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nineteen year old Aaron Saunders might seem like your average teenager [Applause] but behind closed doors he struggles with a dark and debilitating problem Aaron is addicted to Yorkshire puddings he chomps his way through a dozen a day since the age of five he hasn't been able to stomach much else the fact I don't eat much more than a toddler does it it kind of makes me feel quite embarrassed but at least he's now eating something and was on powdered milk from birth until he was about gone where this freak eating comes from is anyone's guess but Aaron's mom has her theory he's nailing motivate anybody else like it weighing in at just eight and a half stone not surprisingly this pudding diet it's starting to take its toll Aaron is not getting enough it and many things like you get very tired and with his weight continuing to drop it could soon become a matter of life or puddings for Aaron I think my problem is serious I mean the last time I checked I'm too stoned underway and if they did continue any longer I would eventually be put in hospital helping him to beat his food freakiness will be the job of our experts nutritionist Charlotte Watts will attempt to move his kiddie palette onto grown-up foods oh no instantaneous psychologist Felix economist will have his work cut out tackling errands food fears I think you just don't want to go somewhere because you're associated with something really negative and his lack of commitment to changing if you don't cooperate Conde but with just four weeks to work on their youngest and most extreme case net can Erin grow up nutritionally and kick the puddings for good I guess I'm glad you ladies and confidence it's easier said than done okay nineteen year old Aaron Saunders lives with his mum and dad in Norwich after dropping out of school with no qualifications he recently started his first job as a receptionist at a local maintenance firm Aaron grew up as an only child and whilst he may be taking his first steps into adulthood when it comes to his eating habits he's got a lot of growing up to do Aaron survives on Yorkshire puddings but eating over a dozen a day isn't something he actually likes the reason is because I can tolerate them I don't really enjoy them but that's something I can eat and that my mouth except he may be 19 but Aaron's diet has hardly progressed since he was a toddler when his parents first noticed his freaky eating I was on the baby formula until I was about five or six we would not eat baby food he would put it in his mouth and then spit it over yeah we had expert voice and they just said well long as he's healthy he's fine he's sleeping well let him have just that I'll go any these his family may be used to it but Holly Aaron's girlfriend of two years finds it hard to handle I was eating habbits really do frustrate me and make me feel awkward you know one day here I just like saw him eating like 12 Yorkshire puddings on a play and you just sort think of whoa that's really weird that Aaron doesn't get all these nutrients from his beloved Yorkshire puddings there are a few other foods he will eat chips crisps chocolate and one of them also butter based and pancakes as well as being freaky about what he'll eat Aaron's also developed a complicated set of rules about where he'll eat – I can't really my main meals like Yorkshire puddings and pancakes anywhere other than my own house because they'll taste different I think something about having his own utensils or thinking his own so he's in much more control he's got all of his own stuff but even at home there are rules mum and dad is at the table while Aaron insists on munching his 12 Yorkshire PUD in solitude upstairs Oh even whilst on playing a computer game or watching a television show and then it takes my mind off of the fact I'm eating food and it makes it easier and to eat the same stuff over and over if I'm ignoring it basically ironically all Aaron wants is a simple life I think there's lots of different foods in front of me it would be quite daunting in a way all different tastes and that would get quite confusing I'll just gag that's not good possibly a sprout I'm not sure looks like a tree Aaron's loved ones are worried about what his diet is doing to his health I'm frightened that he's dying in the end because he's just not I have no love vitamins I do notice things about herring like his tiredness I'll turn to the caffeine pills just to give me that extra boost in the mornings I can actually do anything he's really pale ever since I've first known him he has lost a lot of weight I'm just eating to live and it's such a problem and I'm so bored of it by now and it needs to change today aaron has a date with dietary destiny psychologist Felix and nutritionist Charlotte have just four weeks to bring Aaron's bizarre eating habits back down to earth before they can begin their work Charlotte and Felix want Aaron to hear a few home truths he may never have heard before I would like to do Aaron he's really listened to the comments here take it on board and then we'll catch up with you after you've seen it yeah all right see you soon I don't mum here we've tried so hard when you were younger trying to give you things it really does worry me about what the future is gonna hold for us and for you yourself I heron dad here I'd really really love to see you eat if not a proper meal just a food different things so that I know that you would be happier in yourself just imagine if we could go out and have a meal together you won't be sitting there with an empty plate people won't be looking at you like you've got something wrong with you sometimes