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a freaky eater is someone who takes eating habit to an extreme 31 year old Whitney refuses to eat solid foods let's make sure I get all little pieces that I get up out of his mouth for the past 18 months Whitney has only been able to drink 8 ounces of liquids a day this whole issue has affected my life very clearly and now Whitney's youngest daughter has picked up her dangerous eating habits it absolutely breaks my heart at three and four and five years old having eating disorders Whitney lost an alarming 150 pounds in five months putting her life in danger with just one week of therapy can specialist dr. Dow and JJ virgin put a stop to Whitney's life-threatening eating disorder if you don't change it we'll need that or will her fear of solid foods be too overpowering my biggest fear is that I will first my name is Terry Bishop and my wife's a freaky eater 31 year old Whitney has been unable to eat any solid food for 18 months listening to tag all her pieces that I've seen up out of his mouth she can only drink liquids and barely consumes 10 ounces a day Whitney's nutritional intake per week is as little as 1400 calories a mere 200 calories daily heavy makes a fake name Whitney has been married to Terry for the past 7 years and they have four children the only way she can eat with her family is to chew her food and then spit it into a cup Whitney doesn't dare swallow it she just chews on it to get the flavor to get the feeling that she's eating it I tried to fake it for the kids sake but at this point there is no joyful time and all the food are you okay 18 months ago my eating habits dramatically changed we were at my mom's house she had made the steak dinner to the bite of the meat and I choked on it she just couldn't get it down and she was turning purple and blue you're instantly in a panic mode I had to do the Heimlich maneuver on her and she was scared this terrifying experience left Whitney with a debilitating and irrational fear of eating solid food and spent 18 months best fall solid food with Whitney's limited liquid intake not providing sufficient nutrients and calories she lost a staggering 150 pounds in just five months I don't feel good I'm feeling a lot of nausea and I don't have any energy at all this whole being issue has affected my life very severely we've been struggling because I lost a job and we went down to one income I'd evicted from our home we had to tell our wedding ring Whitney's destructive diet has taken a toll on every part of her life including her youngest child's eating habits my three year old Kirsten is not eating foods because she is mommy not eating Kirsten does it over my plate that's pretty it absolutely breaks my heart at three and four and five years old having eating disorders as they're watching what I'm doing I can't fall crazy with both her child's health and her own in jeopardy Whitney sought help from nine specialists but it was to no avail far as my doctors go everybody tells me what they think it could be and that it ends up Bobby no closer to answers Terry is concerned for Whitney's life every day I live with the fear that she might die and may not be here for us with Whitney's life on the line Perry is called in freaky eater specialists dr. Mike Dow and JJ virgin he hoped that a week of therapy will be the beginning of his wife's road to recovery good morning morning morning I'm JJ virgin and I'm a board certified nutrition specialist Terry dr. Mike Dow nice to meet you on a licensed psychotherapist specializing in disordered eating an addictive ages when dr. dalen jzo walked through the door I didn't know who they were or what to expect I've called in some experts and actually they can help you out with all the issues that you're having so I'm going to instantly see your cancer mind here's the unknown fear of eating we're going too far for ourselves over here there you go all right the first step today is seeing exactly what is going on in Whitney's life to actually see what we did up this food was shocking what are you doing why'd you do that and to have a young child learning this behavior is absolutely frightening Whitney I'd like to have a word with you but I'd like to do it in private I really wanted to express to her the severity of the problem Whitney is living on borrowed time right now so how long has it been going on about 18 months where you don't eat anything tonight my instant breakfast fruit vegetable drinks induced forceful very linking not eating I mean you're talking about a couple hundred calories Whitney is consuming an all liquid diet she's missing all of her major nutrients are you willing to do whatever it takes one of my biggest fears is that I won't ever eat it as well as my life bed it makes sense 18 months ago a near-death choking experience left Whitney a mother of four with a fear of eating solid food now nutritionist JJ virgin and psychotherapist dr. Dow have a wake-up call for Whitney we brought you here because we really want to show you how serious this is I was scared when I looked at that table of all the different food my first thought was oh my gosh they're gonna make me I'm gonna choke and die right here Whitney what this represents is someone's normal week of food now let's look at what you get this represents what you consume the average person eats eleven thousand calories a week you're getting 1,400 that's what you should be eating in the day I honestly don't know how you're standing here right now I didn't realize how severe it was until I saw that last table it was very scary to see how little I was taking in versus what somebody else would be taking in the next part of shock therapy is going to be very drastic not meant to be cruel for Whitney to really see what is going to happen to her life if she does not start making some very serious changes if you don't make a change quickly this is where you're headed when I saw the coffin against the tree and I like the Kings like paralyzed the coffin represents all of the things that you are going to lose your son Terry jr. he wants to be a fireman and if you'll make you're never going to be able to be there to see him put this on so when you put this in the coffee we wanted Whitney to put in all of the memories that she will be losing Mackenzie in about 20 years she'll be graduating from college she'll be wearing this but you won't be here to see her when you put that in the coffin Kirsten she's gonna be a beautiful bride and you won't be with her on her wedding day what does it feel like to do that it's mostly my little wing if you don't change it will mean that to see all that stuff symbolizing my children makes me comprehend it in a whole new level okay now we can get serious now what I need to see is how far gone your health is at this point so I'm going to send you out for some blood tests okay and then we're going to dig in and get started all right shock therapy be a big impact to it we're ready to move on to the next step of her recovery I want to show you what you have to live for this is how much think I am in love she can't wait you know we can get through this we've always talked about growing old together we got four babies so we got to do it together I love you when I saw that DVD and I thought this has to change then we'll feel better and I love you this is too it has to change for Irani ma when you always I'd like to see very heartbreaking and I want everything to be better so let's go take the next steps together for the last year I felt very alone and now I feel like I know that I have my family and my husband to support me Whitney's crippling fear of not being able to eat solid food has put our family and her health in serious harm's way by the second day dr. Dell wants to rule out any medical causes that could possibly be contributing to Whitney's choking fear I want to take Whitney to have a video x-ray of her swallowing this will allow Whitney