Gaming Addiction – Stop with Sleep Hypnosis (Today)

welcome to Christopher Fitz and hypnosis offering free hypnosis tracks this is a self-guided hypnotherapy session aimed at helping you with your gaming addiction this track is designed for you to listen as you're going to sleep at night if you want to listen to this track during the day there is another version of this recording on my channel where you'll be woken up at the end please see the description for more details if you like this video please like and subscribe please do not listen to this or any hypnosis track whilst driving or operating heavy machinery make sure you listen to this track in a place where you can safely go to sleep would you like to sit or lie in a position as comfortably as you can you may feel comfortable in the chair as you feel yourself becoming more relaxed and you would not perhaps want to go into hypnosis too quickly you were here to enjoy a pleasant and relaxing time you feel that this is your time the time for you to enjoy and relax here and now we're there no pressures from the outside world this time is just for you please feel free to take a few deep breaths slowly in and relax breath out slowly in and out as you feel more comfortable you can begin to relax perhaps as he feel more relaxed you can begin to close your eyes as your eyes begin to feel heavier and heavier deeply heavy as you breathe in and out imagine your eyes soften and drop and close drop and close drop and clothes as you breathe in and out as you begin to discover your eyes closing your whole body begins to relax you already know how to relax you may have done it before many times and enjoyed the experience remember a time when you have relaxed before you notice these sensations returning to your body from the top of your head to the tips of your toes that feeling of relaxation is calming it's comfortable it's peaceful can you imagine the feelings across your body and you wish you could feel your head relaxing perhaps noticing your forehead relaxing and Dee tensing you may discover muscles feel soothed and peaceful noticing this noise since a shin flow into your eyelids as you feel them relaxing perhaps fluttering softer and softer and do you notice the feelings spread across your entire face and into your jaw as your lower jaw relaxes and drops I wonder if you will discover that as your drawer drops your face feels so calm that's right and maybe you'll enjoy noticing this feeling of relaxation is spreading to your neck and down into your back soothing each muscle as the feeling spreads it spreads all the way down flows and spreads and that's just fine it's a wonderful feeling you may experience the soothing relaxation feeling flow into your chest and down into your stomach as you feel your stomach relaxing you take deep breaths through your stomach in and out deeper and deeper relax as that breath take you back to a place when you've been relaxed before perhaps remember a time when you relaxed before I remember these feelings drifting wandering coming back and forth as your subconscious mind has these memories and gives you the ability to relax back and forth it may feel more real now as the relaxation sensation flows into your legs down into your calves and through your feet and into your toes deeper and deeper you see that feeling flow down you can feel that your entire body feels totally relaxed from the top of your head all the way down to the tips of your toes and you notice this entire feeling spread spread and sooth up and down your body up and down soothing relaxing all your muscles and with each breath you take it becomes easier and easier to relax every nerve and muscle responding to a desire to relax let your subconscious mind be free to imagine a tranquil relaxing place a safe and tranquil place where you feel so peaceful so comfortable and so relaxed you're free to wander and explore this place your subconscious will guide you will protect you and show you how to progress the more you imagine it the more it feels real now imagine a stream so peaceful and tranquil a place of wonder and calm a stream flowing from your peaceful unconsciousness as you lay on your back imagining looking at the sky and thinking as you notice your body relaxing as it sinks deeper down as your subconscious deeper and deeper you may feel that you can go further it is a place where you feel relaxation like never before your body can sense this your subconscious can feel this as it will take you there you are confident in your subconscious thoughts down this stream looking at the sky you hear the water the water is so relaxing the sounds the feelings the sensations your mind is flowing to that sea of peace where you know that peace will be discovered and encountered in and out up and down the feelings of relaxation or across your body you may have been here before or it may be new but it doesn't matter all that matters is that you are here let your subconscious guide you as he will guide you into deep subconscious place that is safe and secure the place that you know is peaceful that is calm that is true where you are confident and calm you may want to discover other places your mind may wander you have the ability to do anything but remember this stream as it will take you on your journey as you float with no effort with no cares we have no responsibilities this time is for you just for you where you can enjoy this peaceful time when no one can disturb you and you feel relaxed in the stream as you feel less sinking down and you will be ready for your journey a slow and deep journey as the more you relax the more you feel like you're ready to go