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namaste welcome to food hashtag life and in today’s video I am going to share with you how to organize your fridge to make it more functional and in this organization video I am going to talk about five steps which is overview of the fridge which leads to next four steps tips strategy process and organization check the description box down below to see the time segments So let’s get started here is the overview of the fridge because before organization you need to know your fridge according to its featured you need to decide which food needs to be kept where why I am saying so I will explain it later so this fridge has a 3 27 litre of storage volume with child lock super chill and a temperature control panel with a lock and key feature it is another great feature this model has a long light panel and air ducts to maintain equal temperature in each shelf it means the fridge has coldest part in the back of every shelf it has another great feature of door cooling and deodorizer this model has for all five shelves with one convertible drawer and one veggie box now we will see the process and strategy it starts with the lining of the fridge shelf it is a very well known method to use place mats or dining table mats inside the fridge but I will suggest if you thinking so first see if it covers the entire shelf here you can see this inside corner catches all the crumbs and it is not easy to clean so buy this type of a shelf liner to avoid the mess cut it little longer to cover the Shelf completely so that you can clean it very easily second is labeling and categorization always label your space after organization I truly believe it’s hard to stay organized rather than to be organized labeling do the job very efficiently categorize your shelf according to your fridge feature and then label every shelf according to its need tips and organization let’s see how I organize the fridge to make it more functional in the freezer section I have kept two baskets one holds all the frozen items like fries corn peas all kept in one basket so you can find them easily and this basket slides so nicely in this basket I usually keep miscellaneous items and ice cream oh one tip when you open the ice cream you keep it in a ziplock bag so it will not crystallize there you can see corn flour and coriander seeds homemade turmeric powder and this frozen banana for the smoothies all nicely kept in one basket down here I store any non vegetarian item there and here i keep homemade muffins or banana cake if you are interested you can check the recipe I will give the link in the description box this banana cake is very tasty and you can store it in the freezer up to one to two months if you have continuous electric connection you can store it right there and don’t forget to keep this ice packs for emergency purpose moving on to the freezer door shelf here I keep less used spices like homemade coriander powder which are extra and breadcrumbs if you do not have space store them in small freezer safe packets moving on to the fridge part up here I always keep leftovers try to use glass or steel containers to store leftovers in my experience they stay fresh longer than plastic containers down here is my meal prep shelf in this basket I keep tomato leftover onion coriander leaves mint leaves curry leaves green chillies etc when I cook I take this whole basket in the kitchen it literally helps me in organized cooking use this type of an narrow long basket which will maximize the space in this basket I keep veggies according to meal preparation kneaded dough Idly batter etc I keep Idly batter behind the shelf because that is the coldest part of the fridge now on this third shelf in the summer I keep salad basket here I store extra fruits or sprouts you can see and like peeled cucumber I cut them according to the recipe like murmura chart or salad or snacks or you can see carrots here for snacks or salad too always keep them vertically so that you can see what you have on hand and here i keep curd and the back of the shelf I store yogurt somehow I feel they need the coldest part that’s why I keep them in the back and here I keep any cut and prepped fruits like mango grapes watermelon more you see healthy more you eat healthy remember moving on to the last or fourth shelf in this basket I keep miscellaneous items ah let me tell you one tip I called it as chutney bag if I am preparing South Indian breakfast it means everyone always looks for chutney let me give you one example see so what I did I have measured roasted chana dal desiccated coconut and peanut in the ziplock bag and whenever I need to make chutney all I need to do is mix it all up then scoop it out it saves me tons of time also I keep here extra coffee desiccated coconut for recipes like corn kernels and rice flour all purpose flour besan etc here I keep eggs this egg basket saves so much space you can see it’s like a file system just whenever I need I can take it out and push it back and here I keep all breads this drawer is convertible you can store non veg items for a day or by closing the duck you can use it as fruit or vegetable drawer i am using it as cheese drawer keep this cheese slices here as my daughter snacks and keep this wrapper to track the expiry date here is a trick i hide chocolates behind this basket so it’s out of rich of my daughter’s hand sometimes I ask her to take her own cheese slice but she cannot see all those chocolates now moving on to the vegetable box if you have this function always use high humid control for veggies they will stay fresh longer and if you are keeping only fruits in this basket make it low here I keep all vegetables all in one place now we will check the fridge door part here on this first shelf I keep all the pasta ingredients together it helps to save time while I am cooking no need to search here and there it makes cooking so much easier a very important tip always check the back side to see the instruction whether it has mentioned to keep it refrigerated after opening or not next to it the shelf holds all the bread spreads like mayo butter jam etc down here I keep ginger garlic paste and peeled garlic in this container I keep lemon there I keep pickle or achar again i am telling you always see the back for the refrigeration instruction next Shelf I keep milk juices water this door cooling feature helps to keep it fresh for very long time and it has also a deodorizer pouch inside you can keep baking soda or lemon if you do not have this type of a feature in your fridge I do not keep many water bottles in the fridge as you can see in every summer we bring this earthen pot the best way to drink natural cold water in summer this is baking shelf here I keep sprinkles unsalted butter cinnamon powder chocolate chips this type of a baking supplies this last shelf is for sauces and extra fruit juice packets let me give you a quick overview of the freezer and the fridge an organized and functional fridge helps you and your family to eat healthy stay healthy and stop wasting food and save money so this is how I organize my fridge leave the comment down below how you organize your fridge if you like the video give it a big thumbs up and share it with your loved ones do subscribe to my channel by clicking right here if you interested you can click here or here to see this two videos i will see you in the next one till then take care bbye


