GE Healthcare Opens Life Sciences North American HQ in Marlborough, MA

Massachusetts represents one of the best ecosystems in the world it's great when these world-class companies move to Massachusetts outside of the Cambridge cluster Massachusetts and Marlborough is just a fabulous location for these industries Massachusetts has a long history of being a national and a global leader in academic medicine and and in basic and Applied Research dating back 20 30 40 years when it comes to finding folks who understand the intersection between biotechnology pharmacology basic and Applied Research and digital healthcare and I think it bodes really well for the region in the future you know there's no doubt that Massachusetts is the best place in the world for the biotech industry and innovation as a whole we have world-class academic medical centers and academic institutions that are doing world-renowned research we also have a critical mass of small companies small companies that collaborate with one another so that we can all succeed adding GE to the mix is only gonna make it stronger we chose Marlborough Massachusetts because of course we have a business that already since the acquisition of accelerators and we have a factory down the road in Westborough we just thought this was a great opportunity to bring together a center where we can bring our customers we could have a demo or lab you know a showcase for our products and of course a wonderful environment for all of our employees this is a unique location in that almost all of the functions within a business exist here we'll have laboratory space we'll have rooms to to train and interact with customers the space itself is really high-tech really open very warm very engaging and in the short while we've been here there's been a lot of just really excellent energy with employees interacting being able to see one another having the commercial teams here the customer support teams all under one roof is really fantastic this is the one facility we have where we have all the life sciences modalities under one roof which means what we're really doing here is helping customers discover new therapies manufacture those new therapies diagnose diseases to apply those therapies and when we back that up with the global scale of GE that's something that you can't find anywhere else it's that cross-functional horizontal teamwork between the different functions and the commercial teams that provide the fabric and and the basis for great growth in the life sciences space I mean I think it helps our teams internally and our customers really visualize how we can really deliver our complete solutions this is an important mission for us to really help people get the care that they need where they need being able to help people help themselves and help caregivers help people who are managing chronic illnesses and conditions this is a place where GE has all the tools to be a huge player and I believe this region has a potential will be a huge player as well

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