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this naughty girl has been like a leech would never leave me for the last about the near actually you know they have been after me for a couple of years now but unfortunately I couldn't make it now I feel so sorry that I didn't come here earlier because they're doing God's work friends I am totally confused not totally confused I don't know what to tell you and what to talk because I saw so many good things so many creative things so many innovative things and so many good things happening to mankind that all my depression about mankind being the enemy of mankind is almost wearing out slowly after seeing all of you with I always go around telling people that man's greatest enemy is man today and it's nice to know there are human beings in this world who really mean for Okakura them– you know sure Ihram you're all very professionals belonging to several organizations doing so many good things and doing very well it's not because you're not doing well that you left that but you voluntarily left that for the greatest calling on this planet by God on mankind do something for others and that is that is what gives me so much happiness that words don't come out at all but let me start off propose and always gang I would call them of do-gooders let me at the outset thank you all for allowing me to come and meet with all of you because this you know this is such a nice feeling that you forget the whole world worries when you see good people doing good work and all the brothers and sisters of this wonderful city Nagpur where I keep coming now and then and it's a wonderful place I like or everybody here plus I like the maharashtrian food that we had this afternoon it was subpoenas election we are very nice what did we have Cuddy and we had a buck Rika bar green but Vacaville Oh mockery Scot is it what is that okay okay whatever and but the last thing was very good mango American American so nice so nice that was the bonus of coming to not put friends people say he has done this year than that don't believe that I now almost feel like echoing what one of those great people of Germany of your fawn johanna Gertie said one day he said I know no philosophy physiology jurisprudence and even in Las geology how much from end to end with labor scheme but here I stand Oh fool with all my lord no wiser than before friends man must try to be wiser whether look at this a hairdresser I like it because most psychiatry she hate me they would like to see me see the end of me because I am dead against psychotic drugs because each one of them derived from either rocket fuel extract over from naphtha extract of no Joel damaged the human system it's not only the circuitry trucks are the trucks also because there's a beautiful study done by an American scientist a great scientist he is actually professor of genetics in the Washington State University Douglas is called Douglas Dec Douglas Douglas did a fantastic study he created a chip called them MIT chip mitochondrial chip a computer chip which attracts the drug when it goes into the human system and it tells you where what it does and he took lot of our modern medicine we call it as modern medicine ways it's called modern medicine I don't know anyway we call it as modern medicine and the other horrible drugs mainly debate in Chinese and Indian herbal drugs and what came out in that study is something fascinating the minute we give any drug when I give any drug it may be anything from aspirin to statin it the body says this is something new I have not seen it you know my ancestors have not seen it mankind has not seen it so it must be a poison that's the wisdom of the human body so any poison which goes in the body tries to throw into the chemistry chemistry Factory in the body called the liver so it's thrown into the liver every drug mind you mark my words every drug now what the liver does it does its best to destroy it thus it's best to destroy it supposing the liver is not able to immediately destroy the whole lot something comes out of the liver which we teach pharmacology students as first pass effect I used to ask a lot of professors of pharmacology when I go around medical or this lecture what did you teach about the first Oz effect so that comes after a circulation in the liver but what is it about what is the philosophy behind it would you believe not one person ever answered that question the answer should have been or the student must have told trying to prescribe as less drugs as possible as less strikes as possible because every single drug when it becomes a chemical is not recognized by the human system as its own this is the beauty I will give you an example there are 43 studies on garlic in the world literature 43 studies of garlic and the conclusion is garlic is good for cooking but not as a medicine now there was an editorial in the British Medical Journal and the editor was a good friend of mine so I told him I phoned him and said I am going to write a letter to you Richard you have done one mistake you are not seen what did they use garlic studies what they used was a garlic pill now what is garlic peeled wasabi garlic anything that we e we want it to be either nice to the body into for taste or you know some obnoxious things you don't want so West we have a lot of people who abhor the very smell of garlic so to sell drugs what do they do they remove the smelling part of garlic which is called the SH group the sulfhydryl group the same chemical that gives good smell for your heart the same thing so they remove that I am sorry for using unparliamentary verse but you know you want to tell the truth you really drive the point home so this garlic pill is garlic – SH group inside a plastic capsule which goes into the gut and there it delivers it it's supposed to deliver it by and large most of the time the garlic is eaten by the our friends in the in the toilet whom you see on the television Cillian that what is that thing called you spray it and that they all come like that and then suddenly you get that spray and then say they all died what's this play called I forget it har pick X excellent you go and go back home and see that there are billions and billions of germs in the in the toilet so they are very happy because they get good garlic paint what happens to you nothing happens to you now garlic to be effective in the human system it must be eaten as garlic in nature and that – in raw form and that to put in the mouth chewed kept there for a minute or two when it burns you because garlic is a medicine called alanine but it is in the form of a lysine in the garlic and it mixes with the trip seen in the trestle ever to become Aladeen unless it that it's no effect now when we did that study garlic is a fantastic medicine fantastic medicine from killing germs viruses lowering or whatever you call you know you people have an idea that cholesterol is bad etcetera etcetera if you think it is bad it'll lower it if it is good for you it will increase it actually now we know that old elderly ladies you know old elderly English means above 85 old little early ladies who are still alive and healthy in the French nursing homes have on an average cholesterol of 500 milligrams percent to 900 milligrams percent because in your body you have how many cells do you have in the body school-going hits 53 trillion good it is not bad anyway 50 to 100 trillion cells that is 10 to the power 14 and those cells die in billions every day because they have their time today they are told that is called apoptosis apoptosis in Greek means falling of a brown leaf this word was coined by a botanist called Martin in the RAF who was the professor of botany in the University College in London in the early part of the last century and Martin gave the name apoptosis that is a cell when it's told this is there's a gene called the suicidal gene these cells the cell like for example a red cell 120 days is like an RBC at the end of the say 120 days it gets the message saying that look mister RBC your time is up so the RBC responds the cell is intact apoptosis is intact cell becomes smaller smaller smaller smaller and becomes a morphic the losses in structure form and at that time it becomes a speck of dust and we have lotta scavengers and they have so efficient inside they don't require even that machine to grow they come eat it up phagocytes phago fish is appetite they have got so much of appetite for cells any cell that is dying they eat it up so you're fine but now what happens you make the surrounding of the cells so bad that the cell instead of dying apoptosis dies by necrosis necrosis is cell wall breaks and when this necrosis actual cell content comes out which is very bad for the outside and the outside gets destroyed and this is one of the reasons why you get cancer etcetera


