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27 year-old Jamie Davidson lived in Sheffield with his girlfriend of 10 years Kirsty he enjoys an active life and is the area manager of an outdoor fashion store but Jamie's hardly a very dark secret a dark brown secret he's totally addicted to brown sauce would be horrendous Jamie consumes more than his body weight of the brand stuff every year and his bizarre eating habits are putting a big strain on his relationship it is quite a problem it impacts on normal home life in terms of shopping cooking but Jamie can't stomach anything else for him but a brown it ain't going down helping Jamie over the next four weeks to destroy his saucy demons will be psychologist Felix economicus a nutritionist Charlotte Watts while Charlotte sticks to her healthy eating gums what happens if you bring it in here that's I'm trying to do this is real phobia territory Felix works to uncover the reason behind his addiction mine and my father's relationship was quite turbulent you know I hated it absolutely yeah will Jamie's burning desire to quit the Browns stock be enough because he hits freakeating go up in smoke geordie Jamie Davidson grew up near Newcastle where he lived with his parents and two sisters it was during his formative years that the brown sauce obsession really began to take hold this problems been going on since Jimmy was about six year old never bothered him before that afterwards it was just essential that this brown sauce was always available and if there was no Ingenio just for nothing at the age of ten the family moved to Sheffield and what was already a difficult relationship with his father became worse it was not a healthy good one at all it was a very forceful authoritarian role that he took over me as a child Jamie hasn't spoken to his dad since his parents separated four years ago but he's still close to his mum and sister who are both deeply concerned about his brown sauce diet he's not getting the proper food inside that he needs it does it does worry me his sister has good reason to be concerned Jamie elites one meal tin peas mashed and canned meat pudding and only when smothered in brown sauce which is chock full with sugar and salt really do cover the food with the brown sauce or there's almost no food left I don't think jr. could cope it has a brown sauce I just think you would stop eating I really do think you just kill if there's none in the house I just know that I'm not gonna eat I don't think I could live without brown sauce to make matters worse Jamie snacks on salty crisp sandwiches loads of sugary chocolate bars and then washes it all down with an unhealthy amount of concentrated orange juice it's completely illogical to me is why I would be stuck in this kind of diet whenever Jamie tries to eat other foods he finds himself at the mercy of forces beyond his command my body just reacts in a way I can't control my temperature goes through the roof it's like I've lost the connection between my body and my mind and I can't control my body it's gotten so bad that if Jamie could just stop eating he would if I could get away with not eating any food I'd do it if somebody brought a pill out where you could just eat one or two of these pills to swallow them down I'd take the pills quite happily because I don't like the process of eating and Jamie's dysfunctional relationship with food makes him a less than romantic dinner date I won't be in tonight thank you for now just have a bottle yeah he and Jamie have never been able to go out for a romantic meal it would be really special if we could do that I'd love to be able to just participate and order something off the menu to sit down and just be it as normal people would Jamie urgently needs help if his future is to start looking bright instead of brown I'm completely desperate to change my diet and 100% effort are going to changing it because it completely affects my lifestyle it's the first day of a month-long dietary revolution for Jamie he's in London to meet nutritionist Charlotte and psychologist Felix who will help him to face his food fears it's good thank you are you feeling competent for today yeah I'm gonna bang ready to go okay we're gonna need to put all your trust in us are you ready to do that before they begin their work Charlotte and Felix have a surprise for Jamie which they hope will focus his mind okay Jamie you are going to face some difficult times in the next couple of weeks we're going to show you a film to give you a bit of extra support so that when times get tough and you need a bit of inspiration you can refer back to this okay yeah that's fine I will see you at the end yeah I know see you soon say hi Jamie it's him I'm here you know I love you so so much but I just wish you would start and eat something and get some help for this and let's quote for me and all the family and see you sit there in a chair with a knife and fork and eat in the earth hey Jamie this time I want you to really listen to me I know you never listen to me I want my boys to look up to you