I felt I failed but we have not if only we could put the clock back it would be a lot lot better I'm really scared that your eating issues gonna reflect you when you're older and cause problems and you could have heart failure and then I'd be left by myself just thinking I wasn't something done about it when you were young enough and so please if you could just get through this together that would be really great I love you lots and I'll support you all way free what was that like for you to hear those comments it was quite difficult I mean we don't really talk about stuff like that face to face so it's good to hear that you know there behind me all the way because when they usually talk to me it sounds like they're just you know nagging me and I feel like I just want to go out there not talk to them was there anyone in there who particularly moved you yeah Holly at the end where she said that if she is by herself you know you know it really means I've got to change it's good that you've had that kind of response we really need you to give it your all yeah are you ready to start it yep okay let's go Felix and Charlotte have organized a nutritional wake-up call for Aaron that may be hard to swallow so what'd you make of all this Aaron that's quite crazy actually that reaction here this is not just a representation of the kind of things you eat this is actually the only thing you eat yeah and I don't know what scares me more how little you eat or what you actually know staple diet for the year is this 1872 Yorkshire puddings that's a lot yeah it is kind of it's a lot of Yorkshire puddings but it's not really a lot of food no this is well it reminds me of how boring it is just to eat it every day absolutely it looks amazingly bland and it also kinda looks bland nutritionally yeah and it's not just the 1872 puddings that's a worry if we come over here I think this really helps to illustrate because this slop is what the Yorkshire puddings are made from it looks like someone just emptied the rest of the plate into a bin or something from my point of view you know your saving grace here is that there's there's eggs and then here at least you're getting some B vitamins on top of this paddling pool of pancake mix Aaron also chomps his way through seven hundred and thirty bags of crisps a year this is the start of kind of quite a few disease processes so this is why it's so crucial for us to to stop this now yeah and then of course there is the chocolate at least it's not yellow so that's great but this is 416 bars of chocolate when you look at this diet in it in its entirety what's your feeling when you see other people's diets and just making a comparison it's actually quite disturbing because there's so little here right now you're suffering a double whammy you eat too little and you the wrong kind of stuff it's almost as if you're at a stage where you're not feeling your body can handle full adult food and we need to get you into a mode where you're moving on to and I don't diet looking at it just makes me feel a bit sick yeah it's quite disturbing to see it all just right in front of me for bearing this mind what is it that you want to achieve at the end of the four weeks I think I'd like a more varied diet and not be so bored of food really okay I'm really worried about Aaron he's certainly the most severe case we've come across and I feel as actual life is on the line I really need him to be that shocks because he's got an enormous amount of changing to do just staggeringly huge mountain to climb from my point of view to what to do or we've got to start from the beginning aaron has a mammoth task ahead but helping him to batter is freaky eating into submission won't be easy for girlfriend Holly either and I do love Aaron but sometimes it is really really hard to sort of think to yourself you know can I carry on with this and I can't put up with this anymore you know when I'm with you I just learn to blank it out I just completely ignore it as much as I can because otherwise I think I'd just go crazy and I wouldn't have been able to stay with him if I didn't learn to blanket our don't think it's quite complicated it's not just gonna be me you know training myself to eat new foods it's gonna be a lot more than just you know four weeks and then I'm I'm fine I'm like everyone else Aran's dyes isn't just dull it's dangerous Charlotte wants to find out what damage he may be doing to his health doctor pixie McKenna is a GP who specializes in eating disorders Charlotte's brought Aaron to her clinic I've spent the last few weeks just going through your medical history and having a look at those blood tests which you kindly had done for us and there's quite a lot to worry about you the big thing that strikes me thinking about your symptoms and how you feel because you're feeling quite tired aren't you and quite yeah kind of exhausted yes I think that your blood sugar levels as shown in your blood tests are actually dropping during the day typically you will feel very tired because glucose is your it's basically your fuel we really crucially need you to get on to food sources that sustain energy and one of the most important things for that is to have breakfast when blood sugar levels fall below normal it's known as hypoglycemia which in plain english means under sweet blood the brain is one of the first organs affected from the lack of glucose it needs for fuel leaving you feeling weak tired irritable and Trembley eating foods that release sugar slowly such as oats berries and bananas is the best way to provide a constant level of energy to your body and your brain else for me fifty four point five kilograms how tall