1. Very exciting and interesting and life giving. If now would concentrate on his own gut biology it would be interesting.

  2. this video would be 10x better if it just showed the slide show, not the stage. So frustrating that only every 3 slides are shown in full. No offense to Gabe's appearance. Maybe a PIP in the corner

  3. Fantastic information. From a backyard garden farming to a broad acre farming, this is what we all need to learn to understand. Working with Nature = Healthy Soils. Knowledge + Action is Power. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  4. Does anyone knows who record or upload the video? I am wondering how come the video has such a good quality and sound and it's a bit more than 200 MB.

  5. Make your disturbance minimal. Easy to do. Absolutely critical to do to grow our artificial crops. But to do NO disturbance is just stupid.

  6. NOTE to anyone filming speakers – If the speaker is showing slides, PLEASE spend at least 2/3rds of the time on the slides, NOT the speaker. In this presentation, viewers cannot even SEE many of the slides at all. As cute as Gabe is… we can learn more from what he is trying to show us than by looking at him.

    That said, THANK YOU for posting this presentation!

  7. 23:19 – Neil Dennis actually runs up to a million pounds of livestock per acre (not a million head). Just in case this is not obvious to some listeners, Gabe meant to say 'pounds'.

  8. I go with the science and I'm hoping Santa brings good things to all good little boys and girls this year, such as not destroying the planet for ranchers, tobacco farmers, oil drillers, etc.

  9. Monsanto has taught a completely different method of farming that is killing us and the planet; returning to proper methods of farming is the only way to put them out of business.

  10. I've been trying what principles I can in my backyard seems to be working phenomenally. My cats also love all the new hiding spots.

  11. I was struck by your slide where you were planting into a no-till field and you were careful about even the smallest breaking of soil. How do you plant those cocktails of seeds without breaking the soil?

  12. I created a thriving garden out of hard clay…just place a lot of discarded vegetables, sometimes fruits, on the land. The discards come from the local market where merchants will throw out what they cannot sell or those that are discolored, etc. Free. Zero cost, gave me good excercise daily as I lugged home some 20kg. After 12 months it is thriving with some 40 species of plants were donated, migrated in from elsewhere. Birds, bees, spiders, earthworms, geckos, snails, etc. Even an occasional monitor lizard. I live in Singapapore, hot, humid, sunny. No till, no pesticide and the plants sort themselves out and reach for the sunlight. I trim some so that they do not crowd out others. Nature is fun.

  13. Inspired. I will bring this polyculture, cover-cropping philosophy to Rwanda where I am already in dialogue with young and enthusiastic agriculture graduates. I am not movitated to make profis but provide them the land and tools. Then let Nature work the wonders. Also, very keen to start some mob grazing using a few cattle. God Bless you . [email protected] Eddie Leong

  14. You know you're watching too many Holistic Management videos when you watch North By Northwest, and instead of thinking "I hope that plane doesn't shoot Cary Grant" you find yourself thinking "don't think much of that farmer's soil management techniques"

  15. I couldn't imagine that you aren't familiar with Alan Savory's work. This is the "Big Fix" that the whole planet needs to reverse climate change and desertification. What I can't understand is how I can bring this world changing information up on social media and no one will even comment on it but I can say anything useless and people eat it up? We need a cultural shift in not only the farming practices but also the understanding of how the wealth of the world isn't gold bars in a vault, it's our ability to feed the people in a healthy and holistic manner. I'm excited to see that people are catching on to this and can't wait for the masses to start taking notice. Good work!

  16. "we have to fail every year" GREAT! That's the real precision agriculture with a lots of "nano"tech inside.

  17. Just wonder if you use lime on your fields (calcium) and horticulture plots. A lot of farmers here in NZ do this every year.

  18. This is a fantastic lecture, I am extremely disappointed in the camera man though. I couldn't see a lot of the slides and I didn't need to see the speaker from the knees/waist down. Wasted camera angles.

  19. One item I find sorely missing here is the care and replenishing of the 90 micro-nutrients we who depend on our people biology health from the foods raised in soil – what isn'T? – lack because farmers just pay no attention to these vital keys to vertebrate health.

    90 minerals and only a handful are measured for plant health NOT people health.

    Go watch Dr. Wallach, DMV and ND, who presents his common sense "Dead Doctors Don't Lie here on YouTube.

    We do not need his supplements when our farmers we trust for nutritious foods care enough about their soils' complete content, NOT their pocketbooks.

    How high is the cost with adding the proper 90 minerals? Add the profits from healthier plants and the proven, vetted produce nutrient content as a price premium. Food buyers who set the table for their beloved have every reason to buy the best foods possible. Just ask them!

  20. Wow, that was the most compelling and positive hour of information I have ever heard. If there were time in his administration I would petition President Obama to award this man the Presidential Medal of Freedom. I am contemplating sending this link to my Congressional delegation, and perhaps every member of the U.S. Congress. Solving Global Warming and the Healthcare Crisis, Truly here it is! This posting needs 10 million hits.

  21. I'm extremely skeptical about Gabe's model because it seems to me that (logically) he'd be mining his soil. If you take nutrients off your farm and add no inputs, you are depleting the nutrient reserves in your soil. It may be slow, but its happening. It doesn't happen in nature because the animals eating the plants deposit their manure in situ. Unfortunately, humans don't do that, essentially creating a break in the nutrient cycle. I enjoyed the video though, so thanks for uploading 🙂 Always good to get multiple perspectives on an issue.

  22. Wish there was a way you could not slaughter those animals. Humans are meant to be herbivores, so your natural system is skewed due to the fact that you eat those lovely animals. You could let heifers graze… talk about unhealthy and you don't look healthy. I mean I understand it I'm a little fat too and what you are doing is great but maybe don't support the meat industry. Eggs and milk aren't great but if you graze them naturally, they are going to be happy and it wont bother them that you take their milk or eggs.

  23. i would love to learn this model for my min-ute little tomoato plants or my daffodils and irises to bloom obviously my soil year after year is eroding pathetically – no doubt due to chemtrails – cause i dont fertilize that soil – so its erroding from something?!

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