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a freaky eater is someone who takes eating habit to an extreme twenty-six-year-old Daniel covers everything he eats in maple syrup Pizza lasagna Mexican food Chinese food whatever kind of food I'm gonna put it on Daniel dumps two cups of maple syrup a day onto his food his eating habits are catching up to him with diabetes running and Daniel's family my whole family's try to change downer but nothing's work it's imminent he could be next with just one week of intense therapy or while Laura can experts dr. Mike Dow and JT virgin stop Daniel from drowning in maple syrup or will he pour his life down the drain sounds like it's true drugs you shouldn't even talk to me like that you know my brother Daniel is a freaky eater 26 year-old Daniel drenches all his food in maple syrup I got my syrup going I put maple syrup on everything that I eat breakfast lunch and dinner Pizza lasagna Mexican food Chinese food whatever kind of food I'm gonna put it on each and every day Daniel downs more than two cups of maple syrup that amounts to nearly 2,000 calories a day from maple syrup alone I love the sweetness and I'll eat every last drop on that plate I lived a normal childhood played sports played baseball my grandmother was a big part of my life and she was like a second mother to me she still make waffles on the weekends that was my first memory of eating maple syrup around seven years old I was really consistently putting maple syrup on food daily ever since then it just grew maple syrup does make me feel good it makes me feel safe when I eat it because you know I think about my grandmother baseball was very important in my life lived night and day for it I thought I had a great shot at making the professional level but I blew my shoulder out playing college ball and it just didn't work out I miss baseball in my life to avoid to just like my grandmother I'm in a crossroad right now I need to do something with my life I run seven days a week three to four miles if I kept the maple syrup I was not working out I'd have a problem but younger brother David believes that Daniels obsession with maple syrup is a big problem already his eating habits are catching up to him he's not as active as he was he's not as energetic as he was the maple syrup is taking its toll on his body I need to wake up with my serpent eggs my family we do have a history of diabetes and that's the concern a whole family's trying to change Danna but nothing's worked you ever think about cutting it out oh no I'm gonna eat a lot of maple syrup now and in the future maple syrup is a part of my life and it's not going anywhere I'm not changing for anybody worried about the health effects of Daniels maple syrup addiction his brother David has called in freaky eaters experts dr. Mike Dow and JJ virgin they will attempt to change his eating habits with a week of intense therapy Daniel yes oh yeah hello we're sent by your brother David I'm dr. Mike Dow I'm a psychotherapist specializing in disordered eating and addictive behaviors JJ version hello Beth I'm a certified nutrition specialist and a certified health and fitness specialist your brother tells us you have a little maple syrup problem ever had a day in your life without me I was mad at dr. down JJ knew some of my personal business this maple syrup here how long does this last you about four to five days when somebody eats this much of any one thing that tells me that it is an addiction sounds like it's your drug I don't even know you and you shouldn't even talk to me like that you know just something I do I don't like anybody telling me about my business and maple syrup is my business do you think you have a problem being addicted to maple syrup no I don't he was defensive angry that defensiveness is a form of denial which is one of the hallmarks of addiction do you consider yourself to be fit at this point I consider myself in good shape Daniel says he feels healthy but I'm actually afraid that he is paving the way towards obesity and ultimately diabetes I'd like sort of see what yeah see you in action with this I mean are you open to that I'm open to that I invited dr. Tao and JJ over because they mentioned my brother's name but as of right now I'm not changing for anybody you lead the way all right it's pretty clear to me that Daniel does not think that he has a problem I was relieved that he even let us come into his apartment we really have our work cut out for us oh you know free uh balanced meals a day breakfast lunch and dinner Daniel put up hefty dose of maple syrup on his cereal it looked like a good quarter of a cup you're obviously into your health and then basically really sabotage it all with maple syrup yeah I'll see it that way if Daniel isn't willing to view this habit as bad there's no way he's going to change if we could show you that this is really getting in the way of you being ultimately as fit and healthy as you could be Oh show me the evidence in order to get Daniel to be motivated to make any sort of change we have to really shock him because he doesn't think he has a problem so come with us okay all right Daniel has been pouring maple syrup on everything he eats since childhood and doesn't believe he has a problem Oh show me the evidence we have to really shock him into saying wow this is a problem we needed a storage unit I mean he did enough room it's essential that we communicate to Daniel just how much sugar his eating he ready already that is a lot of sugar right there we used a storage container to stash 912 pounds of sugar two years worth of what he's eating 2,000 calories a day of sugar that you're downing a man should have no more than nine teaspoons of added sugars a day huh guess how many you do more than that 14 times that or sometimes 535 teaspoons