Free Antibiotics — Making Medicine From Japanese Barberry with Adam Haritan


  1. I would have guerilla art-bombed that sign to say, Free Antibiotics… with a simple hike in to the forest for medicinal plants! Totally free!

  2. After you steep the crushed berries in alcohol and strain it, which part of the solution are you administering and how?

  3. I like your videos and your enthusiasm for the marvels of Nature, but this one could be a little misleading to some people. Because antibacterial and antibiotic properties are different. Both can kill bacteria. But antibiotics are targeted to kill some specific very dangerous bacteria. They are usually taken INSIDE your body, orally or by injection. Antibacterial products are usually taken OUTSIDE, or mayby to rinse your mouth, but we are not in the same category. They are more like hygiene products. Doctors have been abusing of antibiotics, and some continue to abuse of them. This leads to antibiotical resistancy. But don't forget that antibiotics continue to save millions of lifes each year. Don't fall into the common trap of diabolizing them. Without antibiotics I would have died of tubercolosis at the age of four.
    Antibacterials just cannot replace antibiotics.

  4. 2:15 is a moot point. It doesn't matter if you abuse antibiotics or not. Antibiotic resistant bacteria don't give a fuck about whether you abuse antibiotics or not. It will infect anyone similarly and be hard to treat.

  5. If you can't get a hold of this.. you can always try to products that I can get cheap lie at my local Indian grocers that help keep infections and illness away : black seed oil which is also called Kalonji oil but you do not want to get it where the hair care products are you want to make sure it's where the medicinals are located.
    And I also have neem powder which is really incredibly bitter tasting but again very good getting rid of infections.. if you have very dry skin you want to go easy on the stuff as it does dry out a little bit front since it helps get rid of mucus.. you can brush your teeth with it it is very good for the gums but you will have a little bit of that horrible bitter aftertaste.
    I just started drinking wheatgrass powder in water everyday and that is a mild antibiotic and antifungal and antiviral.. but what's really great about wheatgrass powder and black seed oil is they eventually turn gray or white hair back to its natural color at the roots and I am proof of that.. amla powder also called Indian gooseberry which is 30 times higher in vitamin C than citrus also will help reverse gray hair but I don't do much of it as it can be an appetite stimulant.
    (all I can tell you is I started doing all three about 7 weeks ago and in that amount of time the top of my hair went from being totally White to now a medium to dark gray in some areas.. but all underneath that the hairline is black .)
    Another very good natural antibiotic and antifungal and I guess it's an antiviral too is pure gum Spirits turpentine.. I'm talking about the kind that is medicinal quality and food grade edible such as Diamond G Forest brand with which I have had excellent results and I'm very pleased there is another brand called Sacred Purity but I am interested in trying.. and please NEVER EVER put in your mouth those brands that are found and Home Depots and other hardware stores and paint shops or Walmart as a usually lie about how pure they are and are by-products from paper mills it has been processed through very DANGEROUS PETROLEUM DISTILLATES.. companies like Diamond G process through Steam distillation only .
    Pure gum Spirits turpentine has been used for hundreds and hundreds of years as a Healer and some say thousands of years going back to ancient Babylonia.. all it is is the sap of certain kinds of pine trees .(. I also love the Diamond G brand of soap for my skin on my face and their salve which I also often use as a moisturizer.
    Sometimes I switch off the soap and then go with a soap from the Indian Grocers called patajali which also is wonderful for the skin and makes it look great too .
    When I get tired of that Salve I switched to jojoba oil.. and now I am about to pick up a bottle at the store of pure marula oil which you can find a lot of great reviews about.)
    One doctor says that somebody had a gash in their leg that had turned gangrenous.. he said they made a real strong tea out of wheatgrass and poured it on the leg and the gangrene parasites or whatever that was were coming out of the gash .

  6. Is this on a green screen? Just above your head after the barberry images, roughly 4 mins in, to the right, there's this thick tree coming from the top of the screen that just stops, and then you see sky under that part of the trunk. Some sort of optical illusion?

  7. Thank you! Just got off antibiotics for a rough infection not to long ago and have had strep for 2 weeks will definitely do more research. But an alternative was much needed

  8. I know I'm late on this one but just it of curiosity I nibbled on a leave and it tasted like lemon. Can you eat/tea the foliage?

  9. By taking a compound of unknown potency you are far more likely to cause resistance than cure yourself. Most of the people commenting here likely suffer from viral pathogens yet are ready to take an un-researched antibiotic on a whim. If you don't even know why you are sick do not take an antibiotic because it is meant for bacterial infections. Pharmaceutical companies can give away these drugs because they know what the drugs are meant to treat. Taking a random compound from your environment with no prior research is not only foolhardy but down right dangerous. Self medicators beware! Staff infections can eat your internal organs. Do not risk it, go see a doctor you loons!

  10. another great video. I've decided tonight to watch every one of your videos no matter how long it takes. Subscribed too. thanks Adam

  11. Fantastic vid, Adam! Thank you!

    I have another suggestion for a different video type: a technique tutorial on how to make extracts (ethanol, water, & dual) from plants or fungi you find in the wild. Not that I don't want more of your foraging vids—I just feel like there is even more for you to teach!

  12. Great talk love your vids wish you lived in oregon id love to have a friend like you .its mind bending how much you know .have you seen almazon kitchen ? Love to see you do a simple herb or food vid once in a while with things you love to cook with .ive been into herbs as medicines for a bit now an know they are great for taste an goodness.keep up the good work .thanks for sharing .

  13. Thanks for the dope video!!! Just discovered your website Learn Your Land and have been binge watching all your videos. I appreciate your references to specific papers. Do you have transcripts of your videos anywhere? Or do you also write articles?

  14. IF you get your vitamin d levels up to 50 then you won't need antibiotics. You will also stop getting colds or flu. That will mean taking between 5,000 and 10,000 IU's a day. It will rev up your calcium metabolism so take k2 along with it so the calcium goes into your bones and not your arteries.

  15. Hii Adam, your videos are superb. very infomatic.. love it.

    you featured so many mushroom in the wood.. inspired me to look into woods here in Germany.

    sadly to say, i can't find any wild edible mushroom like morel, reishi.. oyster mushroom.. in fact, i can't find any edible mushroom (at least that i recognised) here in Germany wood.. i think it is due to the dry humidity here.


  16. PA has being warned to get rid of the J. Barberry. The reason is the link to providing a habitat for the tick population. PA has 1/3 of the US’s total Lyme disease infection…so the risk if you have pets or do yardwork??

  17. Yeah, I know, but no. I'm not a joiner. If I was I would though so keep being informational. Thumbs up though. :O)

  18. You have been the best teacher for foraging. My goal is to live off of the abundance of wild edibles. I am a novice but have already incorporated much of what I have learned to daily practice. Thank you.

  19. Lucky me. I drink clean antibiotic free chlorine free spring water that goes from gushing out of the rock strata directly into 1 gallon glass jugs.

  20. I love barberry. I have one in my back yard. I use the leaves and berries for tea and make an almost currant-like jam 🙂

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