see what you're eating and saying well I want to eat what uncle Jamie Z in hi uncle Jay Annette stop eating brown sauce I wanted to get better and eat your veg down deserves a beer oh sorry love read don't you're in you're a pet I'm so so proud of you for doing this because you're gonna be putting yourself through hell and back I know you are this is a massive problem and it affects our life so much and this is your shot this is you one chance to change and you've got to take it because I'm worried to death about you I love you good luck with all of it okay Jaime's saying you've heard from them people who care about you most yet really worried about your health any surprises there for you happening which everyday okay they pretty much come from every time I go into me mum's fellow and she'll be saying every time I see my sister she'll be saying it's fine any message of support is really good especially when it comes from the little ones so let's go and have a look at exactly what you were eating and look at how healthy or unhealthy or diet actually is are you ready I am excellent okay let's go and do that Phoenix and Charlotte I've got a saucy wake-up call for Jamie when they hope has shocked him into action if he doesn't bottle first crime scene description this is the amount that you eat in an entire year it's actually more than your body weight Jamie weighs 75 kilos just under 12 stone whereas the sauce weighs a staggering 90 kilos or 14 stone this is something that is a condiment so something that is designed to be added in small amounts to food to something of substance to give it flavor but you're really using it as one of the mainstays of your diet yeah okay well we've looked at your food diary and the rest of your diet is made up of this over here so what is this little platter of food look like to you lunch really that's really scary to me it's distinctly lacking in any color that might signify natural food so if breaking that down if we come over here this is that in a jar well what this is the sort you consume in a year from your food no it's just quite heavy it's about twenty kilos so look at this this is what kind of leverage person has in a year and you're having ten times more than that this is serious stuff here the other thing which is impacting on your health potentially this mountain of sugar is what you're consuming in a year 200 kilos that's more than double your body weight and once again this is what an average person might consume in a year 33 kilos that's a huge difference isn't it it's quite crazy actually I mean the salt is quite shocking I never thought it was that much salt in my diet this sugar it's quite we had to feel a bit like I got it she was as highly addictive properties the mountains of sugar and salt Jamie EADS are the direct results of the brown sauce processed foods sugary snacks and gallons of concentrated orange juice so what would you like to set as your goal at the end of four weeks Jenna for weeks I'd like to reduce my intake of sugar from half of England's population down to the average person and just be able to have a healthy balanced nutritious meal are you ready to to go through that process make that transition yeah definitely let's go cold turkey excellent in just four weeks Jamie must kick the brown stuff and face up to the challenge of a full healthy meal without sauce something he's not managed in over 20 years it's gonna be particularly difficult to wean Jamie off the brown sauce it's been his complete comfort food to think he smothers everything in so that alone is gonna be a massive issue what I was really surprised about was the salt levels 10 times as much salt that I'm having as that I'm supposed to have I'm surprised my body isn't dried out several hours later and Jamie arrives back in Sheffield his girlfriend Kirsty is out but she's left him a tempting welcome home present hi Jamie me and the cat have missed you here are some muffins for you okay lovely gesture after today seems a bit him a little bit wrong I think I'll put them on the side and see how this goes and tried to hold off from eating them for as long as I can the muffin temptress Kirsty returns from her date work as a childcare thank you for the muffins are you welcome don't you probably not gonna be in your stuffing go on think the nutritionist yes so it was quite eye-opening seeing how much sugar and how much salt is actually coming from my diet they had two jars of salt oh my god like two full days of it and then a jar with what your RDA had that much in it and my two or four was that really shocking assaulted a lot of it is just how much source of have fun things that's all in this horse and that bad brown sauce evil round so yeah I really need to cut back on my salt and sugar thank you for the muffins but after learning that I feel like some really bad pet owner now I know why they've got like an obese pet and they've been feeding them like Sunday dinners and buying them all these treats for the school Jamie may have a deeper understanding of just how unhealthy his beloved