I've never seen that much sugar ever in my life but I'm not gonna change because JJ's show me some sugar do you have any history of diseases in your family heart disease diabetes stroke you know I do look up without diabetes diabetes runs in your family oh yeah you know this does diabetes sugar turns on these diabetes genes for you uh-huh and is that a concern here no I'm just so used to my habit that's what I like Daniel doesn't see that his everyday behavior is leading him down that same road that took his grandfather from him don't look at one more thing all right with us Daniel didn't seem to be affected at all by what sugar could do to his health so I knew we need to show him something else oh my gosh so we've set up two years worth of Daniels maple syrup habits 104 gallons I was talking because there's a lot of maple syrup in front of me right now we actually want you to pour it every single one into that trash I was hesitant say goodbye I was really thinking they were trying to make me mad why are you throwing this much away went down I don't know why you guys are wasting this plus syrup that's crazy it's trash trash trash which is what you've been putting in your body Daniel was angry because this is his jug of choice and he wants it that's a lot of syrup you know no one used used for what to make some for my food what do you mean for what this is not for you and make a good thing bad it's increasing your risk for diabetes it's causing you to lay down fat around your gut you're totally dependent on it what is it you like oh that's good to me so I saw I care about Daniel got progressively madder and madder during the whole process you look pissed it didn't really affect him there was that tough-guy attitude that said so what I'm still not gonna change when you pour that into your body it's like treating your body like a trash can I don't see it that way yet even after the shock therapy Daniel still is pushing back come with us yeah I'm not really sure if we're gonna be able to get through to this guy in order to move forward JJ tries another course of action taking Daniel to a fitness center I wanted a little one-on-one session with Daniel where I could really get serious with him about his health when people eat a high sugar diet they store more fat around their waistline that puts you at risk for heart disease diabetes for stroke I had Daniel take his shirt off because I thought there was a bit of a gut line and I was right okay go ahead step on so the cool thing with the scales it's gonna tell us not just your weight but your body fat the real shocker came when I looked at his body composition you have 42 pounds of fat on you 42 pounds of fat that's a lot of fat 21 percent body fat you should be sitting there honestly eight nine percent body fat I gave you analyst information and I think he heard it but I want him to really feel just how his shape he really was Sarina do soccer situps a soccer setup is an especially hard abdominal exercise gonna come up I'm down got it yeah all right here we go all the way up come on up when jay-z made me do sit-ups I knew that I have a problem I know these are harder than they look humming keep pace with me Daniels endurance was pathetic we're not done we're not done oh come on well I guess that's so much for that maple syrup energy it's not really working for you is it what is that what is that we're not done Daniel didn't even make it a minute he was sweating he was struggling that kind of made me a little mad that she beat me ass it up so you seeing that maybe the maple syrup isn't giving you the body that you really want don't matter you though I feel very confident that we've made some big strides but Daniels still not fully invested that maple syrups really hurting him oh my gosh faced with the enormity of his maple syrup addiction hundred and four gallons of syrup and his Fitness shortcomings Daniel is still not fully convinced that he needs to make changes to his diet hoping to encourage Daniel further JJ wants to give him some alternatives to maple syrup no one's saying hey you can't have maple syrup what I'm doing is saying what other things could we add in I pick some sauces that had some sweetness to them but also some good nutrition where your maple syrup serving has 32 grams of sugar these have the average about 4 grams of sugar right now j-jane wants me to eat healthier but if it doesn't smell good I'm not going to eat it what we'll start with is yellow curry this is particularly good on chicken it just smells weird I don't I don't think I like this I'm not gonna do that hmm when you give it a little taste no no way the way Jose Daniel is really stubborn and very resistant to any kind of change this one is honey mustard I can't really tell Oh what I can like the smoke you can't smell it from over there you're not playing you can't tell me sitting over there that you can spell this let's just I don't want to eat any of those things try it JJ's give me that look like come on buddy you need to try something different there you go Dijon mustard or whatever honey hot mustard oh no it's just I don't like any of these how do you know a dull this one is roasted peanuts and cashews and already a lot of lettuce it's good I'm thinking I've made progress he liked it what you tell me before you tasted that I liked it all about so that is peach salsa kind of like that is that mango in there right that's peach although mango would be another one we could do that is good now Daniel has some alternatives that have an eighth of the sugar of his maple syrup that he can use to push maple syrup out of the way if all you did was say you know I'll add these in and I'll take my syrup down 25% it would make a huge difference I'm gonna consider it I will try these sauces again but nothing's gonna take the place