are you about five nine okay you familiar with this thing called BMI which is your the ratio of your weight to your highest yeah and in a healthy male we would like that to be over 20 yeah now yours is coming in at under 18 yeah you're in a bit of everybody's in a bit of a car starvation I would say yeah so it's gonna start using up all those sources of energy and you don't want to get to the point where it starts wasting muscle away so starts using protein for fuel because that's the point where it's very very hard to build it up again I mean I would like to look a lot I would say both yeah you know I know I look thin I don't look slim I look you know like a stick are you worried about what you see I don't like what I see so you would be happier mmm if you looks healthier yeah okay I think at the moment you're like a houseplant there's no plant food and no water and we want you to blossom yeah I was really taken aback when I met Aaron because he looked sick and I hope that the simple suggestions we gave to him about how he can change things now and ultimately feel better and look better he's taken on board I did like the way that she went for saying how it could be if I did eat as opposed to saying how it will be if I don't eat they they've done it in a way that appealed to me with no time to waste charlotte sends Aaron home with a homework hamper filled with tasks for the week ahead and it starts with something to get those blood sugar levels up breakfast is the most important meal of the day this week I would like you to eat a piece of fruit or one type of breakfast food every morning it must be of nutritious value enjoy I don't think anything looks appealing I don't think I'm at a point where I'll enjoy food yes I've kind of gotten everything I need from this and now I need to just go away and think process it all in my head breakfast is a scary prospect and it doesn't take long before Aaron needs to make rules in order to cope the rule of one nutritious in a day is limiting me a bit I mean I would rather have the choice of being able to eat one thing new thing a day or not trying on new thing a day but you try to make rules for it then just something that you find comfortable with food is that part of you all that control supposed oh yeah I think we're gonna start Monday I just think that's the start the week that'd be a good time to start for me it is hard to see Aaron eating a full meal in a couple of weeks time after all these years of him just eating you know everything's it's so so hard to see that he's gonna be able to try all the new things he can possibly have in a meal that I haven't given up on him with his homework hamper on hold the following morning Aaron heads off for his first one-on-one with Charlotte this exercise today is really about me finding out where Aaron is him understanding his own relationship with food and between those two things really finding out how we can move them forward daunting I'm quite nervous at the moment there seems to be a lot of things that aren't consistent oh I see her uniform yeah for instance all of your Yorkshire puddings look the same that you're you feel safe within boundaries yeah do you eat nuts at all have you ever eaten nuts no it just don't look appealing whatsoever they don't look like food I suppose I guess I'm trying to think of like procedure I'd have to go through before I try it oh you're trying to make some more rules around trying the news than you think yeah are you feeling real resistance here I know in my head what's the worst that could happen yeah but it's still something I wouldn't enjoy doing what what happened what was a bit with you suddenly hmm I wished it and then I'll get hard bit again hmm unlike something like the ox pudding where the whole thing just goes really quickly after a little success with the nuts Charlotte hopes fruit might be easier to swallow that's pear and that's f4 that's really horrible in which way slimy leaving residue on my hand I guess they're in my head it doesn't feel right can you define right well I guess it's to do with the fact that nothing else I eat is anything like it Charlotte's going nowhere fast but makes a last-ditch attempt to get Aaron to combine foods something he's never done before how does the idea putting two things in your mouth at once BLT a if I did have two things I'd have to enjoy the things separately beforehand okay see I'd say carrot dipped in a bit of soft cheese do you want to taste a bit of the cheese first that would be easier okay yeah haha don't know why I'm trying it's like I can't let myself to like I'm taking my head come on look I can't I don't know why oh no instantaneous all the foods in front of you are important to try and consider as part of a diet that we need to work you towards something you need to start doing yourself you know I'm not gonna be there at home to kind of sit here go are you ready to do that I think so yeah what I learned around today is that he is a very extreme case he's incredibly systematic in his approach and it's very much applied around his old rules and he needs to let go of those a bit unfortunately that's not really gonna work here it's really hard for me to explain and I don't even understand all the rules myself it's almost like I have to break everything down into logic or I can even attempt to try anything new it's Monday morning and Aaron's up early to tackle Charlotte's homework task measly this will be the first time he's ever attempted to eat a proper breakfast not sure how well okay it's quite hard to map out my routine it's just I have to think about things quite a bit before I can try it I don't think there's anything in life