General Internist David Callender, MD

My name is David Callender and I’m a general
internist at the University of Virginia. I am attracted to general internal medicine
because I love everything about all my patients. I really love getting to know them as people,
as more than just what they are when they present in the office. I like to start by introducing myself and
what I’ve been through in my life and learning a little bit about what they’ve been through
in their life. And I feel like in primary care and general
internal medicine you have that opportunity to really treat the entire patient. So I served as a United States Army physician
up to the rank of major for about eight years in active duty and I also served for three
years with the State Department as a physician serving our diplomatic community at the U.S.
embassies abroad. That service I provide to people around the
world really put a strong foundation for me and my clinical and academic practice. I would say that I’m known for a focus on
vaccinations, immunizations and preventative measures like colonoscopy, prostate cancer
screening, mammography, things like that where I really focus on what we can do to prevent
disease and pick up disease when it first happens. Someone should come to The University of Virginia
because they know they will be getting world class care from a world class system that
includes physicians, ancillary staff members and an infrastructure where they will get
the cutting edge care and the kindest people around.

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