GE, 2014 North American Healthcare Financial Management New Product Innovation Leadership Award

health care reform is causing the industry to move towards value-based reimburse this change requires health care providers to significantly rien genere their entire revenue cycle process in workflow right down to the IT solutions they use hello I'm Daniel rupar with frost and soul health care payment systems today need to keep up as the emphasis for reimbursement shift from volume to value of care however making this shift entails more financial risk for health care providers succeeding in risk-based contracts takes more than just achieving clinical targets for improved patient outcomes providers also need to optimize their financial operations in order to prevent revenue loss that could threaten their very existence GE centricity financial risk manager is a unique offering that rises to the challenge this solution features end end services that are designed to administer risk-based claims plus monitor utilization and reimbursements with its reliability centered maintenance GE centricity financial risk manager automates essential financial functions as a standalone system agnostic solution this platform can interface with clinical and financial solutions from other vendors and is highly scalable so that can grow with customers changing needs GE healthcare IT recognizes the new financial reality facing health care providers GE centricity financial risk manager is well positioned for growth as the market moves towards value-based reimbursement and providers seek to bring on new capabilities to help manage this monumental transition were these reasons and more frost & sullivan is proud to present the 2014 North American healthcare financial management new product innovation leadership award to GE healthcare IT congratulations on the award what's very exciting about this is it brings together the uniqueness of a new business model that's newly refreshed with ACOs and we're able to bring this to our customers with a full solution offering around it business process optimization and a whole ecosystem of solutions so I'd like to thank frost and sullivan our customers that really helped us build this solution and bring it to the place that it is today and most importantly the team that's behind this solution that really makes it the suite of solutions it is thank you

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