FSU College of Medicine breaks ground on primary-care health center

today is a big day in the College of Medicine we're going to be really starting the construction of a new building for the College of Medicine FSU primary health today Florida State's breaking ground on the new facility for the College of Medicine but the truth is the truth really is that the College of Medicine has been breaking ground one way or another for the last 17 years we will now be able to provide full-time direct patient care to people who really really need it what we want to do is engage with the community we teach our students literally on day one of medical school that the a person's health is determined far more by what happens in between the doctor's visits than at the doctor's visits our mission from the very beginning of our school is really to prepare doctors to serve the communities where they where they grow up and so this fight is a great opportunity to do that this clinic will be a place where our students gain greater understanding of the impact that primary care physicians can have on the lives of patients and their families on the count of three we officially break ground for FSU primary health one two three [Applause] and and thank you so much for the great turnout thank you for being here and supporting this awesome endeavor to support the families and the children on the southwest side this is a real visible sign of what the FSU college of medicine was designed to do

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