FREE FOOD AND MEDICINE_ learn the wild plants outside your door !

what if your food and medicine was free and what if it was the healthiest food in medicine on the planet what if it could regenerate itself so you would never run out and what if it was right outside your door right now throughout history where we consider weeds or wild unwanted plants have actually been used as food and medicine with some of the most healing and nutritional properties imaginable and they are free the more you pick it the more it grows food that regenerates itself this is a true miracle and it doesn’t matter if you live in the city or the suburbs people everywhere are rediscovering these amazing free gifts of nature and they are amazed at how it makes them feel raw food celebrity Marcus Roth Krantz has now made available a 5-dvd set with over nine hours of video showing you the most common popular plants what they look like and what they do and if you order now we’ll throw in a bonus recipe booklet showing you how to easily make delicious meals from the free wild plants growing in your area I lived off of wild foods that grew in my neighborhood in people’s yards and I was extremely healthy I couldn’t believe how good I felt I feel better than I’ve ever felt in my life nettles are very very high in protein has tons of polysaccharides with the avocation pneumonia bronchitis things like that pine needles excellent for that you just feel this stuff going to town in your body it’s like this power eat the flowers it leaves and one of the biggest sustainable practices we can do is eat our weeds your body off that thing I want more of that that was pretty cool not only do they have the chlorophyll with chelate stew any kind of toxins we might be storing in our fat cells and eliminates it through our urine I was finding that these things were working so much better than mainstream medicine there’s a lot of research going on now for cancer alkaloids Safin and glycosides tear pain we’ve got a whole pharmacy all around us no matter where you go you can be in the middle of desert you can be up here in the mountains we are just walking through the neighborhood now and we have come across nettles which are one of the most healthiest things that someone can eat and juice it comes to these wild edibles it’s almost like an undiscovered continent Egyptians called this the plant of immortality you can grow this indoor/outdoor pretty much anywhere in the world you can grow this it Tona flies the whole reproductive system can use the bark is a laxative on the mulberry tree and the leaves themselves are an amylase inhibitors they block the brake in a car bhai rates into simple sugars actually acts as a diet aid I released 160 pounds from beginning this lifestyle I used to be nearly 300 pounds the entire plant is edible the roots the stems the leaves the glue everything 300 times more vitamin C than oranges it’s really good for the liver very popular in the health food industry regenerates new cells regenerates all the things that you need to fight anything that might be in your system while crafted basically means we go out here in nature and we get the herbs that we need from nature you can apply it to psoriasis eczema dermatitis different skin afflictions like that works really really well for those it means to alter blood chemistry to alkalize the blood for nerve function and brain it’s powerful you eat just a little bit of this stuff and you just feel it going to work like immediately that’s why we’re talking about these foods being so amazing all these wild foods because they’re all biogenic this is the one of the only plants that actually has essential fatty acids that’s on land you can take this white latex and you can apply it to warts mole skin cancers things like that helps to eat them off you’re being empowered of what are the superfoods from your own area you can grow these almost anywhere you don’t have to have a farm you don’t even have to have a guard you can grow these in a container anybody studies Hippocrates Health Institute and Ann Wigmore you’ll find that you can grow just about everything inside the house but she did in Boston for many years you can survive on these very well wild plants wild edibles are superfoods you can even eat the flowers you can eat all parts of this I would say look out goji berry because I think these things will be the next big kick in the health food industry this is one plant that if I was stuck with and I didn’t know what else to consume for me to consume this for a whole month no problem at all so unique about this is that these AG like owns stay intact until they hit your kidneys then they split releasing the hydroquinone which is R antiseptic and that’s going to kill your urinary tract infection so it’s very very specific to the internet trackers I can cause secondary infections the way antibiotics will kill off the good bacteria this doesn’t that you’re going to find that the wild crafted plants are not only cleaner than organic plants but they’re actually much stronger one capsule i had a friend had really severe menstrual cramps i used to make this up for one cap would knock out her menstrual cramps about 10 hours if you eat this food then you never have to pay for a supplement or vitamin I just eat the wild food as I journey and I find that when I eat the earth that I’m living on the amount of energy that I have is just peaked herbs are medicine everything we need to keep ourselves healthy and to fight disease and stuff it’s right out here in nature it’s just a matter of you got to learn what’s what doesn’t cost anything and it’s the best food on the planet this is the way to go to eat directly from the real foods and you’ll never have to worry about healthcare from Canada to the Arizona desert from Virginia to Nevada this might be one of the most eye-opening educational inspiring videos you might ever see it will change the way you think about nature food health and medicine


  1. I have been eating dandelion leaves grown by a local farmer for the past month…just chowing them raw. All I can say folks, is do *not* under estimate how great these plants can make you feel.