Brown sources but psychologist Felix is wants to try and understand exactly why he has this saucy obsession in the first place just tell me Jay what's your earliest memory of sticking this very rigid kind of diet there's never been a time when I can consciously remember eating outside of the day okay so it's from the word go for you so when you're growing up mom and dad will in the picture so when you think of mum what have first three things that come to mind um just happiness comfortableness and love really and first tragic tears why do you think of dad dad is a struggle to think of anything when I think I'm a duck's I try to kind of block him out for the last three four years what's been happening in your life that's led to this wanting to block that out and just because there's a child that wasn't very pleasant with him there and growing up you know I never felt support I don't ever felt look after our nurtured in anywhere and when I consciously think back to that time it's not really good memories that I've got you know and like if I'm trying to look through my eyes as a child I can never remember like a happy moment with him the only image I can remember and recollect is nice up there with a meal in front of us and my dad saying right you need to eat that if you don't eat that you're getting a face supper if you don't have a 40 supply you'll have it the next day for breakfast lunch and so on until you eat it and that's the only vision of God of before I was 10 and what did you do didn't hear you don't eat it it just provoke another argument and where my mom was trying to protect us in like she's the feeders under the table she just used to give us about our chocolate or something just so I have something in my system right and otherwise I'd have gone hungry so if there's tension with dad then you may have linked those unpleasant feelings were trying to be controlled to do something with the food make Yui you know I think it is linked and I'd like to just you know work on that a little bit just to know how we can unlink it so food just becomes food again you said you rebelled a little bit against that and often when I hear that with people I work with that they often have sort of a anti-authority kind of behaviour that did have such a problem with authority you know I just turn around and start a fight or okay a lot of lot of anger there yes hmm hi Jamie thanks very much that thank you I think Jamie's food problem is firmly rooted in his childhood and especially in his estranged relationship with his dad jamie has a lot of underlying anger about what happened and that's what we really need to focus on if we want Jamie to move on with his eating I used to have real like anger situations and authority control and situations and I thought I'd left them all behind but to know that there might still be there present in it was quite a wake-up call in after his session with Felix Jamie wants to talk through his feelings with someone who might be able to shed some light on what he remembers as a difficult childhood thank you so how was it then good hi hectic hi Erin yeah exhausting all dear was that so what the discover devout yeah we're just exploring where it could come from and what happens and thing and then he's teaming up with anger issues anger problem I think having that late teens not outwardly angry but it was quite a charge where to handle situations so I just explore and what's actually blocking is from eating new things for me in the household with me dad China tell us what to do in force is what to have and what to say and things like that you know that wasn't a healthy environment for a young boy to be growing up in like it's going to cause confliction x' and mike inflictions have been put into my diet i wasn't away was suffering with anything else because here there to work and parents are going to work and everything's a rush rush rush rush and they're just yeah he eat breakfast dinner tea a super go to bed go get things done for work tomorrow morning that's the problem isn't it you thought was an issue with food and it's not to be an issue but it's turned out to be a lot deeper than that the Mayans a mysterious place isn't it then food when I was telling him about some of the roots of the problem and where I think they're coming from in the session with Felix I didn't want to upset her make I feel like it was her fault for the kind of environment when I was younger I don't want to blame myself I think it was quite hard for her to hear that all mum and dads want is for their children eat and grow and be happy in because it was always a struggle with Jamie it was a war at home I was saying fights all the time and it was his dog Mandy and I would say you will eat that and I would be the one that's slide in a bar of chocolate so I feel guilty I do feel guilty but you know when you look back anything it could change the times you just can't do it today is Jamie's first one-on-one session with Charlotte she'll be tempting him with an array of delicious healthy morsels in an effort to start