deeper your muscles feel soothed and ready to become you know the way that's right you know the way now you like to have a new experience confident in new experiences new experience me comfort and relaxation you are confident to go into these new experiences and this journey as they mean something good to you now relaxation comfort and Wonder and you are confident ready to go deeper as you drift deeper into this calm and comfortable feeling I wonder if you would like to imagine yourself on a luxury boat it's a large and comfortable boat and there's plenty of room to stretch out and enjoy the feeling of the warm sunshine on your body and a boat begins to sway on the beautiful gentle opaque aqua marine waters and as a dirty lie back and allow yourself to relax more relaxed are more comfortable than you've ever felt before and enjoy the breathtaking view and the furthest way the more deeply relaxed you become going deeper into gentle hypnotic rest as you drift along you noticed that you're surrounded by dramatic and exciting coral reefs the stretch as far as your eye can see there is a glassful portion of the boat and if you wish you'll be able to look into the warm shallow waters they are abundant with small brightly colored reef fish they play around the plunging drop-offs the lagoon waters are warm and inviting this is the kind of place found mostly in dreams a jewel of glitter and coral clear water and waterfalls the beauty and charm of their own exerting an irresistible magnetism you can escape the cares of the everyday world and go deeper and deeper relaxed the boat rocks gently from side to side and you close your eyes and you go deeper still perhaps remembering a time as a baby being nurtured and lovingly rocked from side to side side to side going deeper now you imagine yourself out at sea having left the lagoon with beautiful waves of relaxation flowing over you taking you deeper into that calm and comfortable feeling a very relaxed and sleepy sort of feeling but you don't actually go to sleep you're aware of everything that is said to you as you rock from side to side I want you to count back from 100 with each gentle sway and with each number you count and with each breath you take those relaxing waves take you deeper and deeper more and more relaxed so begin counting in your mind as you gently rock from side to side going deeper and deeper counting from a hundred down and if you lose your counter lose track just starts again at a hundred ninety-nine deeper and deeper into gentle hip not arrests and you find by the time you reach 90 perhaps a little more or a little less those numbers will drop right out of your mind and you know you're in the deepest possible level of relaxation don't forget whenever you lose count start again at a hundred allow each number to take you deeper and deeper and now I would like your imagination to take you to the most safe and comfortable place in your mind a relaxing place where you experience absolute tranquility a place where you can be completely safe and secure completely calm and completely tranquil or somewhere outdoors perhaps a garden or a beach or even somewhere indoors this could be somewhere you are familiar with or someone you it's entirely up to you to discover that same place and you really enjoy that safe and comfortable place now and you know that you can access this place at will any time in hypnosis when you need to be safe you can bring yourself to this safe place easily and quickly by thinking of the words safe place you are now in such a relaxed state where your subconscious mind will absorb and act on the suggestions that are right for you you are undertaking hypnosis as you know you have a problem with gaming and he was taking positive steps to take control of this you have realized that you're spending too much time on gaming to the point that you want to reduce and stop this new habit Gaming can be an addiction or a habit similar to other addictions or habits and you want to end the grip gaming has on you people get over addictions all at the time from smoking to overeating these can all end as you can stop your time wasting gaming addiction it's just simple as stopping once you have stopped you have broken the cycle of addiction gaming addiction can be a serious habit where you waste hours and hours in front of a screen where you prioritize this point us activity over your health and your life your health and your life is more important than a video game when an addiction gets hold people neglect their family their surroundings even their self hygiene and prioritize their addictions over themselves and the important people in their life people become so addicted playing in a virtual world becomes more important than living in a real world but you are here because you want to live in the real world again hypnosis can help you make the positive changes you want to while some people can dip in and out of gaming if you are addicted it is far better to stay away from the damaging activity and focus your energies are more positive pursuits and activities once an addiction kicks in it is far better to kick it out completely and cut all ties to the substance you are addicted to and start afresh you have immense self-discipline and self-control when meeting your goals nothing will stop you from making yourself productive nothing can stop you and certainly not gaming you want to get more out of life you do not want to have lived your life only to regret what you could have done you want to live life one footstep at a time rather than one click at a time you'd rather live in the real world rather than a virtual world you want to