Geriatric Physician Laurie Archbald, MD

I’m Laurie Archbald, and I am a doctor in
geriatric medicine. So one of the great parts of geriatrics is
that we get to be a primary care provider or a consultant, and so we can focus on a
variety of geriatric conditions. Geriatric conditions like polypharmacy. As we age, we tend to accumulate diagnoses,
medications, and so we can help to review those medications to see if they’re all still
needed. In addition, we focus on function. So how’s somebody doing? Are they falling? Are they having difficulty with daily activities? And those are things that we can go through. In addition, cognition. So is anybody having difficulty with their
memory? