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when I came out it meant that I was risking everything he tried so hard to be what he thought a Christian should be and that was not good we didn’t know how prevalent gay conversion therapy was in Australia when we started this research I think it’s endemic I felt like I’d been fed alive [Music] I’m Chris I’m 32 years old the first time I had a suspicion that I was tracted two boys was when I was quite young I was 10 I remember thinking this is strange that like I shouldn’t really feel like this about a boy but then I tried to make myself feel better about it by convincing myself that no I just really want to be really good friends with him I was quite frightened of what this meant for my life if you were gay you were you know you were disgusting and you were you know you’re a or a poof he was always a really happy child mischievous loved anything Artie we used to buy cars and we used to buy you know boy stuff for him and he’d play with it for a little while but he really wasn’t interested he always gravitated towards the girls we did have a suspicion that he might be gay we hoped that he wouldn’t grow up to be gay yeah yes basically I’d even dated a couple of girls and then it was so fake and it was so tiring constantly having to pretend to be someone else one morning he just said oh I’m gay and quickly got out of the car and ran up the steps and that was it that was their coming out at that moment the main thing I felt was relief and I think after that certainly there was grief there I knew that they would be upset I knew that they would be really concerned for me and my soul I guess I hoped writer but alas man meant that we were wrong yeah it was kind of like a black mark over you if you like and you didn’t want to admit that your child was gay I started to try and pray away the gay I guess when I was very young you’re talking about an 11 year old that thinks he’s got demons in him because of who he is it was scary watching him go through the process of trying to come to terms that it was yes I remember him saying why is he doing this to me why did he do this no crystal used to say well God can do anything why doesn’t he heal me my church introduced me to living waters they told me that it was an ex-gay course to help you to find healing from homosexuality it consisted of basically weekly meetings where we would go through the textbook and we’d go through a chapter every week where we would talk about the sins that we’ve committed that week I never had anything to say because I was so strict on myself I was celibate until 24 it was a pretty lonely way to live really but that’s what I thought I had to do living what is one of the classy ex-gay organizations like many of those that was set up in the 1970s dedicated to helping people become estranged it’s modeled on Alcoholics Anonymous my name is dr. Timothy Jones I’ve just finished the first research into gay conversion therapy and they exclaimed movement in Australia it’s far more prevalent than we thought the gay conversion therapy was actually mainstream medical practice in the middle of the 20th century the practices left Jewish groups Muslim groups Buddhist groups Hindu groups engaged him all very similar we found that many of the organizations have actually just gone underground but changed their names they don’t identify as during conversion therapy far from going away it’s actually expanding at the end of the course I felt incredibly disappointed because I’ve been doing this since I was 17 and nothing’s changed you know I’m still as gay as I was before I’d been telling people that God was healing me and he wasn’t I felt really depressed I remember praying to God heal me or kill me he desperately wanted to be straight he was just guilt-ridden especially through those years I even think that Michael and I came to the fact that he was gay and Christian before Christopher did Christopher struggled for so long did me it was obvious to us that it wasn’t a matter of choice he didn’t choose to be like that we also tried to help him see that being gay even if it’s not what God wants isn’t the end of the earth that hit me like a bus the higher supports you know and I sort of started saying but the Bible says you know and she said maybe you need to consider that God hasn’t healed you because there’s actually nothing wrong with you that was said to me at a good time because it’s probably what I needed to hear it’s fine there is no evidence that gay conversion therapy works we really want religious groups to recognize that these practices that they’re doing in a well-meaning way are actually harming themselves their own people well family life for us now has changed out of sight I mean we we have an amazing son he’s he’s caring he’s loving got his sense of humor back he’s he’s a beautiful man it’s wonderful isn’t it thank you yeah it’s really [Music] we’ve met all your friends we liked all of them didn’t we I reckon if I went back in time and God asked me do you want to go down as gay Australia poli-sci Kade it was the church that betrayed me enough God God isn’t the one that said to me that you’ll not okay the way you are was the Church where I see myself in 5 or 10 years is hopefully fingers crossed married legally in Australia I never thought that I would be comfortable as a gay guy but I am and I’m quite proud to be gay yeah [Music] you


  1. I was in therapy for 9 years. It never worked. I was depressed and in distress all the time. I felt anxious all the timr. Thank God I came out 3 years ago and stopped harming myself. 🌈

  2. why we people born in this way. Seriously, we don't want to live in this way but we can't stops our desires .Dear God,Please stop create any LGBT baby .

  3. I am so lucky to be born in a secular, western,democratic, European country. It's pot luck where you are born. The only thing I thank God for is that I'm born into a family, world where God isn't important.

  4. The reason God didn't cleanse him is because he followed what was taught to him from the flesh, and not the Spirit. He followed religion, not Jesus. How do I know this? God has revealed it to me. The devil is using these types of videos to pervert God's word. So if you are suffering from sexual immorality, do not go to conversion therapy. Go to God himself. Do not follow religion. Follow God himself, and He will cleanse you.