  1. Walk and rest is best for heart ailments. Garlic is bad for heart. It is pass time to keep naming different medicines and herbs. People who have been taking garlic for a long time without any relief report immediate relief in 24 hours by walk and rest. Check my channel for One Cure for All Diseases.

  2. Learn how body works on my channel. Learn how to stay without medicines. This is complete waste of time.

  3. I am 56 and I do not use garlic. Garlic is poison for heart. Every herb or medicine is bad for health. I challenge all this. Complete waste of time.

  4. Sir my grand son age was 3yrs he was not speech so for dr saying he was due to autism is the problem kindly what we can do

  5. a nice enough man, he's correct in what he's saying, but a very painful experience waiting for him to get to the info! As for the blasted ads, pharmaceutical companies must have organized the ridiculous number of ads that popped up! Not much new info gained, I'm sorry to say.

  6. All you people are like those born blind trying to describe an elephant.Each explaining it according to the part which came to his.The only two complete Medical Sciences are Homoeopathy and Ayurved(which has been lost and forgotten.Unfotunately Homoeopaths are also going the same way,taking short cuts and ruining Homoeopathy).

  7. I am a Keralite. My mom used to tell that we get all mdicines from the veriety of food we eat like vegetables, fruits, non-veg in organic for6m. If we keep some deciplne in keeping body active, eating time to time and sleet at a right time for minimum 6 to 7 hours make brain healthy and it can control all the organs of the body very effectively. If we sleep at the right time, the penial gland – act like a clock produce melatonin- cancer restance cerum. If we practice a healthy life style we wont fall sick. I lived last 35 years without any test/ medicine.

  8. God knows why these people are given so much importance. They will always keep denouncing the modern medicines without suggesting alternatives. We all know that good and appropriate food, enough exercise, reducing stress and positive thinking go a long way in keeping us healthy and youthful. Yet in spite of doing what best we can, we are unable to keep diseases away. It is these modern medicines and technological improvements that undoubtedly have
    upped the mortality age. There are so many seemingly erudite lecturer these days who will talk so many things against modern medicines and technology and the rampant corruption in medicine industry and things like that. Even though it is true that like rampant corruption in each and every other field of modern life, medicine industry is also not left untouched, yet we should keep in mind that no garlic, no giloy, no aloevera, no wheat grass or karela juice etc. etc. can save our life when we are really attacked by a potential disease. So please don't waste your time watching these crap videos.

  9. It is very nice to hear Dr. Hegde Sir, but how to convince other Doctors and people in home, oh, very difficult.

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  12. Garlic the stinking tuber ? God has created human beings and now regrets and wants to distance himself from them. Have you found him ? You cannot ?

  13. Pharmaceutical Companies watching. Certainly not happy.
    How many people would have died in China/India if garlic is not good?

  14. This has been proved in thamizh ancient medicine … It's new for the people who are not thamizhian…. Only in thamizh ancient culture we have lots and lots of medicinal tips which is very simple to follow and effective for any kind of deceases… Even everybody knows this…. Allopathic medicine practices are creating impotencies and killing health and wealth of the mankind in the name of MEDICINE….

  15. We have no time to develop that spirit of enquiry and scientific temper as envisaged in the¬†constitution¬†of¬†India. … That¬†article 51A¬†(h) is the most important provision of the¬†constitution, which mandates for every citizen to develop scientific temper, humanism and the spirit of enquiry.

  16. We have no time to develop that spirit of enquiry and scientific temper as envisaged in the¬†constitution¬†of¬†India. … That¬†article 51A¬†(h) is the most important provision of the¬†constitution, which mandates for every citizen to develop scientific temper, humanism and the spirit of enquiry.

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