that for me that translates to how hard I find it to try food don't think I should have put so much in the bowl no I kind of panicked when it didn't go down with the milk I'm not cheering I figured it was not not chewable stuff no with Aaron still struggling to get his head around his homework task Felix wants to uncover what lies at the root of his eating problems where do you feel just developed this idea of you can only eat certain foods then nothing else um I think I've been like it ever since I was born right it's up to what age were you still just drinking formula milk probably about the age of six right Wow There is obviously a long time here they said they went to the doctor about it why am I still on milk right and the doctor just said oh he'll grow out of it eventually and I think they just took down bored and then that was the big mistake okay when you think of dad what are the first three adjectives that come to mind I see him as a bit clumsy and a bit foolish I think and when you think of mum she's a bit over caring hmm how is sure we're caring well she just kind of hassles me all the time about it what have you eaten what if you have today what you can reach later and I just get no tired of it so the way to not help you is to that came right soon someone nags you you go the other way in your resist yeah I feel pressured about it so from an early age you got your way with food and then eating on your own and obviously that's gonna ruin the closeness or the family you're not eating around mealtimes and chatting and conversing and also you will necessarily see your parents as as parents as leaders it's more like you just seem to call the shots in a way yeah okay I don't think I really I'm not close to any of my family right and that seems to be pullout choice is it so it just seems awkward to try and step up the communication do you have any ideas about why there might be I think a lot of it had to do with the fact that I felt like they were hassling me a lot about my eating and stuff all right I just just kept you know chanting Adam for it and stuff because you know it seems unusual just that well most of us seek some kind of closeness at least until were teenagers then we want to break away so for it to happen at such a young age it's kind of interesting he's intriguing for me Owen seems to be putting up barriers with his family in much the same way does with his food so Nord of him to progress and for me to help him overcome these barriers I need to work with him to discover further what triggered these food problems in the first place yeah really I wasn't sure what why Felix asked me all those questions about my family yeah I don't think we're I in what sense and I don't think it's very relevant I'm not really sure what to make of that session as a whole the next morning Holly is up early with Aaron to help him with his second attempt of tackling breakfast cereal but before long he's back to his old trick putting things off what are you gonna do when I'm not here and you've got something why don't you do it now while I'm here then unless you've got some sort of help suppose if I was gonna try anything it would be diodes I'm gonna go put my phone on charge it's not bad no matter how much trying he doesn't seem to see as encouragement he seems he just takes it straight away as pressure and it's annoying because I have to keep doing it and just do it sensing Holly's frustration Aaron finally relents and gets his oats in the microwave if you keep playing with it you're gonna make it look worse Oh I hate this battery yeah but it stresses me out cuz it's hot and it's stressing me out because it'll go cold if I don't eat it and because I'm worried about it going cold that pushes me away from it more yeah it's too complicated how is it complicated too bitchy cereal it's just cereal it's not though it's not milk and solid it's mission more mush because I'm annoyed at myself who's not being able to dry it cuz this should be so easy with it so not I really don't know what's best for Aaron now at one point he was he was quite close to tears and then it's a real shame because he seemed so positive about it to start off with I felt quite bad for him because I've never seen him get that sort of stressed about food it has left me thinking is he gonna change his mind about this whole thing and it's like what he's gone through so far as being a waste of time just because of some hot hurts Aaron's halfway through his dietary makeover but he still hasn't left the starting gate Felix needs a plan to move him on and fast cuz Aaron's a very severe case with almost obsessive compulsive type of rules and behavior and I think understanding his thought processes as a child may help me to move him forward in the present going to imagine that you're standing on an imaginary timeline of your life you're in the present that's the future behind you is the past I like to consider taking a step forward in the future to time in the future where what you've come to see me about is resolved to your satisfaction deep breath and excellent here you are in the future how is it different here for you um feel a lot healthier you know stronger faster excellent what I like to do is take a step back into that present state when you look at that future you my question is what specifically prevents you being there right now it's my mind it's my invisible wall of not being able to try new things the thing that frustrates me is I don't know what is holding me back okay well that's what we're here to explore a little bit we're just here to find out okay so this is what I like to do I like to really turn into the obstacle in a moment really