Future of Medicine | Genesis 150

REPORT. 3 Dr. Steven Sorensen, Genesis Family Medicine Residency Program DirectorDOUG BOLEYN, GENESIS INNOVATION OFFICERTO HAVE A VISION OF WHERE YOU’RE GOING… IT’S IMPORTANT TO REFLECT ON WHERE YOU’VE BEEN. GENESIS HEALTH SYSTEM IS CELEBRATING ITS 150TH ANNIVERSARY THIS YEAR WITH THE SAME HOPE THEY’VE HAD.. FROM THE BEGINNING.Dr. Sorensen – “Our goal is to continue to be available to the people that live here and make this a place where people want to move and want to live and want to raise their families.”DR. STEVEN SORENSEN IS THE PROGRAM DIRECTOR OF THE GENESIS QUAD CITIES FAMILY MEDICINE RESIDENCY PROGRAM.HE MOVED HIS OWN FAMILY TO THE AREA ALMOST 25 YEARS AGO.HE WAS A FAMILY DOCTOR IN BETTENDORF AND DAVENPORT FOR SEVERAL YEARS BEFORE GETTING TO TEACH THE NEXT GENERATION OF YOUNG DOCTORS.”Population health is something that we’re focusing on more and more to take care of everybody. No matter what your income or social status, or how many kids you have or whether you’re single.”TO MEET THOSE NEEDS, IT REQUIRES SKILLED PEOPLE.DR. SORENSEN SAYS.. 58 PERCENT OF DOCTORS THROUGH THE RESIDENCY PROGRAM STAY IN THEIR LOCAL IOWA COMMUNITY.MOST OF THE OTHERS STAY IN THE STATE. Dr. Sorensen – “The physicians of Genesis really do have the goal of taking care of your neighbor.”GENESIS IS AT THE FOREFRONT OF CREATING CONVENIENT OPTIONS LIKE COMING TO THE PATIENT AND REMOVING BARRIERS FOR CARE.INNOVATION OFFICER DOUG BOLYEN SAYS IT’S ABOUT GETTING TO THE ROOT OF THE PROBLEM.16:10-16:20 – want to move what we call friction, friction points. We want to remove those friction points to make it very easy for patients to access care.THAT MEANS TAKING THEIR SERVICES TO YOU.12:03-12;16 – Convenient care locations, primary care offices, outpatient ambulatory centers or services. Care is just shifting out of the hospital, and into the community where it’s a little more convenient.IT ALSO BECOMES LESS COSTLY.SOMETHING DR. SORENSEN BELIEVES CREATES A CHAIN REACTION OF GOOD.”That means the community stays healthy. And from a financial standpoint, that means we’re going to save money because we’re taking better care of people way early than we used to”ERIC ZIZICH, LOCAL 4 NEWS. 3 JIM: WE HAVE A CORRECTION FOR YOU REGARDING LAST NIGHT’S STORY ABOUT MASSAGE PARLORS IN DAVENPORT. WE SHOWED

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