weaning him off the source Davis diet has been predominantly just high in salt and sugar for over 20 years this means he has an extremely limited palette and a deep field trying new foods in the past whenever Jamie's tried new foods he's banned himself physically unable to eat them so he's cautious about what's in store I'm hoping when I get up there I'll be able to control my body's reaction and which will enable us to try as many things as Charlotte of give and I can get past that initial barrier okay Jamie what's your initial take on this spread here looks gorgeous gorgeous looks nice so why haven't you eaten it before you know I can touch for it I can cook for it I can prepare for it I can do whatever with it well getting it past no this is different okay so it's kind of like there's a barrier here you also grab a plate my buddy's really long and let's try some celery and bother Wow unless you weren't looking at it yeah I was looking over there that was just dessert was that almost like my body was trying to shut down – that's not gonna happen you know mm-hmm let's move to the egg so I want you to take but in yellow a bit of the white on a spoon or something no well sacred I some reason my body feels a lot more anxious about it it might look like Jamie's chicken with the egg but his fear of food is all too really perhaps if you bring it nearer that time times oh yeah conquers it see bring it closer it takes 15 minutes of painful procrastination for Jamie to get the egg anywhere near his mouth where's your uncle s you know Oh No well done yeah it's really know what Christ said said didn't you yeah it's not logical doesn't make any kind of sense it makes me feel slightly crazy I mean it's I gonna spoon Jamie's problem seems really extreme on one hand he looks a healthy food and he wants to eat it but he has a proper physical barrier between him and actually putting in his mouth this is real phobia territory something that's going to take a huge amount of work to tackle it's really just broken understanding that it's a four-bit reaction you know my buddy is for Bukh to anything outside of my normal diet and and the fact that it keeps food physically away from me which isn't a mental decision it's a physical response it's just give me like a whole new understanding of the actual problem that I've got in just three weeks Jamie's hoping to go out for a meal in a restaurant for the first time to help him reach this target Charlotte has set him homework first off to get temptation out of harm's way my vision in quite a long hard road to encourage Jamie to ditch his high sugar and salt diet Charlotte's packed him a hamper with healthy food you must try something new from it each day but for Jamie even the most ordinary food seems worryingly alien oh my god you got a mess I don't even know what that is it's lovely feel nice it's a difficult beginning to the new food regime but Jamie keeps his sense of a hummus about at all how many view just done that I sell god I feel so useless just that here like staring at you I feel so useless just at you staring at it I'm just want to kind of do it for you it's awful so you knew this uncomfortable and not you know I'd do anything it's only cuz you want the following day Jamie meets Charlotte in London for a doctor's appointment in Harley Street doctor pixie McKenna is a GP with a special interest in eating problems she's run tests on Jamie and has a serious warning about the impact his diets having on his health good to finally meet you Jamie I'm doctor pixie I don't got pixie you aware it from a sugar you taken yes I am long-term all of this sugar is going to have disastrous consequences for you because although you're lean and your fish this is eventually going to cause problems with your weight and ultimately put you at risk of developing diabetes which will have very very serious consequences for your heart the kidneys for your erectile function multitude of problems that actually for the sake of adjusting your sugar intake now you know yes makes sense the other thing you take in loads off in your brown sauce diet is salt yeah you are putting yourself at risk of not now but in the future some serious medical problems okay and when you have a lot of processed food and you have periods where you don't do some starvation periods yeah it stimulates acid in your stomach and what happens is you get inflammation of the stomach okay so that's like tearing the lining of your stomach that then progresses to putting a hole in your stomach which is what we commonly call an officer and then worst case scenario is when that ulcer drills right through your stomach wall which is a thing called a perforated ulcer which will kill you the main symptom of an ulcer is a burning or gnawing feeling in a stomach area citrus drinks and spicy foods can make the pain worse by eating a healthy balanced diet stomach ulcers can be avoided in the first place bad diet high salt eating erratically you know busy fare like running around buzzing around it's not good not good signs it's not good signs