is what happens yeah so that's worse that with exactly that diet you never wanted to try anything new because I didn't have it felt to me unsafe yeah how would you like to see your future tongue I would like to in the future and move out home yeah have a family a couple of kids and progress to the next levels at work as well let's go to your future and feel what it's like how does it feel like it yeah it feels good it was really good doesn't it and in order for you to make that future reality as you look back on your life what was needed at 26 to make this future become true for me to finally admit to myself the changes that I needed to make in my life like I needed to stop everybody looking after me and me me take my own responsibility for my eating and not just mating just me and in everything in everyday life I think today's session was very useful for Tom he seems to have realized that it's about themes and his development rather than one specific incident has begin to join all those dots together today and realize that what's been holding him back is this baby fiying aspect of his family then he's colluded with so it feels a bit awkward really because you think 26 years old I've wasted so much time but good 810 years just God you know could grow up Tom's been trying new foods but in less than a week he will have to face an entire meal in front of his family before he can take on the challenge he still has one final hurdle to overcome helm is making real progress and we had a breakthrough in our last session but I feel that Tom's parents are part of the problem so today I've got something in mine that will help them to let go and allow Tom to start taking control of his life and therefore his eating felix is meeting Tom and his parents for one last session the reason I brought you here today is for you to learn to override your instincts while you were Tom doing something really scary Tom how do you feel about us at the moment what yeah yeah yeah I'm quite happy to do it this is the plane is gonna go up and it's gonna jump out tandem jump and it's not something that must be easy for a parent to watch dead child ooh not really no not really so this is really a learning exercise yeah you nervous at all tom not really not really do you know how high we're gonna go to day tom about 13,000 feet yeah – narf mile street Tom might be relaxed about the skydive but watching from the ground his parents aren't anything but tom is having the time of his life but mum Jill isn't so keen Synnex to patent it for a long time I got real [Laughter] having survived the skydive it's time for a scarier prospect confronting his parents walk me through what was going through your minds when you're watching Tom get up in the plane then jump out I'm scared for him I think to begin with a bit fearful when you were sitting in the plane I thought to myself oh I felt for him there I didn't really think this is a good idea do you experience something similar when you see Tom struggle and other areas of his life especially around food if you know he's uncomfortable in the situation you're trying perhaps help him get out of the situation you know so that he doesn't feel uncomfortable we need his family and his friends to realize that if they step in lovely intentions to save him it's actually not training him in the healthiest way down the line but basically the whole summary of it always that I have to grow up and start doing things for myself I stopped letting everybody take care of me you've come to that conclusion yourself I've come to that conclusion with help yeah but it's my conclusion really yeah I think perhaps we we don't actually see it like that because we're just saying well Tom doesn't like to eat any other kinds of foods and this is what sounds like and if he wants to change he'll change and without realising that they're actually we're stopping him from changing and we've got to be strong yeah turn actually turn and say no we've got to do this because when he hasn't got support that he's having at the moment then you know he could just drift back into what he was before and I don't want that to happen at all it felt good telling my parents that I need to sort of cut the strings they also also feel quiet Barriss really because shouldn't be having to say that at this age I should have said it years ago ocean have had to say it should have done it so it's by having to tell him it was always right god I've really gotta say this and true fact is that I didn't need to tell them and I do need to grow up for Tom and his parents felix's words are starting to hit home you know we are approachable it's just that I just think I don't really want to sit down and have that conversation whereas now I don't mind that's what I mean you put up this wall where you wouldn't tell you wouldn't express how you felt because you didn't want to get into it because you always thought I'm sure you must have thought we were gonna either be critical about it or mouths not really I just thought just the conversation they don't really want to have because it just sort of I didn't interest me talking about it so it's no I don't mind I understand you talk about the things that you think are a bit painful a bit boring or whatever and then they're really not that bad like saying with the food and stuff the morning of the final challenge four weeks ago tom was surviving on a freaky diet of baked beans chips and crisps and he would make any excuse to avoid family meals today he's about to face his biggest challenge ever I sit down turkey dinner with all of the Christmas