    I've recently prayed over this lesbian, and she went directly to God. She asked him to cleanse her, and He did. He said that it was being caused by a demon, and He rid her of it. She is straight now. That was all it took. Conversion therapy does nothing. Only God can cleanse you. Jesus says "come to me, all who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest." He did not say go to religion. He did not say go to the teachings of man. He said go to Him. Jesus HATED religion. Religion is a set of MAN-MADE practices, but true Christianity consists of practices that God ordained. Do not follow any denomination. Follow God, and God only, and He will give you wisdom. He will also cleanse you of your sexual immorality if you are afflicted.

  5. God didn't make you straight because there is no god….and there is NOTHING to be ashamed of. You are who you are, embrace it. Homosexuality is not just a form of sex, it is a form of love. You're always welcome in the atheist/non-religious community.

  6. Lol i love when science and God duel its like as long as you stay delusional your okay. Oh btw no one in the history of life or science has ever chatted with this thing a few people adopted and made up then forced on people b4 tvs a dozen decades ago

  7. There are more masculine gurls and more variety of feminine boys …try to pfind your perfect shade of grey guys ..

  8. I read the bible and it still condemns homosexuality, I therefor willingly want to stay celebate, for the Love of God, fear of God and for my own salvation.

  9. Conversion therapy does not work. Prayer and fasting is what I did. I been abstinence for 15 years. You will never stop having an attraction, but one does not have to act out on desires, cravings and flesh. It has not always been easy. My strength is in the Lord and I do not care what folks think of me. My ministry is to be a witness and I will defend and continue compassion for those seeking God.

  10. The Bible says it’s wrong…. and your not supposed too do it too protect the Holy Spirit In you… but…….. why did I have too be fucked over like thissssssss πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜£πŸ™‡πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

  11. His parents are idiots. They really think it's fine to be a homosexual knowing god doesn't like it. They ruined their son. Homosexuality will not enter the kingdom. But nooooo. It's just how he "feels"!

  12. If you want, you can! You just need to belive, our sexuality is not a gift, a man need to marry a woman and not a man, women as well, read the Bible I'm pretty sure it says this in Romans!

  13. I'm the same as this dude, but im still attracted to females as well. But I connect with dudes a little bit better which kills me because women are so beautiful.

  14. No one can ever make you feel guilty for being hetrosexual because it is natural the guilt feelings come from participating in immoral sexuality

  15. People on this Earth suffer in so many ways homosexuals suffer greatly also in there minds and souls and there is nothing any of us can do we are all at God's mercy we ate here to learn from.sugfering and darkness which is why there is so much pain in the world

  16. God can heal anyone from anything. I know he healed me from many things, some instantly, some overtime. Quit going to counseling just go in prayer directly to him. Leave everyone else out of it. Tell him you don't understand why and you want to be healed. Ask him to show you the truth and then believe what he leads you to. When your ready he will give you deliverance. And these things are only possible in the name of Jesus Christ. I'm telling you from experience he will set you free. Be blessed all who hear.

  17. Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: neither the sexually immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor men who practice homosexuality,

    1 Corinthians 6:9 ESV

  18. The first thumbnail in my feed under this powerful video is "The Causes and Treatment of Male Homosexuality" posted by Dr Joseph Nicolosi. Junk, quack pseudoscience purporting that one's sexual orientation can be changed.

  19. but homosexual life style could lead to really bad way, get diseases and other bad things…. isn't worth to change it

  20. it is this man responsibility to find God and be cured of his afflictions., God is love. of you follow love you will be cured of affliction. you are not to fight flesh with flesh but the spirit. God warns not lie about yourself and think evil about yourself or follow evil. education is vital here and it seems that their is a lack of knowledge regarding the ways this man has worsened his case.

  21. I know it's what I'm about to say it's odd but Jesus was asexual. So technically the bible supports Hetrosexuals and Asexuals

  22. Homosexuality is a sin not a sickness. To say that it is a sickness isn't biblical at all. God can help you ALWAYS with sin. He didn't make a mistake, you are loved in Jesus Christ.

    1 Corinthians 6:9 – Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: neither the sexually immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor men who practice homosexuality,

    Galatians 6:9
    Let us not grow weary or become discouraged in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap, if we do not give in.10 So then, while we [as individual believers] have the opportunity, let us do good to all people [not only being helpful, but also doing that which promotes their spiritual well-being], and especially [be a blessing] to those of the household of faith (born-again believers).

    Please, we love you. And we don't want to judge, that's not to us. If you want to have eternal life, then surrender your life to Jesus Christ. Believe that he died for your sins. Pray that God want to change your heart, that he will change the perspective that you have on homosexuality. The Holy Ghost can relief you from this sin and make you a child of God.

    Bless you, don't be deceived. The devil wants to destroy you.