allow yourself to feel the block and I want you to track those memories back to the very first time you recall you know when did I first create this block I'm fun I'm really hard to understand it I just brain cannot move that feeling back with me though something is happening around you in your environment can get a sense what you're reacting to here not really I don't know why this is so hard what's the specific difficulty here for you I don't like going back in my memory I think when I was like the age of 16 I kind of was like new hour and and just ignored the rest before it we're not asking you to be that Aaron again once and all time was needed to get some imported information yeah that was shed some light on the future so we can make some changes the session continues but the more Felix probes into Aarons past the more he resists can't see how it relates for that's all right that's what's putting me off reason that this making me resist this because I don't see how this has anything to do with why I can't eat food because I know it's been since birth what you're sort of doing today is similar to what you do with food if you get uncomfortable around food you shut down and you withdraw the block is coming up and using this as well because I can't get it I'm not gonna do it and I think that's the real cause of this resistance I think you just don't want to go somewhere because you associate it with something really really negative this is one of those things the way he is one of those things that I'm trying to get over it's nothing to do any deep-seated secrets or underlying personality problems or something that's happened it's not all these deep things with my family and that's just other crap that's gone on if I've been eating things eating habits since I was born I can't see how anything that's happened between then and now has any relevance to why I did it's almost like he wants to change without putting any work in ooh he just wants it to be magically sort of transferred to him and that's just not how it works it's again Aaron being his own worst enemy about something and coming up with reasons and excuses not to engage in the therapy and that's a frustrating position for a therapist to be still otapoint the stuff that was completely pointless and there's a waste of time and more fun at home well I've kind of got it in my head that this is about eating and then they do all this other stuff that's got nothing to do with it waste of time because retrace India steps you know I've never done drastic happened when I was seven that made me not stop II and in it no well there we go it's trying to make me work out distant memories were to learn you know when I held you down and stood on those when we put a funnel in your mouth hopefully I'm doing something useful tomorrow that will actually be useful I like Charlotte because she talks about food Felix and Charlotte decide they need to change tack if they ever want to get through to Aaron Charlotte thinks a bit of food science might appeal to Aaron's over analytical brain purpose of today is really work with the way Aaron thinks he's very systematic he likes to break things down to progress and he likes to know why before he does something so I bought him a food science lab with he'll get to taste new flavors he'll get to understand how the tongue works that way when he starts to try new things it's not just a massive bombardment of the senses Charlotte's got a plan she hopes will persuade Aaron to abandon some of his food rules she's brought him to meet food analyst Dave Hart what we're gonna find explain is is how your sense of taste works there are only five basic tastes and all of these you taste on your tongue okay anything beyond these five region you need your nose for as well okay so this is sweet okay yeah next one is pizza okay this is sour all right this is salt all right yeah taste this one may not be so familiar to you this is a taste called umami which is Japanese for a delicious taste basically and it's a taste that comes from glutamates your tongue is coated with hundreds and hundreds of your little things we've referred to as taste buds we can show this on your tongue by staying in it blue little little taste buds standing out as being pink can we say the density the taste buds is quite high on that tip of the tongue which means actually Erin's probably quite a sensitive taster which means actually when he's trying new foods they are gonna be I've ever seen more intense in the night though too so definitely to me all they may be to you but Erin's problem isn't simply that food tastes stronger to him I guess one of my problems is I associate a swim image yes Charlotte hopes that if Aaron can't see what he's eating his mind will stop telling him not to eat it the main sense I use and it kind of makes me nervous yeah okay you ready not really the texture I think maybe because I didn't say it just kind of was like this is a bit strange but wasn't ultimately making me want to get it out of my mouth brilliant so what's the difference there when you can't see anything it was less me trying to think it out I think yeah it's this is gonna be any more complicated no songs crispy mmm had a bit more flavor to it mmm felt a bit more I'd use the word meaty but I mean mr. Scott that was a beetroot Chris be true yes okay okay you ready all right yep wasn't too bad banana it's not a kiwi fruit kiwi fruit can I take these off man yes why I find so interesting is you were very willing in comparison to just take the food and experience it if you looked at it before you had tasted it without the visuals how do you think you would have felt about it I would have