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  1. I dont want to eat More I think I could get fat and like I dont like that I yous want to develop More im NOT going to eat More THAN I USE TO it Will get you fat

  2. I'm always hoping, but I always lose that hope everytime that I see myself at the mirror. huhuhu I want to be fat or just gain weight. 😭😭😭😭😭

  3. I'm trying to do all this and I'm gaining! I just have to check my weight at the end of the week instead of everyday lol

  4. Thank you! I’m way to skinny on the top of my body lol I think it’s because I have strong legs because I exercise them hm now that I think of it I should be exercising my upper body! You know what never mind brb imma go do that

  5. I was staying in home last year where my weight was 42 later after 1yr i checked out my weight i gained 6kgs in an year 👀….now I'm staying in hostel my weight is 41 i lost 7kgs in less than 2 months 😑😩

  6. So im trying this today and i will give an update
    So day one was not day one becuse i woke up at 12 pm and everything went downhill but i still ate 3 meals and raisons and penut butter but for tomorrow im real yall

  7. I'm 15 years old and weigh only 42 kg 🙁 Im so skinny that i hate wearing jeans anything …. i look disgusting in dresses or anything that i wear.No matter how much i eat i cant seem to gain weight …WTF IS WRONG WITH ME! I LEGIT WANNA DIE !

  8. Stop drinking coffee ☕️😐….. caffeine burns off calories. In my case, think this is my issue. Coffee is life 😭

  9. I'm really confused , people say avocados is good for weight loss and some say it increases weight , what's true ?

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