  23. 06:44 " Fue la iglesia quien me traiciono, no Dios." πŸ‡¦πŸ‡·πŸ‡¦πŸ‡·πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‡¦πŸ‡·πŸ‡¦πŸ‡·

  24. I can be nice and patronize religious people and their mythology and superstitions. But let's be serious! Modern religion has become toxic. Someone needs to get real with these people and put some sense in their heads. Stop trying to make the real world and real-biology fit into your prehistoric mythology. So tired of all of these religious nuts.

  25. For those of you saying god is not real how do you know have you felt the same feelings that some people and even I have felt it seems like every person that says that is ignorant.

  26. Maybe Christians need to be cured of their Christianity. They are the only ones truly suffering from the sexuality of others.

  27. This guy unfortunately never knew Christ so trying left him frustrated. It is by the new birth by a total surrender to Christ that the Holy Spirit indwell to give us a new power for life that exceeds any human experience. It is not about a riddance of feelings but a new mind. Feelings do not define a Christian but how we respond in faith. There is no scripture in the bible that promises that praying will rid us of the sensual struggle in all of us. It is about faith drying daily to our self. Do we act on the truth of the gospel which promises the indwelling Holy Spirit to give us new desires and the mind of Christ with power to be different.. Let me clarify that feelings are not always a choice and there will also the old life wanting us back in its mastery. The world will promise us that following this natural fallen inclination will ensure us happiness and it does for a short while but it darkens our souls blocking a relationship with God who is perfect. He send his son as a demonstration of his love calling us to repentance meaning leaving a self-focus mindset to find one in Christ who is the ultimate giver of life. This issue will be the critical factor for Christians of this century as Romans chapter one points out so clearly. Christ is coming back soon but we will see huge rise of self-love worship as people walk in their own ways abandoning the giver of life. It will cost much to follow Christ but the life we found will be beyond words better than the temporary feel of happiness that this world promises. This is why there is an epidemic of emptiness. Hard to explain since it is beyond a human experience to explain Christ but just seek him. He loves you so much that he died for you. His promises can be trusted as given to us in the new testament which is the book for us who believe in Christ. He paid for all our sins so we can be completely to be loved by God. I too thought that sensual living was great but then I took the red pill and then I woke up to reality.

  28. The real problem is that we always focusing on our sins, we always think on how to pray our sins aways. We should focus on God not on the sins we have.

    Nobody is perfect, all of us had tempted with sins and those sins seperated us from God and still HE is their to change you and forgive you, our sins are great but the love of God is greater.

    2 Corinthians 5:17

    "Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has gone BEHOLD!, The new is here."

    Nothing will change you unless if you go near God's thrown and pray to him. Just FOCUS ON HIM, not on the storm.

  29. Some of the comments on this thread…..good God. Everybody's an expert πŸ˜’. My heart was touched by your story. I'm grateful you have such loving parents and I'm sorry you feel betrayed by the church. Just don't turn your back on God. He loves you and He will never stop loving you. I wish we Christians & our churches focused on love just a little bit more. The greatest commandments are to Love God with all your heart, mind & strength and love your neighbor as yourself.

  30. Raised Catholic. 34 years old. still struggling with these feelings. Thank you for sharing your story.

  31. Its not the Church that betrayed you.. Unfortunately its in the Bible. Evil makes us Sin. You Just have to try not to give into temptation. If you can do that, you would have eternity in Heaven., and God will be proud of you… its not me saying it.. Its the bible…. God Bless…

  32. Thanks for sharing your life story. I can identify with you. Dont change anything…you are lovely as you are and I hope I will see your future video getting engage and get married to your special man someday!

  33. persistent intetnal conflict. unending shame and remorse. can only leave you and allow you to breath freshly may come. though it requires some knowldge faith and actiion

  34. God fearfuly and wonderfully created a man and a woman identified each of its purpose that compliments with each other.. He is delighted in His creation.
    Satan is rebellious and envious with God and want to mess with God's creation especially the human beings doing his best to destroy them one of those is to destroy and confuse their real identity to lose it's purpose and power.

    Pray, read your Bible and desire a personal relationship with God so that you can obey Him with all your heart! Sending you Hugs! God Bless you brother!

  35. I am pan. Say I'm wrong to be myself and I will report. Homosexuality is natural. It's shown in nature all the time.

  36. God? OK then, if you would like to give 'the atheist experience' a call, (they are here on you tube) and state your case for God existing at all. But a word of caution here, the presenters, (one was a pastor for twenty five years) certainly know what they are talking about! So think very carefully about your 'evidence' for God before calling. In all the time I have watched their shows I have never heard one single person ever propose a convincing argument for the existence of God. But if you think you can, I can't wait to hear you on the show!

  37. Peace be upon you, as a human who has a conscience, you must to listen to me, I just want to say that:-
    1. Humanity is about as long as we bring ourselves to loves someone else, no matter what colour, no matter what race, no matter what religion, and no matter what gender. Humanity just want us to be loved, and to be able to love somebody back.
    2. I believe that God will please, and embraces with ours' kind and loving spirits.
    3. And in God's eyes kindness and love are what it’s all about.

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