taken a lot more for me to put up my mouth as it progressed and he actually started trying real food and responding to that he could logically move his way forward and that's really important to him and how he manages his problem and how to get out of it I thought that was a lot better I learned a lot about the cool things about food I think it's important to you know be able to know the underlying stuff before I can really get on with it really pleased with the day I think it was very positive there was a lot of learned and definitely a good push in the right direction I think the next morning empowered by the previous day's food revelations Aaron attacks Shawn its next homework hamper there are some jet suggested lunch and dinner recipes you to try this week I'd like you to try a different lunch and dinner every day crunchy vegetable stir-fry right that's far too complicated vegetable and lentil a homely chunky soup but without a blindfold it's not long before those barriers go up free-range egg noodle we have no idea not sure what to do with any other stuff here I think this week's gonna be a bit more difficult I think a lot of these foods I'm gonna put in my mouth instantly hate and never want to go near again don't know how ready I am first yet that evening Aaron's still stuck on what to do with his hamper so he enlists the help of his monk it's like something that you thought you better help yourself I can't keep suggest do things you should be suggesting things to me I won't do and then we could cook them together pressured into it you know I can't figure out a way in my head where I can do this there's no system to it I can't go work my way through any certain things that come I can't figure out what the problem is with me at the moment I can't figure out why I can't try new things I can't figure out how to decide what I should try and it's just pissing me off if I'm frightened getting all this help and they're still not work and not really only in little tiny doses and I'm frightened when this end you just could come downhill again straight back to because the more I pressured right so yeah you're telling me I don't wanna go yeah topic filled hmm and I know it's been like all these years really hmm I know it's how I work with everything I need a switch to go off in my head and I don't know what I need to do to make my mental back my switch to go back on again maybe that's the problem because I don't know what to try but I can't tell you're waiting for me to tell you what I want to try and I don't know so we're in a catch-22 I don't know I'm not an expert I don't know what to suggest at all at the moment I'm getting quite stressed I can hear myself sort of nagging him oh never mind perhaps next week we'll be a lot better Felix thinks Aaron's family's approach to his food problems as a child is a key obstacle Tim changing so far our ahrens resisted any attempts to explore this but Felix fully intends to revisit his past if he's to help Aaron move on for now though there are more pressing matters the aim of today is twofold I need to rebuild some of the trust and rapport I've had with Aaron and then any share in a practical way for him to overcome his severe limitations with his eating which are really hindering his progress if Aaron is to change he'll need to really work with Felix on this next task to obliterate those barriers so why just think need the most help to move forward I think I need to work through my logic in my head there are some rules there some food rules yeah what would the top 3 ones be for example it's a fear of the unknown drove their own I wish I could just eat and I was talking to enjoy food I want to consider those three rules that the obstacles to eating the way you want to right and what late to do is kind of very symbolic here I've got some paper over there I'd like to spell out each of these rules one at a time [Applause] and so this is your obstacle your mental barrier filled unknown okay what won't you do when you get in the car and I want you to get really motivated and I want to just drive right through this lift up your arm just smash through this barrier alright how does that sound sounds good sounds empowering that's the plan yeah it's been a very powerful motivator state right now [Applause] [Applause] that feel like it's good it's good well doing things just like that with that without much thought just go ahead and doing it can be just a lot of fun yeah we just make it bigger than it needs to be you just go straight through and do it you find us about sometime yeah ultimately those rules are just there to be broken so how company for right now by doing that with your diet pretty confident good yeah thank you for just imagine just the feelings they got just gonna do this and you know the motivation I had behind it just to smash through it you know if I could put that into trying food you know I think it'd be very positive I think I had a lot of fun and I think broke down some barriers in more ways than one I do believe there's a part of iron that really doesn't want to change but even so I can't do that work for it so we're still need commitment from him and the courage and and the focus and everything that that entails Felix may have instilled some self belief in Aaron but if he's to move forward its food barriers he needs to break through not paper ones so have you been getting on since I last saw you I really haven't tried much in the last week got thrown off by the hamper I think okay if you tell me what threw you off there all happened a bit too fast I had breakfast free every day and then I kind of went three males right all the way up on the difficulty meet