so everything we've talked about here keeps leading us back to the sugar and salt I'm looking forward to the change good good I know that if I don't change my diet in the future I'm going to have all the problems the doctor discussed and you know it's not nice to know that you'd be going down that road and you'd be having to deal with these things because you just want to enjoy your life and be active with your life [Applause] the last time they met Jamie spoke to Felix about his feelings of resentment towards his dad Felix thinks this needs to be addressed Jamie's ever gonna start enjoying food in my last session with Jamie I picked up a lot of underlying anger towards his father now the thing is that he's associated a lot of anger is bad and the food is that person a to me so what I'm hoping is James gets added today is they's able to connect those feelings of anger acknowledge them have a channel to vent them and that's going to help him process them and therefore help them move on with his easement hey man you okay yeah yeah good oh do you have any idea why we're here today none at all okay well I actually want you to really connect the state of anger today I'm really getting the groove and getting the spirit allow yourself give yourself permission to be angry so right now just think about what really ticks you off tonight good ignorance so ignorant really makes you angry yeah stay with that feeling what you do take this spray can and put ignorance wherever you like on this car in big bold letters and what else really ticks you up in fairness any kind of authority so Jamie in the boot here we've got a couple of hammers and a baseball bat so I want you to pick your weapon we smash through those words and just go ape on this car Jamie yes you do it can you shout the words ignorance ignorance so already are you doing all right what do you feel like just then while you're doing that huh fuck like good and that kind of having that released your feelings towards your dad I think I spilled over into your food are you seeing that connection yeah yeah as of today I want you to just acknowledge those feelings you've connected them you've even had a release of them and two lies that you know food is their innocent victim they got caught in the crossfire so do you get that get that now yes I know my problem isn't with the food you know that's a byproduct of the problem that I've got so the food is quiet it's irrelevant to me it's hammer my body's reacting to food but it's not the food that stimulate and that reaction I think today was a real breakthrough for Jamie in that he could release all this pent-up anger he's had inside and he now realizes these negative feelings were towards his dad and not food and this should help him to move on with his new diet but I still may need one more session with him to fully remove this block he has with his food I can separate the photo shoot for the time being with the issue with the emotions and might free me up to really expand on my diet from Charlotte mm-hmm Charlotte's keen to build on Felix's progress she sent Jamie instructions for his next homework task something designed to turn him on to healthier foods as he finds putting food into his mouth such a struggle himself Charlotte thinks it might be easier if someone else does it for him thirsty to feed you and have some fun okay if that means you know I sit on the couch you cook a meal come over and feed as well I'm playing xbox I'm all in support oh yeah that you will be right honey we've got great you can feed me grapes for the rest of the yeah if you want yogurt it's just a toughy yogurt if we're gonna do this let's do it okay how about the blindfold here it's too early in the day for that you ready yeah well done I think that's something I could get used to you could eat that then no you feed list by handing over the control to Kirsty Jamie is able to overcome the physical barrier preventing him from trying new foods in you're out got two different types of cheese for you here go okay I've got some strawberries with your head out the flare just got rammed into my mouth so that was good because it you know I didn't have the time but my body to react to start thinking and overthinking about it all the real test comes when Jamie tries to eat new foods again on his own no big one so this is the scrambled egg I'm gonna try temperatures not what it used to be as in my body temperature is not really I might take a 3 to 4 out of 10 it seems to be getting a lot easier to be able to try foods and get through that barrier that used to stop is you know where my body just used to physically stop the food from getting anywhere near is and it seems like every day that Barry has just been getting worn away in worn away today's Charlotte's bought Jamie to the good food show in Birmingham he succeeded in getting new foods into his mouth the question now is can he develop his palate and start to enjoy them try new flavors tastes that excite you but you feel some kind of emotional connection – how does that sound with over 500 stores