Gambling Addiction (My Story)


  1. When I was 18-19, I was going to casinos all the time wasn't going to school and didn't have a job, all I did was gamble. Racked up about 20k in my bank account, plus whatever i was spending so im thinking I made 30k-40k total. I was always bragging about all my money and making fun of people who worked regular jobs. To make a long story short I ended up losing it all within a week and had to give up on gambling and I ended up wasting a year of my life

  2. The issue I see is that these games don't generate a sustainable income. Someone has to pay to keep the casino's lights on. The average wage slave can at least feed their family at the end of the week (assuming that the economy doesn't suck).

  3. Gambling should be just for fun to pass time. But if you're addicted to it, it is still better than being addicted to drugs.:-)

  4. No such thing as Compulsive Gambling, just people who don't win.It's March Madness&we keep winning. Wanna win&hate being a loser? Hit me up for our special All Sports Package

  5. Last week, $2.1K. My next 2 visits I lost $3K. So I still lost lol but all in all I’m still up when I started going to casinos. I only play baccarat. Next week I’m going to buy in at $3K and stop my loss at $2.7K. If I lose that will be the kast day I’ll ever step in a casino.

  6. I just stick to bingo and when i do go to the casino I'm there for bingo except for 1 slot machine in between the bingo games i don't even want to learn how to play poker and other games NO!

  7. Great video. You have to be humble It takes a lot of dedication to make money at poker. The absolute most important thing is making sure your the best or one of the best players in the pool. Just don't play where there's a lot of players at your same skill level. If you want to make money consistently.

  8. I currently just lost $1800 in 3 days with a total loss of $2500. I was a really good card counter winning $5k and lost it all but I turns into being a gambler. No more blackjack or Casino

  9. Tony…you can imagine what my life has been like…I began college at UNLV in Las Vegas…the addiction has lasted for 18 years… something has to be done to protect the young & Americans in general from this predatory activity…sad!

  10. if you want out of the life hit a meeting and raise your hand for help i will always carry the message

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