of maple syrup dr. Dow and JJ make one final push and take Daniel to see exactly where his maple syrup habit could lead John this is Daniel nice to know diabetes is a very real possibility for Daniel if Daniel becomes diabetic and his kidneys fail something that is very common in diabetes he will have to be on dialysis for the rest of his life this is Michael hi Mia we wanted to show him somebody who was young who had kidney failure and now he spends 2-3 days a week for hours at a time at this dialysis clinic Mikey how old are you I'm 36 when I found out how young Mikey was that was scary you look young and healthy well that's because of dialysis because I wasn't very healthy before I had this machine clean my blood on a regular basis we wanted Daniel to understand that by the time he started to feel bad it could be too late for him then you look little freaked out I don't want to see this I realized that that could be me I definitely do not want to sit in that chair does that hurt yeah this is the easy part but when I'm not here that's when it's really hard that's when I have to exceptionally manage everything I do I eat what advice would you have for Daniel knowing that Daniel is eating about 2,000 calories a day of maple syrup with a family history of diabetes the sooner you can make a change the better it's hard to watch this you know I could be in this situation a couple years ago I don't even know how I was adjusted this my daughter's type one diabetic she had 2,000 calories worth of maple syrup she dropped it she doesn't have a choice as to what she can have in her diet what do you think your daughter who had no choice would say to Daniel who has a choice why are you throwing it away this is a wake-up call there's really no more excuses because I've had the knowledge right here in front of me you know what I end up diabetic you can lose your eyesight where's the leg we can go around the room I can show you how many empties I have here because the type-2 diabetes you look like you're actually scared now something to worry about you know I have a bad habit you just said I have a bad habit this is the turnaround that I needed to see from Daniel and you can see where the bad habits gonna take you because really it's not an if it's a win for you you're pulling the trigger on a loaded gun it's not too late but you need to do something this was a really rough thing to take Daniel through good luck to you miss me to say but we had to do it and I feel like now he'll listen and we can change his life with him a dialysis center was the key motivator in getting Daniel to realize the health risks he faces if he continues his maple syrup diet the sooner you can make it change the better now dr. Dow and JJ are leaving Daniel on his own for four days to commit to a new diet I do plan to change still using maple syrup a little bit I see yeah I'm still using it I'm cutting back maple syrup by 50% I'm drizzling it because it's the small steps that are gonna lead to the huge ones but by day two daniel is experiencing severe withdrawal my body is getting tired I'm losing energy every meal is just difficult to handle because I want to just smother everything with maple syrup but I saw the huge picture I am determined to make a change on day four Daniel tries one of jgies alternative sauces instead of maple syrup I love that piece salsa I love the sweetness it's good Daniel's been on his own for a few days JJ and I are very eager to come back and see how he's done how's it going the first day was was really tough my body wants the maple syrup you are going through a withdrawal period from all that sugar his body has learned to knead maple syrup but if Daniel can get through this he's going to start to feel better and better Danny when we menu you were eating a gallon of maple syrup a week how much you're eating now quarter at least of a gallon that's pretty fantastic daniel has cut down his maple syrup consumption by 75% for Daniel that's huge JJ and dr. Dow take Daniel to a youth baseball field for one final activity nice to meet you baseball is something that Daniel can embrace in his life to make him feel good so he doesn't need so much maple syrup we found a kids baseball team that Daniel can serve as the assistant coach hey guys he's gonna be helping us out today it was a great feeling when the kids said coach Daniel I was very happy nice hey nice hitting going up the middle that's good Daniel was in his element out there coaching the kids it was magical to watch I think you found your calling over here you know this is like a whole nother patty – of course I'm not gonna Punk a little kid you know kids make me happy after the baseball practice we set up a barbecue lunch for the kids and how about you Daniel I'll take some beef okay we have one final test for Daniel here and how about this one seven this I'm good right now I'm not gonna serve your choice I know it is my choice but I'm I'm coach Daniel today right I think you should because this coach Daniel looks happy Daniel passed the ultimate test with flying colors and it's clear to me that he is on his way and he really doesn't need us anymore well thank you you know it's because of your health our pleasure say no to maple syrup is something that I did today I'm proud of it thank you doctor all right I'm gonna change there's no doubt about in my mind I'm definitely gonna change you did a really good job today Daniel has exceeded my wildest expectations here is a guy who is not willing to make even the smallest change to a guy who is now happy who has better goals for himself and has cut down his maple syrup by over 75% you guys ever hit a home run before oh I know that Daniels gonna keep this up and just continue to build on his success you you


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