of produce at the show even a freaky jar like Jamie should be able to find something to tickle his taste buds so that was going I understand that's really going in the D so we're waiting for the the revelatory moment of joy after being barrage for two decades by sugar and salt Jamie's sensor case has been totally normal try the free yeah feels like I'm getting a plant yes not used to their diverse flavors of food Jamie's struggling to find a taste he enjoys is there any excitement not really it was nothing there don't look forward to this compared to last time I saw him Jamie's doing amazingly well he's trying and he's entering into the spirit the only trouble is he still got this almost numbness he can't really taste it fully yet or enjoy it probably talk about two people but there's one food which should be able to penetrate even the most insensitive palace Robin George why do not curry everything why Korean boy curry you have fish and chips half an hour later ammolite a hungry again have a curry Mayo is really filled you didn't darling is bore chickpeas about the appetizers let me know why do you think I've done I think your Curry's a lot better than I thought it would be thank you very much very nice it's best curry oh that's great actor a lots been burnt into a smile good jamie has finally found a food to match his burning desire to change his freak eating habits I'm quite proud of myself for what I've achieved this morning I think it's been good and maybe the curry is the new brown sauce while they're numb brown sauce I'll have a career back in sheffield felix has asked jamie to visit his sister perhaps she is someone who can shed some light on what Jamie sees as their dad's role in his eating problem so I'm going to see my sister now just talk about my childhood and all the issues around me dad my sister's the only one really in the like immediate family that still keeps in touch and maintains a relationship with me dad so I imagine it's going to be a bit of a struggle just to make I realize and even possibly just to see it where I'm coming from really Jamie's never visited Michelle's new house he's also never eaten anything she's ever made good welcome to my new house sorry I can't believe what you've been eating when I was talking to my mouse there's no way I'm gonna make a sandwich for dinner you can have one while you're eating a lot of things now so I want it eat one of mine please just a little sandwich I've got my mind in declan's right all stems back to when I was six seven and how many dad was in the house like I will see all of the shout and abusiveness and drunkenness and stuff like that all coming from that because it's not an issue with food I don't have a problem with food my mind's just made for an issue to disguise the actual issue that was lying underneath which was like a hatred and an anger for me dad in a massive problem with authority stemming from when I was seven and he was telling us what to do and grown up in that kind of environment so all stems back from that alright so how come I didn't get none how come out alright I'm excited making this this is very good I'm completely in my food just can't believe you V E and that I'm not only you see seen you Chris sandwiches oh just just plain bread and borrow you have come on saw about such a long way don't leave it too long again before you come round and next time it's gonna be a roast dinner yeah look trying to explain where it all comes from Tim Mischel is really quite a challenge she didn't want to talk about we just try it Tennant runs they are well done for your progress well don't put your progress without actually wanting to pay too much attention to the root cause so that is quite disappointing it's less than a week until Jaime's final challenge Amil out in a restaurant the last time you met Charlotte he discovered a taste for the hot and spicy so today she plans to explore this new Avenue further my mission today is to ignite his love of food through the curry route so he can actually get through hot meals because he likes them Charlotte's taking him to the biggest curry factory in the country to immerse him in the world of Indian spices smells amazing isn't it [Applause] the factory even has its own TV studio or Jamie's meeting one of the on-screen chefs a strangely familiar face yes but you had a trim this time Tori's gonna teach Jamie how to cook at curry okay Jamie you want to come over here okay you're gonna cook us a doll and I'll teach you how to eat exactly what to do yeah cool well you add first is your ginger and garlic how much yes that's great this is a red lentil just pour them that's great few more need for water some is big Jamie this taste of talked about it should be more of ginger and garlic when they when they goats and when you taste it that's why it smells lovely Jamie let's see and focus a good what do you think Jeff well since a quickly I'm gonna say it's the best one I've had that's alright what do you think the texture it's different would you go into Krishna would you say yes I'll never