Freeze Dryer Bench Top Pro Virtis SP Scientific – PT. Indotech Scientific

Nowadays, the technology of sample storage has been developing rapidly. Especially for material that has high economical value for our well beings. One of the technique used for storing a material for a extensive amount of time is using lyophilization technology or often called freeze dryer Hello I am Adi Supriyadi, Life Science Application from PT. Indotech Scientific. On this occasion, I am going to introducing BT Pro, freeze dryer from Virtis SP Scientific Freeze drying or lyophilization is a technique for storing sample using the technology of sublimation a deep-freezed sample was sublimed using a certain pressure and temperature until the liquid part in the sample is perfectly subllimed. We are using BT Pro from Virtis SP Scientific with a robust design a large condensor capacity and wide range of temperature. Making BT Pro from Virtis SP Scientific an excellent choice for freeze drying application in your laboratory.

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