to see moment by moment what happens to the food as she is swallowing swallowing and throat specialist Natalie's at Nick's key is going to oversee the process the nice thing about this test would means it's going to allow us to separate the physical and psychological okay you're going to actually see what happens inside your throat my hopes for this test is that Whitney can see that she can swallow if that is true then Whitney will have the confidence to know that you can do this and we're going to start with the water Whitney has given water mixed with barium which allows the liquid to show up on the x-ray machine beautiful say Leslie I was afraid that the machine was going to show me my throat doesn't function but she had wonderfully good everything looks extremely normal after we had her swallow the liquid we had Whitney try a piece of banana she was swallowing I am feeling that sensation of choking even I'm seeing that I'm not beautiful it's a huge breakthrough this swallow study proved that there is nothing medically wrong with well how'd it go I'd know from wolf it's definitely gonna be proof for me that I can swallow without choking on food I love you I did not even comprehend that this is my mind that made me not be able to eat for eighteen months very proud of you now the doctor Dao and JJ know that Whitley's fear of choking is not physical they can tackle her psychological stumbling block eating solid foods the best treatment that we have when we're dealing with a specific phobia is what we call great exposure therapy graded exposure therapy is a technical term for taking baby steps everything here is going to help you get better before we started the graded exposure therapy it's important for Whitney to know that we have an EMT standing by good what would you say your comfort level is administering the Heimlich maneuver extremely comfortable it is that safety that Whitney will feel that will allow her to move through this process we're going to start out easy this is creamy tomato soup on the envelope pour some into that cups I want you to see how thick it is go ahead and try that money alright truth we want a half Whitney move into thicker soups that will allow to really know that she can do this by just taking one baby step at the time it smell good what to do when I was trying to swallow it you know I could feel my body tensing up and you know I could still you know just everything telling me not to do it there you go and good work good work when all right the finale like yogurt we know that and you like strawberries right here's this one and you did stop thinking about the swallow and to just put it in my mouth and to just swallow you did it with me I was huge because I picture my son standing over there good I just swallowed something I have completely avoided since day one of all of this happening and I did not choke I wouldn't have believed I could have done it I can be great earlier JJ had Whitney submit blood samples now the results are in one that I was very concerned about with you was b12 if you or b12 deficient you feel sick to your stomach you're fatigued I am very shocked at how bad these numbers are this was a huge wake-up call for me have give these nutrients up quickly Whitney is seriously nutrient deficient I needed to get some nutrients and Whitney immediately the first thing is going to have you do is take a good vitamin mineral supplement every day drink it down the products that JJ gave me they all liquid so now I'm going to be able to get better fast without having to have the stress of eating solid foods one of the things that I want to do get your greens up quickly and so we are just you a green powder it's a load of different vegetables when I was drinking the green I had this churning feeling in my stomach I'm really lightheaded nice pajamas I'm super naughty she's hardly eaten anything in 18 months I was worried she might see that as a little bit of a setback but I think actually it was to prove Vantage because she sees how far gone her body is all right how are you feeling okay all right I don't know I definitely know that these are things that I must have to get better I'm going to paste this throughout the day and throughout the week and get your nutrition levels back up again all right JJ and dr. Dow have started Whitney on the road to eating solid food again but by the third day it's crucial for Whitney to be able to eat without the experts by her side so for the next four days Whitney will be left alone to try a new diet regimen I have Whitney eating every two hours little bits because her stomach can't handle any more than that the first day alone Whitney challenges herself with a mini meal of avocado yogurt and berries Whitney is not allowed to use that spit cup it is a thing of the past – as much as you can I've definitely tried to be there for and just try to be that calming force relax it'll go down – I'm taking a little bit of work but I'm swallowing the food everybody ready enemy by the fourth evening Whitney is making progress she finds that her new and improved eating habits are even rubbing off at dinner and will follow a piece together get some in your mouth follow it and see good job excellent job but Whitney knows there's still one bridge she can't bring herself to cross I'm afraid that I'll never again be comfortable eating me I shall miss her Whitney is also experiencing stomach pains and bloating after meals which is causing her worry concerning I don't know that it normal is it not normal hey over going on day seven dr. Dow njj returned to check on Whitney's progress although Whitney's last four days on her own weren't easy she still managed to add six mini meals and supplements to her daily diet but now she needs to find out what's causing her stomach pains I'm getting a lot of pain a lot of bloating Whitney stomach is hurting because her whole intestinal system hasn't really had to work for 18 months my stomach isn't working I know my intestines aren't working like all of the above none of you know it's not like you just flip the switch back on it's a dimmer switch it's awesome news to find out that what's going on with my stomach is normal or what I'm going through now it's time for Whitney to see if she can conquer her biggest fear eating meat 18 months ago this was the food Whitney choked on and narrowly escaped death and for Terry it's a long-awaited evening out with his wife in the last 18 months mean Whitney haven't had dinner now you know was a huge part of our marriage that is missing what do you think actually sounds really good what are you thinking this last challenge is crucial for Whitney's long-term success hello hearing them and achene Elin I support meatballs eating meat begin that is a very big step for her pork ensues meatballs for you the first thing I thought of when my plate was sit down in front of me was there's no way I'm going to be able to meet that that was really good I'll make a deal you eat some meat I'll try one of the breakfast hey doing challenge when I was chewing that meatball and it was my following moment is when I got real nervous and tense that one big swallow there's nothing wrong in there now good job for me that one bite of meatball was winning this out awesome I felt like I conquered my biggest fear in the world unbelievable what's it like for you to be having dinner with your wife at a restaurant amazing Whitney is broken through that fear and we feel comfortable now leaving with me and Terry to the rest of their lives United States in my life this was such an important intervention when we met Whitney her life was at stake and now Whitney not only getting her life back but I think she'll have a bigger life than she ever had before I am going to be different I have a future to look forward to you saved your life it's so exciting to see Whitney's whole food world open up I'm very optimistic for when he's full recovery we'll be all right you you


