french healthcare vs american healthcare

hi welcome today we will be talking to two people today about the health care system in both France and the United States so stay tuned welcome Kelly I heard about your infant last year can you tell us a little bit about it yes so it was about eight months ago and I was at work and I fell down the stairs on the job so I went unconscious and my co-workers called the hospital the doctors performed a diagnosis and the doctor said I had a concussion I stayed in the hospital for about four days and the doctors cared for me until I was able to do things on my own how are you able to pay for the transportation to the hospital I was picked up in an ambulance so transportation costs are supported if the prescription certifies that the patient's condition justifies the need of transportation the choice of transportation has to be clearly indicated on the prescription and the patient is obligated to travel to receive care and undergo examination or medical tests can you tell me a little bit more about the health care system sure so the French health care system is a public system funded by payroll taxes for workers and taxes which ensures access to health care for all citizens the system is primarily controlled by the state as well as nationally and regionally what kinds of benefits did you get from the system so the benefits cover medical para medical and pharmacy costs equipment and hospitalization auskey tell me in terms of insurance policies so the entire population must pay compulsory health insurance the insurers are nonprofit agencies that annually participate in negotiations with the state regarding the overall funding of healthcare in France there are three main funds the largest of which covers 84% of the population and the other to a further 12% a premium is deducted from all employees pay automatically the 2001 Social Security funding Act set the rates for health insurance covering this auditory a health care plan at 5.25% on earning income capital and winnings from gambling and at three point nine five percent on benefits pensions and allowance who share with me any final opinions about the health care system sure so in my opinion I feel that the health care here in France is much better than the health care in America the doctors cared for me very well when I had my incident last year and I feel that the health care is beneficial because it's universal to everyone they will thank you for being here with us today Kelly I hope you feel better thank you hi Jenna hi Judy welcome I was wondering if you can tell our viewers about the accident that you have all rights totally um about eight months ago I was at work and I felt stairs I went unconscious when my co-workers called the hospital the doctor performed some Diagnostics he said I had a concussion I stayed in the hospital for one day the doctors cared for me until I was able to do things on my own what health insurance paid for your medical bills I'm actually insured through Obamacare also known as the Affordable Care Act it expands affordability quality and availability of private and public health insurance through consumer protections regulations subsidies taxes insurance exchanges and other reforms what are some of the benefits of Obamacare well it offers a number of new benefits rights and protections it lets say young adults and their parents plans until 26 years old it stops insurance companies from denying you coverage or charging you more based on health status or from dropping you when you are sick or if you make an autumn estate mistake on your application you also prevents gender discrimination it does away with lifetime and annual dollar limits and it gives you the right to a rapid appeal of insurance company decisions that's great thank you are all Americans insurance or Obamacare not quite the US health care system is made of a many private systems so every system is different you also have to block insurance telling them your age if you have kids etc this then tells you through the price of your health care and it's also funded by the people's taxed not think you for being with us here today thank you for having me

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