Gambling Addict Spends $1M On Lottery Tickets

I was so addicted to gambling that it took over my life Adam Osmond was once one of the most prolific gamblers in the US this is probably about a million dollar but then again that's only the last two years of my gambling that's just a small part of me I came here to go to college and I've been here ever since I got married have my children and I've been here almost 30 years now the tragic thing with Adam he used his abilities he used his hard work and he fell victim to one of the other things in America what I've heard called the jackpot many Adam used to run to convenience stores in Connecticut between 2002 and 2008 he started spending thousands of dollars on the lottery in his store every week and the only reason why I was in that business was just to support my addiction this is $10.00 it has never even been scratched these are 30 dollars a ticket I will buy them by the book each books 25 or 30 and you multiply 30 30 that's about $900 so I was hiding the tickets from my family and I was so addicted to gambling that it took over my life he knew what he was doing was destroying himself and his family in March 2008 Adams suffered a nervous breakdown after over a decade of compulsive gambling the first week I printed about fifty four thousand tickets none of them was cash you didn't even check II you cannot even possibly achieve all those numbers the kinetic allowed early called me because I didn't pay for it I couldn't pay for it I was crying for help by lo they supposed to shut my machine by that time in the next week I printed tickets again non-stop for three weeks Adam printed over two hundred and fifty thousand dollars worth of lotto tickets before his machine was finally shut down the Connecticut lottery did not share my machine off and when I was late payment or even when I print all those tickets because I was very hot valuable to them and I was one of their best customers he was the first and only gambling addict to be convicted for printing lottery tickets it's really sad because you know this used to be my family in here and now they are not here and you know when I look at it around the house after being charged Adam was ordered to pay the sum of the tickets printed despite never cashing any of them in his wife and three children three girls had to go to Virginia to live with relatives because of his financial world and he sends money to them and he lives in squalor because in the u.s. the odds of winning the overall lottery are approximately one in 258 million in Connecticut there are up to nine lotto draws a day each game costing between $0.50 and $5 with scratch cards on top of this price from one dollar up to $30 each the Connecticut lottery does run programs to support addicted gamblers and a percentage of the profits go towards government programs such as libraries Public Safety and education since I stopped gambling when I hit the bottom I pick it up a better habit when I was gambling in my mind was always numbers numbers I'll be driving in and it's the bus driver of me I will pick down numbers and say that oh you know that bus number had three or five seven and I will go to my store and play three or five seven or whatever number that I saw sunshine I run its know I run in November 2015 seven years after his original conviction a new judge reviewed his case and found his original penalty to be illegal he no longer has to pay back the remaining money from the uncashed tickets tell my friends I'm running away from gambling and this time we're running I said I'm running away from the lottery you you


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  2. Another video condemning gamblers it is the guilt and society that makes people feel ashamed then they send you off to gambling rehab for some more guilt tripping which actually doesn’t work , if people enjoy what they are doing why does society feel it needs to guilt trip ? People need to understand money’s not real and it’s okay to lose money

  3. The sickness is called " value dysfunction " . We all have it to some extent. We put value on things are are not beneficial and even harmful.

  4. “Fuking degenerate ya freaking kids at home, yeah thanks if I find you fked up I’ll leave you right where I found ya” Nicky from Casino

  5. I will never do anything like that why go to work harder than one day God will give you the dream you like lottery people they are not stupid think about they are not going to put money on those tickets for free bro dont even tray first place dont go places like casino or lottery places you will end up like this

  6. He never spent money on lottery he had a store that he ran over the lottery machine any printed off tickets for free he never cashed them in he was just addicted to gambling

  7. You have to understand odds. The odds of winning this lottery are 250 million to one. That's the same odds of flipping a coin 21 times and have it come up heads every time. If you think you can do that, sit down and try. You could go several lifetimes without it happening.

  8. If you're so good at buying lottery tickets why arent you good at checking those tickets and cashing the winners among them?????

  9. When i turned 18 my scratch off addiction ruined over 10 years of my life if i were to do my math on how mutch money i lost over the pass 10 years im looking at abuot 70000 dollars and even if i were to get all that money back it wont bring back over 10 years of my life i ruined buying scratch off tickets

  10. He doesnt have to pay bcs its illegal? And he also doesnt get in trouble?? This doesnt make any sense. lol

  11. I fill like my family is starting to be like that. My Aunt had like 200 dollars on her bank account and my uncle spent it all. That is what my family is like now. It really makes me cry when she can't even buy food for my cousin.

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