GAINSWave – Shock Wave Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction

Is a little trouble in the bedroom making
you feel less of a man? That lack of self confidence can impact a
lot more than your love life. As you get older, your sexual performance
decreases because the blood vessels that supply blood to your penis begin to collapse or break
down. The GAINSWave™ is a remarkable non-invasive,
drug-free treatment that restores blood flow to the penis by stimulating the growth of
new blood vessels. By applying focused pulses of energy to erectile
tissue, it then triggers a response that wakes up dormant stem cells and growth factors in
the penis. These growth factors stimulate the creation
of new blood vessels, remove vascular plaque and rejuvenates erectile tissue. Mens Health Magazine recently called this
revolutionary treatment “The new Viagra.” The Urology Times published a study saying
“Treatment success seen even in men who would not respond to the most common oral ED medications.” And, even the prestigious National Institutes
of Health found that the treatment works on men who previously failed to respond to PDE-5
inhibitors. “I didn’t have a problem getting an erection,
but they weren’t as strong and they weren’t as intense as they are now.” “After the GAINSWave™ I noticed a firmer and
fuller penis and the erections were much harder and much stronger”
“I see a larger penis, I see more blood and see more stronger erections, I see more sensitivity”
It’s drug and surgery-free. It’s completely non-invasive and has little
or no known side effects. It’s a simple and in-office procedure, with
each treatment taking only 20-30 minutes. Provides long lasting results with little
or no down time. Don’t sit there and think you have to accept
a less than satisfactory love life. Wave goodbye to trouble in the bedroom with
GAINSWave™. Contact us today! GAINSWAVE.COM


  1. We have started using our Gainswave on our patients who have been asking for help or enhancement options. Gainswave is the answer! Call for more information 760-320-4292 Cisca Friend, Patient Advocate.

  2. I thought that it took some time for this thing to start to work. At 3pm, I started using this erection dysfunction treatment method known as “Jαcοb ramguso” (Google it). At 9pm, my wife returned to our house after her duty at a school function. At that time, I uncovered that the treatment was efficient. I got and maintained the best erection I had in 10 years. I think it is only chance.

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  4. Who doesn't want a stronger erection with optimal sensation! The original research on this painless pulsating sound wave therapy for stronger erections was first published in 2010. Here at Physician Artistry dotcom in the Washington DC metro area, I specialize in treatment of erectile dysfunction and we have seen amazing results over the last few years. Recently the Chinese published a comprehensive analysis of the various treatment protocols utilized around the world and found that the biggest impact happens with a twice a week protocol for 3 weeks, followed by a three week break and then a repeat of the three weeks of treatment. I have found a dramatic boost in the results when I couple the sound wave technology with a Priapus Shot (P-Shot). I look forward to research using the P-shot with GAINSWave therapy. Thank you for an interesting video. Dr. Bruce Thomas

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