Gastrostomy Tube Medication Administration

one of mrs. Kraus its Julie again back after getting your medication for you I've got your digoxin that you're supposed to take this morning and as you know I've already come in earlier and listen to your heart rate and I know it was in the parameter so that we could get your medication so I just want to check your armband if I wash my hands here and if you can just state your name and date of birth forming extra sets coincides with your medication sheet and it does and do you have any allergies mrs. Kraus oh good okay so I'm going to do my last check here on my medication and I have two jocks in 0.25 milligrams for you to give like I said to your guests often YouTube I did crush the medication in the medication room in the container that it comes in so I'm just going to open that up and put that crushed medication into my medication cup and then I want to put some warm water in there so that I can dissolve the medication keeping track of how much I'm using that's about twenty thirty milliliters of warm water that I'm putting in there and I'm going to stir that up till it dissolve it doesn't dissolve very well here because I wanted and get very warm but usually this is also pretty good so I got the medication ready I've done my three checks with their check I just did here in the room and the other thing that I want to do is assess this is crossed your gastrostomy to make sure that it's Peyton before we put anything in it and that it's there's not any issues with that mrs. cross has a feeding running so I'm going to put that on hold she does have her head of the bed elevated already because she's got this evening so I don't need to to do that the first thing I want to do is assess the tube itself and get your gloves on and I'm going to check to make sure that who is in this like it's in the proper place and I also want to check residual to see if there's any gastric contents built up into the stomach area before I administer any medication so I this actual gastrostomy tube has a stop valve on it also called Lopes Lopes valve and right now it's off to this part and it's on his Afeni because the feeding has been running in so I've set the feeding on hold and I'm going to turn off this belt to the feeding because I'm going to use this port to give the medication to open that on and says the first thing I want to do is assess for any residual and I pull back there is a little bit and I'm just going to pull back until I until I feel resistance and then I would just insert that back into the stomach that's a approximately 10 milliliters of residual and yet so I'm just going to give that right back to the patient put the cover back on that and then I'm going to get so the tube is Payton's the residual is low there's about seven owners of gastric content that I removed so I put that back and now I'm going to administer the medication before I put the medication in the other way I check patency is by putting a little fluid into the tube and when every reporting any medication or fluids do a gastrostomy to use an irrigation kit which I have here already opened it up and I put warm water in there you don't need sterile water because it's just going into the gastric area which is not a sterile environment so because I'm going to do that by gravity rather than pushing it in I took out the plug so I did need the plunger to check for residual but now I don't need that so I'm going to take this cover off again and I just kind of put in about thirty milliliters of fluid and right now I'm turning that stop valve to off so it just doesn't run right and I have control over it so that's about you know the leaders there and I'm going to let that run in and turn this around so you can see turn the valve off to this to the feeding got it Kate silver run in just about and I'm going to turn it off now going to give the patient foot give the patient the medication let that run in and then I'm going to post flush I pre flushed with about twenty to thirty milliliters gave the medication in twenty or thirty and then did a post flush to make sure that it's all gone yet and when you're giving medications to the gastrostomy tube we need to do one medication at a time so if at other meds together I would have had other med cups and had those mixed up separately that's gone in you try not to give a lot of air in between so if you can turn that the SUP valve on and off in between and the patient's not getting water air and just in time for the feeding was on hold and now it's beeping at me that it needs to be turned back on because it's only it will beep after a couple of minutes that needs to do we started so I'm going to restart the feeding because I'm all done administering the medication make sure they off now is to the extra port and as a feeding can run through this way now if you didn't have a feeding if the patient does tend to gastrostomy tube and the Lopes well you could just put your syringe into here so that would be another method that you can do that you don't necessarily have to use that port okay I'm going to take off my glove side rail make sure that the feeding is painten to is and it would wash my hand make sure the patient is comfortable and then I would document on the paper Mar or probably underneath that electronic mark and this concludes giving medication to a gastrostomy tube


  1. I am a nurse and i was refreshing my medication administration through g-tube and im sure shes a great teacher but this had a bit of mistakes.she didn't check placement and she dropped the syringe when it was connected because she was not holding it right. Even though I think she should had showed when she checked the HR atleast she said she check it before and it was in the parameters.(which is you don't give if it's below 60 bpm because it's digoxin ) I feel Like someone who's a student they could get confused and the details matter alot.

  2. The patients on the ward don’t look well!! 😜
    Not all tablets dissolve well enough and can block the tube. I take most of mine in liquid form so the tube doesn’t block.

  3. You were my SIM and skills instructor when I was in nursing school in 2008 and 2009! I just came across this video while trying to find a video for MY students! 🙂

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