Georgia Toffolo’s Bacon sandwich addiction – Would I Lie to You? [HD][CC-EN,NL]

I instructed Deliveroo
to block my orders after my bacon sandwich addiction
got out of hand. Right. So, how many bacon sandwiches
were you getting? When it really, really got bad, it was about four or five
times a week. I mean, just how posh are you, when you're ordering out
for bacon butties? Where was the restaurant
you were getting them from? Well, actually, the most
embarrassing part of it is that, you know, I can get a bacon
sandwich a mere 45 seconds away from my front door. Were they delivering from the
place that was that close? Yeah. Right, hear me out,
there is no greater joy than a bacon sarnie in bed, right?
Oh, I can think of something. Pot Noodle! Deliveroo delivered to your bed? Well, no, you have to remove
yourself from said bed and go to the front door.
But it's easier than… If it's that close, you must be
halfway to the shop at that point. Your bacon sarnie addiction
consists of four or five a week, which is sort of
less than one a day. That's a lot, though.
It is quite a lot, every day. It's not an addiction, is it? Well, I've got a Weetabix
addiction, in that case. Tell us about the bacon
sandwich, Toff. Was it a bog-standard one?
Yeah. Or was it something
a little bit special? No, it's a classic. White bread,
tommy K, bacon, job done. Not toasted. Tommy K, did you say?
What does that mean? Tomato ketchup. Oh, I'm sorry. Did you know that? Tommy K, everyone
knows what tommy K is. No, they don't. Don't get on the
kids' bandwagon. I knew what tommy K was. No, you didn't. Even though I'm
a man who prefers Bobby Brown, I didn't know what tommy K was. No, you didn't. Oh, I did. Would you order anything
else with it, or was it just a bacon sandwich?
Well, it depends. If I'm feeling a bit
fruity, I'd have an OJ. Orange juice! I knew that. I knew that. Would you maybe add a bob? Would you add a bob to it? Shut up! Would you add a bob? A BOB, bit of butter.
Didn't you know that? A bit of butter? You're so old, Grandad! Why did you block
the Deliveroo account? Why didn't you just
stop ordering them? I tried that. I tried just not ordering,
but my willpower is obviously not good enough. So I e-mailed
the Deliveroo HQ, and basically asked them. I thought it was quite funny at the
time, but then they actually blocked
me. How did you word it? "Hello, I've got a bacon
sandwich addiction, "help, please block my account." LAUGHTER And did they get back to you? No, but I then tried to order
two days later and I couldn't log
into my account. It's been reinstated since. I e-mailed again, because it is
actually quite annoying. How did you e-mail? "Hello, I made an enormous mistake.
Please can I come back?" No, that was the e-mail
you sent to me. I certainly did not! What do you think, Ellie? She's telling it well,
but I don't think it's the truth. Why? Because… Lee… I think she's lying. I think she's clearly insane. I think it's true.
Absolutely true, 100%. Lee? Yeah, we'll say it's true.
You're going to say true? Toff, truth or lie? It is… true. Yes, it's true. Toff really did have to block
her own bacon sandwich orders.


  1. Bacon is poisonous in high doses it gives you a condition known as hypereucimia commonly known as gout which is a bad experience

  2. 1:48 I believe there's a tiny mistake there.
    He says; 'Even though (…) I díd know (…)"
    In the English subs it currently says; 'didn't know.'

  3. Interesting that Tommy K is slang for tomato ketchup… Are other forms of ketchup so common in the UK that you have to clarify it as "tomato"? Also, even if you just say ketchup, that's still one syllable less than "Tommy K"….

  4. That was lame af. Her life has been soooo uninteresting, that was the best they could come up with.

  5. When I saw that she was a guest I thought she would irritate the fuck out of me but actually she won me over. She's very likeable. Anyway, I regularly get deliveroo from short distance places. When you pay £7.99 a month for a subscription for unlimited free deliveries you want as many free deliveries as possible!

  6. Posh ladies are not attractive to me at all. Never have been. Toff is a one off though. Since seeing that jungle programme my views ya e changed. She is a proper top girl.

    That’s wife material. She is an incredible woman and always so positive and happy. Love her

  7. Nah she isn't posh it's all an act. No fucker develops a stupid fake accent like that, I could put on an accent go to somewhere people don't know me from and talk with a spoon up my arse and people would be none the wiser.

  8. I love Rhod Gilbert's wit. A panel of him, Lee, David, Greg Davies, Bob Mortimer & Henning Wehn would be magic.

  9. I'd deliver a bacon sarnie to her any day – and she wouldn't even have to get out of bed
    She's lovely

  10. I dunno if they have a friendship outside the show… but Lee Mack made one too many sexual comments towards a 24 year old lol

  11. I'm surprised Lee didn't jump on the opportunity to roast Rob when Rhod mentioned breakfast cereal…

  12. WHYYYYYYY why would you ruin delicious bacon with KETCHUP?????? no, its toasted bread, lettuce, tomato, bacon, and mayo if you like it

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