go with this I don't go this oh I am amazed at how easy it was like yeah that was great I really enjoy doing it I think that guy's awesome you know he's such a fun bubbly character and and he had a lot of passion for his curry but really glad I've done it I had a really good time especially making my own curries I feel a lot more confident now about putting it all together and cooking it and actually sitting down and eat final result Jamie's done really really well it's come a long way for someone who is changing the habits of over 20 years but he's still just putting small amounts in his mouth so there's a way to go from that to a whole meal I really hope he can do it looks a little dry Charlotte gives Jamie one last piece of homework ahead of his final challenge in a few days time to cook and eat a whole curry at home I am supremely confident that this is going to be the greatest chicken korma ever and I hope Kirstie really likes it all right that will be $14.99 thank you it looks very nice I think you've done a really good job I'm setting the bar really high for you though you're never gonna get one Hey looks a bit pink in there why don't you just eat God our chickens not cooked it's cooked I'll have try it with a bit of yogurt chickens definitely cooked it's no good so do you think you eat all that one No why not no way before Jamie leaves his carried virtually untouched it seems that while he can make the small steps he's still a long way from making the giant leap to eating a whole plate of food it's still frustrating photos – you know I'm used to trying so many different things having three or four bites and come back and another two bites or something but actually finishing a meal and I still prove them quite a challenge like finishing a new meal I don't know what that is I need to get past that I think it's a it's gonna be a long way off Felix meets Jamie one final time in an effort to break down the remaining barrier that's stopping him from eating full meals he has a surprise planned part of Jamie's brain is still telling him that food is a threat so today is the last push for Jamie to be able to do something to learn mind over matter and to be able to tell his brain once and for all that he can eat food he can relax through it and even joy the experience level down when it does what would you think about I told you I'm to walk across this yeah right so your body and your feet I tell you this is dangerous every instinct is telling you don't do this it's gonna hurt me it's scary you agree now that's exactly what your body is doing with food and today really I want to have an experience of mind over matter there's no trickery involved in what we're doing here this is about as real as it gets just come over here with me for a second after gearing himself up Jamie's ready for the challenge but can he really go from hot curry to hot coals so that was six steps six steps that we've got to go over these tolls as I said it can we if you can walk on fire then putting new foods in his mouth should be a walk in the park now just take your shoes and socks off for me please that's good thank you the physiology bacon breathing nice and big just won't say why Jamie are we ready to do this my man here we go something nice and big for me breathing nice and beak here we go Jamie what's your name Jamie are you ready hey come on [Applause] brilliant would you feel like right now feel good cross those burning coal like yeah this is good this is good look at I think it's really good with myself no pain no that's fantastic mind over matter it's safe it's enjoyable and I won't do the same thing apply the same lessons to food and if you can do this I think you can do anything yeah so brilliant play walking sitting down eating a salad it's not really the biggest battle I'm never gonna fierce in my life and so I think you just wanted to give a physical representation of that something I can visualize if I'm coming up against something and just remember back to it's been four weeks since Jamie agreed to stay off the sauce and transform his diet today it's time for his final challenge I really want to test Jamie who's become very comfortable with Korean spices so I need to just expand his palace a little which is why I've chosen Thai unable to be with him in Sheffield's charlotte and felix have sent him a letter find the details of the restaurant in clause where your family or friends will be waiting this lunchtime and remember Jimmy try to choose the healthy option we hope you enjoy a good luck [Applause] [Applause] I'm sure how far I've come if I can even or doesn't give up the menu hopefully I'll find something I enjoy I like well I do think if I complete the challenge the end of the battle hello Jaime's girlfriend's family and two bizmates we'll be there to give him moral support none of them have ever seen him eat a full meal in a restaurant before this is massive I don't I don't how he's gonna court with it that's quite a large quantity of food for Jamie to have and I think that might be seeing that he struggles