trimmings well I'm gonna be that you know hardly anything and then I'm still sitting there was pretty much a full plate there not be really disappointed be annoyed in myself I think Tom's really nervous that that is Peter not saying he's finishing the play I'd be amazed just seeing him put few morsels in then cheering it Felix and Charlotte are on hand to offer Tom some final words of encouragement hey Tom yeah yeah yeah what do you notice about Tom all my family here mmm and I want to do well as a way of sort of saying thank you and not let them down and let them see that I actually can do it do you know what you're doing what you do a lot here which is thinking about oh god yeah just simplify it down you know you just gonna relax and just take there's another meal yeah thank you you do that you've already conquered your fear you already eaten new foods you know you can do it and if you relax into it's kind of even easier he can overcome his nerves then yeah he's gonna do well I hope you can do it I hope you can enjoy it Christmas dinners used to fill tom with dread while everyone else tucked into turkey roast he was left munching through a plate of chips and beans today he'll be joining them what do you expect to have for dinner today and will you enjoy they are being served up a turkey dinner with Brussels sprouts roast potatoes sausages and stuffing tom has never tried anything on the plate I'm expecting tips and beans to come out oh this isn't what I expected oh it looks yummy [Laughter] that's one bite down but he still has a whole plate to go it's on this has never happened 40 minutes later everyone but tom has finished but for him this meal is about more than just the food there's the bigger picture to it all isn't there like I want to be able to join in with things like this and not feel like I want to run away but now I said that love conversation and mum and dad at dinner time tom has managed to eat ever half his plate of food he's done better than his family ever expected that's all coming after each other how you doing there quite a bit the turkey I at home I can like the tried the stuff in and I a 30 such news covered in bacon you ain't in front of other people in this setting which is unusual isn't it and oh yeah I am listening I was just looking at everybody else but everybody else's place to say that how I okay I mean it you know people do leave stuff so you're absolutely on the right track here okay so just I'd get some feedback the family what's it like for you to see Tom eating with you this way lovely to see him actually sit down and eat what we're eating and not for me not to actually feel he's you know sitting there suffering the next step is for like I've been cooking isn't that oh yes yeah I got your present it's like an early birthday present and I made it myself dining room tom has given his mum an invitation to a gourmet meal cooked by himself for her birthday really nice that is actually kicked out if we think that I like I think you've done incredibly well no it's just really proud of you I'm really amazed it's fantastic well we did that we're together really yeah it's on you should be proud of yourself and how everyone else yeah I mean for my parents I you know especially my bike my dad would never happen with that I'd say I'm proud of you yet as much as he did today and so my mom in a way so yeah and it's hot but I just say I really felt before yeah good one month on and Tom's kicked his kitty diet and discovered a grown-up passion for food I meet a lot of pastors they mix grills anybody has put in front of me I'm quite happy to sit down and try it and I don't fear it I look forward to it my friends come over when they come over I cook for them bat feeder now I just want to cook for everybody it looks like it's coming out of himself more and it's all bubbly and I feel he's confident pretty big for himself and I think he's a bit unhappy about home life has improved and his future is looking rosier in more ways than one it's really changing his eating habits he's also changed his whole personality and seemed to have grown up a lot more now that if I really want to do something I can it just made me as a person feel more relaxed and more positive whereas before it was just eat to survive and now it's an enjoyment you


  1. I’m just totally aghast that this young man is eating beans straight out of the can! Bro, can you dress it up a little? Throw in some bacon, green peppers, onions, Dijon or honey mustard, maybe some pineapple or apple juice, and throw that parcel in the oven! Those are real baked beans! You haven’t lived! And throw those crisps to the birds! They’ll burn that fat off real quick!

  2. Idk, I'm on the spectrum and I'm a super taster and I FUCKING LOVE FOOD i dont even care like I'm a food critic right? I can taste the difference between quality and all that BUT I LOVE NEARLY ALL FOOD

  3. Tom Bull is the least whiny of the freaky eaters I've watched so far.
    He stayed positive and worked hard. What motivation! I think I like this episode best.
    Thank you for uploading.

  4. I have always been a picky eater but watching these has made me feel like a normal eater. I mean 26 years with only beans, fries, and milk(gross). The world is full of amazing foods and he is really missing out.

  5. More terrible parents who should teach their children to eat a variety of foods. Such strange people. Never normal. Love the mum getting emotional when she’s done nothing to help or prevent it. Upsetting isn’t it. Nice one love.

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