there and it kind of just intimidated me a bit what you're doing at the moment is putting objections up for the sake of objections right well than going actually you know what I'm gonna have to do this so what I want to do with you today is find a way that we can prepare some simple meals together but make sure that they're simple enough for you to continue and not feel like they make you shut down yeah as Aaron is hiding behind a lack of knowledge charlotte resorts to working with him to go through the contents of the homework hamper okay what I wanted to do for you today is start with some pasta and it's a very simple pasta sauce then and we want to make an omelet with you put it in there you see there you've got a car that's that simmering jacuzzi yeah jacuzzi is simmering okay that's what you are how does that look to you I'd probably taste spread as well I don't think I'm gonna flower – well with this mail could you tell me why it's got bits in it you've got a source you've got pasta okay so if we take a piece of this so you're gonna grab a bit like that I've got a bit with sauce on how'd you feel about this fork ball Cheers 3a success starts to creep up on Aaron Charlotte moves on to an omelet I want to know what you think about it looks to yellow that is an absolutely classic combination what is it it's red pepper and grabbed off my fault apart from his tongue and teeth this is the first time Aaron has ever had two things in his mouth at the same time hmm avid gave it plus points not only did you try new eggs that you tried them with the pepper but could recognize that with a new food that changed the taste so it's really a question of taking all the positive bits from here and you must promise me you're gonna go away and write a list those and then really building on that yeah yeah I was pleased to see there were very few objections raised none actually I can't think of any you know no no real barriers put up so he seemed open which means that there's something to be worked with Aaron's final challenge seems much more within reach now it seems that he could sit down in front of a plate of mixed tastes and textures something as varied enough to call a meal and make some progress with it with the taste of victory still in his mouth that evening Aaron and Hollie cook up a list of further foods to try faster we need to work on past oh yeah what do you eat pasta with carbonara sauce it's a lot that kind of saucer I really don't like the look of you know that's mayonnaise she's toasting on that me and Holly made a nice list of all the foods I've tried and how to combine them I think if I continue doing this every day then it'll know I make a lot paragraphs over the next week Erin's food barriers continue to crumble hello dear diary I'm eating a stir not sure what sauce on it but you know it's alright slowly my rules are starting to cave in get any easier for me to bypass them and say that was my old rule but now I don't have to listen to it really I'm feeling quite shocked about Erin's swift turn around someone actually made one these by myself though I never would have expected him to be in the stuff he's eating now he still can't stomach dining with his parents but does start eating similar foods to them he did try and carrots cauliflower and rock yes so we think yes it's definitely a breakthrough just flabbergasted that's all right as Aaron's forging ahead with his new diet Felix feels it's the right time to try Andrea dress the past and the issues behind his eating problems if he's going to have any hope of continuing to change Aaron is finally making some progress with his eating which is great but if he's to continue with this path we need him to work on those berries he puts up with his parents felix is taking the family to a country retreat the aim is to get them talking honestly about the past how aaron's food freakiness has been difficult to deal with and how they can be supportive of him in the future how do you feel about Aaron's progress in general some meals we struggle with and you know I've brought you here today to help you have that one last push in the final stages of overcoming this whole problem I know that perhaps you're not the most emotional expressive family together around Aaron but if we can learn to enhance that communication a little bit then I think it's going to help you move forward into the future so there have three easels in a moment like huge to go over to one and then I'll just ask you to write your feelings down about certain topics yes no this is utterly going to fail you think yeah yeah all right so shall we it's so late to consider in the past is the past 18 years I've really been feeling about Aaron's relationship with food as a family the impact its had on you your fears hopes and the things you didn't understand all folded arms always will be worry factor I used to say all know when a veneer Aaron you just don't know how much me and mum do worry about yet hmm yeah I did fail I said I was fired on him is that one okay motivate you to just try and thank you yes that's a vicious circle into that yeah trying and forcing things aren't erm and yeah come on he's got to do this you know yeah I don't think there's anything you could have done you know I mean to me it was normal sure and just saying to me yeah you know we're worrying about you you know no in my head that's just trying to upset me so it just makes me want to lash back not do it even more so we're just going in circles from your perspective Aaron was not trying it because he was just being one facade but yeah fussy you're good yeah that's why a lot the problem slide with it okay you think I'm trying to do it