spend more time improving yourself concentrating on self-improvement this may be concentrating on your studies learning new skills improving your social or love life getting healthy or any other personal goals that you may have living in a virtual world does not matter you know there is more to life than video games there are a lot more things that are stimulating life is for living you do not want to waste your time doing something that is going to keep you away from your life's goals you want to improve your life you want to focus on more important aspects of your life your social life studies or hobbies you want to try and accomplish things that will actually add value to your life time is a limited resource and you don't want to waste what little precious time we have you realize gaming does not matter games are designed to alter your brain's reward system you want to solve problems in the real world instead of solving problems in a fantasy world from now on you have the power to stop gaming you hate wasting time and you will do anything to be productive it feels good to have something accomplished by the end of the day instead of gaming you could be learning new skills that could help you improve your career and give you a better quality of life Gaming is bad for stress as it raises you anxiety as your fight-or-flight response kicks in and your body is filled with adrenaline you cannot physically fight or flight but your body still reacts the same way often resulting in stress or anxiety you know that this is true and this is why you're going to give up gaming and as he listened to my voice you know you're going to react and take control of your life you're going to take actions from these positive suggestions you feel amazing that you're going to be stopping this wasteful habit you know Gaming is not good for you it's addictive it's a drug that needs to be kicked out of your system you know that winning a game just leads to another game and that you have to stop completely you feel great and positive that you have made the decision to stop gaming it feels amazing to take control of your life you know you have the ability to succeed just like when you succeed in games you now succeed in other parts of your life you are going to be free of this habit you do not want to play these pointless games anymore they are a waste of time and when you take control of your life you feel so confident as you know you were going to succeed you would take each day one day at a time and as every day passes you'll find it easier and easier the cravings stop and if you have an urge to game again you're either think of these positive suggestions that I'm giving to you right now well you will listen to this hypnosis again and you will realize you have the power to stop you have the complete power to stop you have great power to stop you have the great strength and the willpower to stop you are not going to waste your life playing these games your time is too precious to play these games imagine a time it may be next week next month next year or sometime in the future this is the time where you have no urges to play these games again you do not even think about them anymore it is the last thing you would want to do each day you have not played a game is a victory to you and you are succeeding in your life your life is what you wanted to be you were on your way to achieve all the goals you set out to this makes you feel amazing you are a relaxed confident person it feels amazing to have broken the habit you find join new activities you expand yourself socially meeting new people enjoying new productive hobbies and pursuits your time is precious one of the most valuable things in your life you know it's only a matter of time until you're completely free of gaming addiction it might be even after this recording and wouldn't that feel wonderful an amazing feeling knowing that you have conquered your habit and addiction it's just so simple all you need to do is stop playing the games that you want to give up you know you'll give these games up it's something that you want to do it's not something you will resist anymore playing games is the old you moving forward in your life is the new you you know that the productive things in your life are the things that you want to pursue you may have many goals in your life and you will achieve them you will achieve them by getting strength to lead your life how you really want to lead it by listening to my words and positive suggestions that are entering into your subconscious you will have the strength from now on to resist the temptation to gain all you need to remember is that you can conquer this addiction and you will you know that when you go to sleep you'll forget all of your troubles there is nothing like sleep sleep is the place where your body repairs and regenerates it's time for your worries to leave your mind and just concentrate on relaxing as you'll know your bed is so comfortable you know that your bed is your sanctuary it is only meant for sleep and regeneration when you go to bed you know that you will make your bedroom a special and safe place when no negative thoughts will be present and the more you listen to is recording the easier would be for you to fall asleep and have a peaceful night sleep where you sleep all the way through and your mind is just concentrating on relaxing as he descended to sleep now [Laughter]


  1. The quality is very nice, also appreciated the sunset 🙂 Can you make one for Gambling addictions? Gaming seemed very similar but would be nice if there was one for Gambling

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