  1. Jaya ji, very nice. We south Indians need more idly batter so we used to remove a tray from fridge. One more tip u can grate the coconut and keep it in freezer for a month

  2. Very nice. That chutney bag was v cool. Can you pls do a video on it. What all you put in it and your chutney recipe? Also, do you have a tip for storing freshly grated coconut?

  3. Good tips…which container have u kept ur curd??could not find a link in the description box..

  4. I enjoyed this and am thinking how I can organize better for those Indian recipes I’m not so good with. How long does the coriander leaves last in the ziploc?

  5. Which brands pasta sauce do you use?can you share the names of those u kept in pasta area of ur fridge

  6. Hiii mam mera refrijaretor naya he muje etna malum nahi lg ka he single door . Freejar me burf ho to kya kare plZ sahre me

  7. I love the way you keep so many edible items in the fridge specially the zip bags these bags are too functional.. you are so calm and organized..

  8. I am just new to your channel and till now i have covered watching only some videos but i am glad to say that all ur videos are very fantastic and very innovative.

  9. Very nice videos. Especially the interior videos. One doubt!! Do you have any challenge in storing milk in the fridge door? My milk is getting spoiled for the next day. I store it in glass jar.

  10. I do the same for the freezer area but did not find the main one impressive nor reasonable. We cannot expect leftovers to be only one or two, sometimes it's more. Moreover storing milk in a jar is also not feasible , to keep warming it 3 times in a day , I need to repeatedly empty it in a vessel which is not good. Moreover batters and all for a huge family will never come in a small box , they need huge containers .

  11. Hi jaya can u give me some idea on storing flowers for many days in refrigerator using minimal space…thanks in advance ☺

  12. Your channel is the best..u always give extra tips..very useful..u r a nice person..aap sab Kuch bahat achi Tarah se samjhati ho..😊😊

  13. Hi
    I like all your organisational series.
    I download some of them and watched frequently to get motivated.
    If possible update new freeze organization if you have new system.
    And do staring veggies ideas

  14. Tomato catchup ,malai from milk ,dry fruits, masala, chatnis, cut vegetables, non cut vegetables, achar jar, aata dough,water bottles,dry coconuts cup,dry fudina n fenugreek…. I require this too to organize

  15. Hi Jaya,all ur videos r useful &well defined, u explore yourself at 6'5to6'10 & 7'20to7'30.Yes, they're THE BEST DRIVING FORCE for us,Can u share ur lazzzy hours with me,a home maker who quit job recently..Stay Blessed,,,,

  16. I've been watching many videos of yours…this one I felt you have overloaded the fridge. I would suggest two things one donot peel and keep your salads 2nd cut onions are not healthy to re-use after storage. Try and keep minimalist style for all decor of any corner of the space. It's easy tomaintain.

  17. Hi.. i remember in one of the video you had mentioned that you wash the vegetables and fruits before storing. Can you share how you wash & dry all veggies and which all you wash?

  18. Left over onion kabhi nahi khana chahiye or frize me bhi air tight me mat rakho onion ko katne k bad 45 min me kha lena chahiye.

  19. Do you boil the milk n store in the jar or store it n then boil?? As I take out malai for homemade ghee.. plz suggest me..

  20. Nice video..but one question to u .wen there is any ocasn at home then d huge leftover food like gravies or food in big kadai or huge portion of rice wer do u keep dos things in ur fridge??!! Actually dis is not atal possibl for any working lady becos of our busy schedule..

  21. Hi mam today my birthday nd my father gifted me a fridge same like u .it's very helpful to me….
    Thank you

  22. But at our home so many steal containers are kept by my mom in law its all left over and everything how to keep this big baskets no space left for those,

  23. Even I have the same the same fridge with door cooking feature. But somehow my milk doesn't stay fresh when placed in glass jar. How do you manage to keep it fresh? Thank you

  24. south ppl need more space for batter. Kindly share with some tips to handle this.milk in the bottle is a boiled or fresh one.kindly share

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