to spite you or something and I'm 10 manly doing it because I don't want to eat it because I'm terrified of trying it you know that's where all of our arguments were spinning from part of the Aaron now realizes that it was coming out of a sheer like what do I do to get this charlie because I want him to I'm worried about it but it's great thank you it's inside the word thank you so knowing that now it doesn't change the way you feel about the past at all thing is yeah it's been good to just get everything out in the open hmm it's just nice to be told everything I thought that exercise went really well I didn't think it would in the first place but once it got started it went really well we were very quiet with each other we don't elaborate on our feelings much say it was good that we were talking to each other and not going all awkward about it so I think everything we're doing together is just helping that bit more so I think that adds brought closer together yeah I think what this might do for Aaron and his parents in the future is to learn to build an appreciation that Aaron has his own way of doing things and nagging him is not the best way so learning to allow him to find his own ways around food is going to be very important [Applause] one month since he decided to ditch his freaky eating it's the day of Aaron's final challenge for the first time in his life he's getting ready to go out to a restaurant and attempt to eat a meal that hasn't been cooked by his mum at home what could go wrong tonight is if something doesn't look like I expected it to if I've tried something in the past and failed just kicked myself she's a hastened stop not trying new things that him and yeah I think it would be a bit of a throw if I fail to aaron has decided that he'd like to face his final challenge with his mates and not his family but they are anxious for him I'm nervous because he's nervous I think hopefully it's a varied menu and there'll be something there they'll try Aaron's off to an Italian cafe where his friends hope to see him eat a meal for the first time ever he has no idea what's on the menu but one thing's for sure there'll be no Yorkshire puddings in sight stressed I guess just letting it happen I think he does feel under pressure of X it's not used to I really do think Aaron's gonna struggle and that's a about hopefully he'll to everything you still learnt over the past few weeks into practice and just sort go for it and try not to panic the amount of things on the menu Felix and Charlotte have dropped by to give them some words of encouragement might get a bit nervous when I sit down please government you're gonna finish our plate today I'll try my best what's the most important thing do you think the new tonight just enjoying myself and you can relax tonight around food and you'll be relaxing for the rest of your life the bouncer first saram will have to decide what to eat I'm scanning down the menu I have no idea why he's fazed by the menu Aaron settles for something that seems vaguely familiar Pizza the barrier because the age of all five just take a big bite with just want everything else no chief on these demise it's quiet too much the two of them you will the main thing herons done brilliantly but there's only so much his small stomach can take Aaron might not have finished the whole pizza but he's not worried how did it go I think well I think too much is that wrong funny how do you feel who you is surprised by this maze-like how far is come from the beginning the changes are amazing do you feel that the girls you set out to achieve all those weeks ago being met to your satisfaction is out friends I'm really proud of him and the way he's might learn to handle trying new foods it's just unbelievable when you see him the way he was before and now you see him now and it's just so so weird awesome person for me was all those rigid food poo balls just swept away with them he just went ahead and enjoyed a meal but it's breathing in they can enjoy his live with his friends yeah in a way this has been like a rebirth for me and it's like I'm finished boot camp and I finally got on all those lots of problem out the way that you have when your child and now I'll just be able to finally get on with my life you


  1. How the hell is this guy gonna make it in the world if a bowel of oats makes him cry. FFS stop thinking and just do it.

  2. Grow up ya fuck. Its cereal ffs. "Not sure if I can do it" how far will this sensitive boy go in this world.

  3. Loser. His parents allowed this. They're the catalyst here. They indulged his behavior and now he is a disaster

  4. They should drop these peple in a desert island for a month or so and Im pretty sure they would be cured.

  5. He appears to me to be an HSP (highly sensitive person). Apparently all kids with autism are HSP, but not all people with HSP are autistic. Sensory Processing Disorder is being added to the new DSM. All the things he says and does looks to me like he is experiencing overstimulation with everyday tasks and people in his life (maybe teenage hormones overrides his feeling about his gf), and so he withdraws or limits novelty of experiences.

  6. Aaron would be low on the spectrum but he seems to be very much at least a little autistic. From the laser focus on logic, to the need for control ( even the slightest change causes excess anxiety in most autistic people).

  7. "No one knows where Aarons eating habits came from, but his mum has a theory"

    "Ohh hahaha haha 🤣 uhh aliens, came swooped down the hospital an whisked him away hahahaha lololol"
    Fucking 10/10 theory there. 😒

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