  2. Markus – in your book you said that not to juice any fruits. But then how do you do juice fasts? Don't you need a little bit of sugar – to at least…function? Or is the minimal amount of sugars in the carrots and cucumbers – enough to function on a juice fast for a while?

  3. Juice vegetables for fasting (green leafy things, cucumbers, a couple carrots, ginger, garlic, celery, parsley etc). Fruits are excellent but juicing fruit concentrates sugars. You can however throw fruit in a blender because the fiber is still in there. Adding greens makes it better

  4. So just eating juiced vegetables is fine to be able to function for like 2 weeks straight? If I am doing a juiced fast I won't be putting any fruits in a blender…Thank you!

  5. Yeah I know that. I am asking if just juiced vegetables WITHOUT any fruits would be sustainable and enough for a person doing like a 2 week juice fast. Many people say that you need to incorporate fruit in order to even function. Thanks for the comment!

  6. How many juice ounces per meal do you feel is sufficient? 16 ounces? 32 ounces? So many people say that you if you are going to be doing the whole vegan thing – that you need a lot of sugars and carbs to keep you functioning. I guess not eh?

  7. I was talking fasting/cleansing, not everyday normal life. There are recipes in my Heal Yourself 101 book on raw meal dishes

  8. I just tried a green juice inspired by one of your recommendations (cilantro, carrot, celery, 2 cloves of garlic, ginger, and a tangerine). I can't believe how tangy, full-bodied and rich the garlic/ginger combo is! It's almost downright addicting to one's taste buds… πŸ™‚

  9. I came across this really yummy fruit bush on the sidewalk…All these pods were just laying around wasting so i decided to taste one…IT WAS FREAKING GOOD!

  10. What I would do to live this dream that Markus Rothkranz lives daily, I'd be eternally happy and forever humble beyond my most intent goals. I can only follow the path made for me behind him and others, as I wish, hope, and attempt to be someone just as innovative someday.

  11. I have read it is a rip-off and you find all the stuff they say on the DVD and book for free on the web or from legit sources like Nature's Garden and The Forager's Harvest book+DVD.

  12. they are natural organic as our body we were created by Superior intelligence Christians call God Priests also. Problem is ones I know are over wight and ill eating dead meat and foods and wrong water. It has been a journey since 2000 at 260 lbs diabetic primary from India sent me to Nutritionist 11 months later 145 lbs my normal weight only she didn't tell me about fluoride in water or fish mercury she said eat small amount of Salmon or organic Vegetables and fruits I ate but not organic didn't know. In 2011 finally found out about terri le water . Finally end of 2015 now eat raw juice soon Vitimix and then Green Star Elite 5000 and dehydrator and wooden top for Stove dfor more counter space live in apartment in small city at this time have walked away from streets and downtown found dandelions juiced . grass in forest found walking 21/2 miles to another sure more ordering your book and learning .

  13. What about people who spray their yards with weed killer? This seems dangerous to pull food out of strangers yards.

  14. Thank you much for great information. I am reading your book now and I am so happy to see all the colored pictures of all plants, their uses and also those toxic plants. Very informative and thank you again and again.

  15. I got the app. It’s almost winter here in New York so I guess I’ll have to wait for spring time to discover new weeds. I already consume the dandelions, mallows, common plantains, purslane, and clover that grow in my organic lawn, front and backyard. πŸŒ±πŸ’šπŸŒ±

  16. I have been looking for this information for the longest time. Had a very strong feeling that the grass and "weeds" I've been walking on were very beneficial. Thank you so much.

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