  1. 9 doctors could not tell her she obviously has a choking phobia and that it was a mental issue? It's not that uncommon, especially not after a traumatic event like nearly suffocating. I know somebody who had the same phobia and ended up in hospital with severe malnutrition. She thankfully recovered through therapy.

  2. Is making me feel very sick when I’m watching this when she spit out food that she can’t eat is making me feel very sick 🀒 and she needs to change her way or she will die

  3. dramatic scene of them making her put a fireman's cap into a coffin
    dramatic music playing
    Me: "This is the dumbest, most overly-dramatic thing I've seen in a long time."

  4. I know she was scared of eating and could died,but why not eating anything? I have litteraly chocked on doritos one time but never stopped eating. I know how she feels though its reallt bad

  5. Comment section: Going nuts about the clear cups πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  6. this lady should not be judge, been there, its called disfagia and its esophagus spasming when swallowing after incidents like chocking, it goes away with gaviscon and vitamine A oil swallowing

  7. Her way to go on a diet is irresistable because before she got hooked on liquid food, she was fat!

  8. It's great she was able to go back to eating meat, but would it really have been so bad if she had decided not to ever again?

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  10. She already started looking so much better at the end. Her eyes and skin even looked healthier just from eating alone.

  11. My idea is to make food IN water. Take french fries for example. Oil is a liquid, so why can't she make a solid food made of liquid food?

  12. I’m hiding in the comments to avoid seeing her spit in a cup.

    Don’t worry it’s safe down here

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