Future for Med School students set at Match Day

Today is match day, which all around the country every graduating fourth-year medical student gets to find out where they are doing their training or their residency program in whatever field they’re going into. Exactly it noon the students will all be able to open an envelope that will say where they will spend the next three to seven years of their lives doing their training. I’m going to Dallas. It’s at Southwestern. [Off Screen]: “Is that?” Yeah! [Off screen]: “Ok!” It was not number one choice, but secretly it was because my boyfriend is from California so I felt like I had to put California first, but I secretly wanted to go to Dallas, so I’m really up there So I really have to go to Dallas! [laughs] I was trying to be a good partner and I was like, “All right. I’ll put California first.” But we’re going to Dallas. We’re going to Texas! Yeah. There are a lot of tears. They’re happy tears. Complete shock. I mean I was very very hopeful to end up where we’re ending up, but I didn’t really think it would happen. So we feel super blessed. [Off screen]: “And where are you going?” We’re going to Wake Forest in North Carolina. We’re really happy I went through this last year and I just- it’s a stressful process. You can get your number one like he did and we’re so happy for him, and you still, you’re just overwhelmed and just… Lot of different emotions all happening at once. We’re still getting married in a year, but our life’s on hold a little bit. But one day, you know, we’ll both be doing exactly what we want to do. We have about a hundred and fifty students from UofL that are matching today, and they’re going into so many different specialties. We’ve got them in primary care such as family medicine and pediatrics, and all the way to orthopedic surgery and radiation oncology. They’re so ready. They’ve been working really really hard for the last four years and we couldn’t be more proud of their hard work and their determination and their grit going through all four years of med school. I would not be here without the University of Louisville. Like they picked me up when I had some struggles and they were like, “You’re gonna- you’re going to be a doctor. You’re gonna match. You’re gonna go where you want to go.”

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