with because he's not used to having that much I think it's gonna be right scary firm because it's nothing easy as to – or nothing I don't think it's gonna do I told you do it he's never ever had anything like this before I think it's just gonna panic um Jamie makes a positive start diving straight in and ordering without hesitation I can I have the chicken green curry a small beer not love Jamie's not the only one at the table who's never eaten a Thai meal before neither has his mum sister or a girlfriend especially on the top Jamie's making headway in a surprise reversal it's the others who are struggling especially girlfriend Kirsty it tasted different Elana and it ship dipped in curry sauce pretty much for sister Michelle to cope with really supportive table but Jamie is doing better than everyone else at the table with his green chicken curry we've come on so much more than use half the others order something wrong with me now because you eat more than meat Jamie's only a couple of mouthfuls off completing the challenge and he's still hot to trot is that really firing yeah [Laughter] [Applause] sincerest in the best out of all of us which is just mind-blowing a triumphant Jamie there makes one more attempt to explain to his family the root of his eating problem and lay the past to rest once and for all oh yeah so it was never an issue with food you know like it was never there with foot foot wasn't the problem at all it was a problem with the authority with the angst and anger of the whole eating thing with me dad you guys know all about that with you know just having a meal put down in front of you and saying you will leave that you really that you'll do that you'll do that and then my buddy just got into this rebellious streak of well actually no I warned if I was to tell me that that you will just do that I don't think you'd believe that I don't think he would I think we should all have to talk to Jamie because this is the end of an era really is the end of the most of Nona's new stuff that's come Indian life and I'm right fragile so nice a twist to Jamie that's just blown my mind absolutely blow my name never ever thought I would say this dear god I am so proud when you go out anyway now you caught the other end of the world and eat you know not just another restaurant he's come so far and I'm chuffed to bits I'm so proud of him I just feel dead out there I can't believe you Jamie it's just a mouse oh god I'm thrilled today I love them to bits I think he's eight he's doing really high feels great to go out for the first time you know family friends and finish a meal I think the future looks quite good now because I'm just relaxed around for it I can just try it and and on the evidence better than some other people so it's all good Jamie calls Charlotte with the good news hello Charlotte well well I completed it I'm so pleased with yourself I do actually sit next to my family who struggled a fair meal pleased and happy that I'm the normal one of the family now Thank You Charlotte bye bye Jamie bye well he's done really really well great just come along in leaps and bounds yeah and if you think about it when he was first trying new foods back then he was having a true phobic reactions huge well here's to Jamie and keep up the good work one month later and Jamie hasn't given brand sauce a second thought he's eaten full meals and restaurants his culinary skills are getting better day by day and he's still taking full advantage of girlfriend Kirstie feeding him you you


  1. Apart from the guy being addicted to brown sauce, wtf was with no one in his family or his gf ever having had Thai food before?? I mean in this day and age 😕

  2. The most important question isn't about the brown sauce but should be about the ungodly amount of ads!

  3. Celery should never be a first for someone that doesn't like the taste of a new food. Alot of people hate celery.

  4. I just calculated that if he consumes 20 kilos of salt every year he eats 54 grams of salt everyday!! He still looks quite healthy atleast outwardly

  5. This guys discussion with his sister reminds me of every talk I've had with my family about my mental health.

  6. So basically he hates his dad cause he made him eat his veggies and didn't give in like mom that's all I got from that, absolutely ridiculous 🙄🤨😒

  7. Why doesn't he have his lady hide some brown sauce in her bag when they go out. Is it more odd to sit there while your wife eats alone, or order something simple and put your own brown sauce all over it?

  8. Unfortunately I used to work with this man. He has a lot of issues that go deeper than just food. Really an awful person using his position(despite it not being particularly high, he’s only an area manager for a retail clothing chain) to bully people and make them fear for their jobs. Weird guy

  9. The things he said dislikes and is "Angry" at ( That he had spray painted on the car ) are such childish things…Unfairness and Authority, that's lifeee come on suck it up.

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