Free J Cole x Joey Badass Type Beat – "Anxiety"


  1. Every day workin
    Ain't my time to die soon.
    Y'all lookin at me like I finna feed u with my spoon
    I'm looking at u like pay attention soon
    The game past by u like a full moon
    I can't get this flashback off my head
    Got me traumatized instead.
    Laying on my bed, fed up with this repeat life
    If I died today, ain't no change, an that's how life be like
    My last breath wouldn't probably be nice
    Who knows, I could of been right.
    Sleepy off the hustle
    Dreaming like I'm in trouble

  2. Dolla

    Dolla fo dolla
    Uh uh
    Dolla fo dolla

    Dolla fo dolla the treats tho
    Dollar the tree I show up to
    Packing the snacks and the drinks too
    Hit up the float-is and mingle
    Pull out a rack and we talk
    Buy out the whole store uh uh a lot

  3. "I hate you"

    I mean who doesn't

    Cousin don't act like cousins

    Back off or I start busting

    Full clip empty in your body

    Stupid fool I steal your shorty

    Copped a coup and now all y'all on me

    Funny how it works my homie

  4. So much clouding my head
    Honestly I feel like I’m dead
    Also the truest things I’ve said
    Bringing home the bread
    Keepin family fed
    All I bleed it red
    Finally off the meds
    Like can I get some cred?
    A snake is still a snake
    Even if the skin is shed
    Hiding from the feds
    Cause of what I kept
    Long nights never slept
    Takin baby steps
    My life is a wreck

  5. from all the weed i’ve been smoking i still my anxiety
    like why the world keep on trying me
    i don’t believe what they telling me

  6. Money and is the power
    Movie like rush hour
    Clocking until over night
    Money and is the power
    Soaking like a shower
    Baby slap you down like some powder
    Pop a Molly we can fuck for hours

  7. I hit rock bottom and it’s hard to tell I’m just glad I ain’t in jail or 6 under 27 Club is the numba I’m huntun 4 more years to go gotta keep goin

  8. NEXT NEW HIT… judge for yourself


  9. È la cura,
    La scocca è dura,
    Perdersi in sta giungla oscura,
    Non importa,se la consuma,
    Sta gomma gira,
    Sta canna tira,
    Poi chiudo all'una,di notte,
    I miei soldi freddi ogni notte,
    Congelati,sotto porticati,
    D'estate in città,con smanicati,
    In centro,
    Lei ora ci sta,
    Solo per sti numeri da cento,
    Che porto addosso,
    Sul mio collo,
    C'ho un morso,ed è il tuo,
    Buio,con sti pensieri,
    Veri,i miei fratelli,
    Tu non c'eri.
    Come rimanere in piedi,su sta salita,
    Vetta,vince chi fa più fatica,

  10. Semi Automatique rebeu ta reconnu la tactique

    Ta reconnu l’équipe c’est la moula qui taquine crois moi si tu dois d’la Mula mula mula mula mula que jte taquine

  11. I love this beat man, you did an excellent job on it. The cover art is dope as hell as well!!

  12. I been eating too much lately
    Sipping on this tea – bag is always tetley
    My bars aren't PG I don't take em lightly
    I'm a hard knock MC
    Grew up on them spitters from NYC
    I'm living young wild and free
    But I pay yall a visit in a jeep safari
    Scratch that I'll pay yall a visit in my brand new Bentley

  13. I like to hate
    Make a wrong move and ill seal your fate
    Im a game changer me n my crew came to save the game like a bunch of power rangers
    Fucked your bitch now shes late
    9 months to go thats the wait
    I aint a sugar daddy but i gave her pounds i call that new weight

  14. Compassion, you ain’t matching my compassion
    I follow my vision, y’all follow religion
    Class is in session, druggies on the street begging
    For a bump, stomp their feet like drums, sounds dumb cause they ain’t got none
    Thing to live for
    No family, dying quietly, trying to eat, manifest their hope and give it to the poor, admiring the blue violets
    As violins die down, quiet
    It’s silent, as they start getting violent
    As bullets speed to their sinus
    Give them some headaches
    Call the medic, its urgent, he said I like murder, not sane and worth it, ending the morphin, sending the message
    Mending the saying, saying the landing is fake
    As fake as the government claiming their behind all of it
    Before they Rest In Peace, they hold the keys to the door
    But are blind to see the lock
    Behind the door is wealth and love
    They panicking, kicking the door, hold still like a mannequin, too stupid to use the key

  15. Double G no faking, I'm affiliated
    Just Wait until i get that milli, then gon' really hate it
    I Just take all my losses, turn them to motivation
    Never get compleaseant, cause niggas be hatin
    If i wasn't on my grind would you still love me
    If it came down to it would you kill for me
    If i started acting stingy would you steal from me

    I came a long way from where i was at before
    But my vision stay clear cause i still i want more
    Started with a dolla then i had to run it up
    It take a real one to know a real one
    Im still the same nigga, never changed up
    I been going through some pain but the pain gone
    They ain't believe in me, now the saying he the one.

  16. Got me stressin got me takin pills
    Soon enough I’m gonna start payin bills
    Got my anxiety up don’t know how to deal
    Have to save up money can’t have a meal

  17. You can call me the apollonian historian traveling through your neurons in a mini Delorean

    The power of a mathematician, physician, combined with the fusion of a technician and electrician

    And I'mma teach ya how the power of Maxwell, Dirac, Hermann, Riemann, and Nietzsche can reach ya

    Rationalism, empiricism, skepticism, all these concepts cause mental fatigue

    this is like all of the books I read, breed, opening a new world to see where it leads……..

    (basic lyrics)

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