French Bulldog 101 – Feeding, Grooming, Exercise, Training & Health Care of a French Bulldog

French Bulldog is a medium-sized dog print it is also known as Frenchie it is a fourth most popular dog crate in the United States French Bulldog the symbols English bulldog but they are differentiated by their trademark bad ears French bulldogs bark really and are considered as best pet for apartment life they can get along easily with children in other pants if introduced properly French bulldogs were created in England in the 19th century they were produced because breeding between Bulldogs generators they were very popular among the lace makers in England and when these les makers moved to France they carried these manipul dogs with them they became very popular in France because of their small size and erect ears Frenchie's need a high quality dog food that contain Aldens in minerals their food requirements vary with their age a French Bulldogs puppy his different food requirements as compared to an adult or senior French a check for some essential elements on the dog food level make sure it contains protein fats omega-3 fatty acids carbohydrates etc the Association of American feed control officials recommends 22 percent of protein for puppy and 18% for adult French bulldogs it is advised to buy the food that contains animal protein since dogs cannot process bond protein easily fats are very good for smooth and slick coat according to the association of american pit control officials food for friendship puppy should contain 8% of fats but per adult it could be 5 percent omega-3 fatty acids in the form of th a are a very helpful for eye and brain development complex carbohydrates like sweet potatoes should also be a part of the ingredients it's advised to buy a grain free diet that doesn't have preservatives or fillers a French Bulldog needs well-balanced meals per day the daily food intake depends upon age size metabolism and activity level a french bulldog puppy of eight to twelve weeks of age need around 1.5 cups of puppy food divided evenly into three times a day after six months of age we can start giving them adult dog food technically an adult dog need around 25 to 30 calories of food for every pound of his body weight if your Frenchie is more active he will need more food senior French bulldogs need slightly less food as compared to an adult French Bulldog normally senior French bulldogs who need 1 to 1.5 cups of food divided into two times per day French bulldogs are more prone to obesity which will expose them to a number of health problems if you doubt check the weight of your Frenchie up to every few weeks to make sure they are not over are underweight French bulldogs are best for apartments live and they are not outdoor dogs which is why they need minimum exercise activities still they need to be taken outside for a walk a 15-minute walk in the morning or evening is enough to keep them in shape and keep them away from becoming obese Frenchie's are more prone to breathing problems and you need to be very careful while taking them outside for a walk take them for a walk in the morning or evening when the weather conditions are not harsh French bulldogs are very intelligent also but straining them is a challenging task French bulldogs are eager to please their owners and learn new things but they can easily be distracted during the training process training a French Bulldog is very easy provided you do it on his way and make the training process more fun and enjoying for him Frenchie's are often considered as free thinkers at perverse which means they'll play the game at their own way and become stubborn if first praising them and using treats during the training will help you a lot forcing them are using punishment is counterproductive and will not help your entertaining process socialization of a Frenchie is very important exposing them to different people places and dogs is very important for their behavioral problems create training them is important even if you don't intend to keep them in crate in future training is required to control their aggressive behavior also Creed serves as a bedroom a safe ways for your friendship and you are not there to supervise him what you're training a Frenchie would be a challenging task but with patience and consistency you would chain them effectively one of the advantages of having a printable dog is they're easy to grow in our average shelters their coat is short smooth and shiny weekly brushing is recommended to remove dead hairs and spread natural oils to the skin brushing is also helpful for checking your friendship for any kind of infections French bulldogs have soft blue skin over their head and face these wrinkles need to be kept dry and clean there is any moisture in them a bacterial growth will occur which will lead to infection it is required to clean the wrinkles daily as several times a week Frenchie's don't look bad frequently you can bet them once in a month or when they gets dirty always use dog supplies like shampoo soap a session French bulldogs have beautiful distinctive bad ears clean they're all true ears with a damp cloth and edges of the air with a cotton swab don't use the q-tips there any wax accumulation or difference take them immediately to a vet trim their nails every week or when they are grown enough use a doll new trimmer and make sure not to cut the portion of nails according to American can a club French bulldogs have an average lifespan of 11 to 13 years they might encounter some great specific health issues during their lifetime twenties are very sensitive to extreme temperatures and they should be kept away from extreme weather at all costs they have a short coat which makes it difficult for them to regulate their temperature efficiently they will develop severe breathing problems if taken outside in hard or humid weather in winters they need some extra covering and on cool things to protect from cold these summers take them outside only when it is normal weather like English bulldogs and pugs French's are prone to ie shows certain eye conditions like juvenile cataracts cherry eye retinal for dysplasia are likely to happen to a French Bulldog who in their eyes and skin polls under the eyes regular way these eye diseases can easily be eliminated if the puppy parents are screened by k9i registry foundation for mating make sure to check their certificate from the brain road before adopting before buying a new french bulldog puppy make sure to check certain health certificates from the breeder some of the certificates which need to require are a certificate from our twopenny foundation for animals for hip dysplasia albert dysplasia in hypothyroidism a certificate from canine i registry foundation / eyes certificate from our top aide a foundation for animals for patella evaluation you can confirm this certificate by visiting the of' a website and checking if your puppy parents are listed there French bulldogs are incapable of producing naturally more than 80% of Frenchie poppies are produced through c-section they're even not able to mate naturally you know the French bulldogs are inseminated artificially and they reproduce through c-section being the owner of a plane you should know that Finnish Bulldog Skinner swim and will sink like a stone don't leave them unattended near Cool Springs etc many airlines have paint French bulldogs on board because of their breathing problems Frenchie's have small nose which makes it very difficult for them to breathe properly if you want to fly with your fancy check with your airline if they are ready to board him with you you

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