1. Smoking that monster 👹 o.g r n and it's super fucking gassy …fuck that dogg food I've been smoking weed forever and yeah i told myself i will smoke until i pass or get to the point where i can't no more 👌💯 was 12 😆 fucking 31 now

  2. White people love to sugarcoat white people getting addicted to drugs but if this was a black kid who was an honor student and got into drugs they would just be labeled as just a drug using thug.

  3. its really sad that most people just dont stick with weed they gotta do more and then there tolerance is high so they do something new. now everyone is doing coke, i wouldnt be surprised if they tried meth or heroin at least once

  4. I dont wear a helmet skateboarding but i also dont do heroin, why do heroin when there is cannabis dabs to be taken

  5. Oh sure but I dont see coverage of my homies who do it here in Lynwood and Compton. Drugs dont have any social, economic, or racial boindries

  6. Nd plus ur stupid it's ur choice to do it or not u could been puffing on fat back wood with keef nd wax come on dawg

  7. "I'll never have grandkids" that touches my black cold heart..
    I'm an addict myself and while I'm so high I sometimes pray in my mind that I won't die so my momma will never bury her only child.
    I wish I could give her grandkids before I leave someday but I don't want to bring a kid into this world knowing I'm dead and gone.

  8. I remember when Black neighborhoods were flooded with crack … There was no help no one gave a care in the world !!!!! I seen so many families destroyed…. But Karma

  9. This school is fighting their student off of heroin mines fighting their students off vaping in the bathroom

  10. Damn, all those good schools and they don’t teach them this…..smh I don’t come from the best school and they teach us these things.(they teach us about the dangers of heroin and other drugs)

  11. do it once you’re going to wanna try it again. and again and again. but actually who the fuck wants to try heroin like go eat some shrooms or some shit

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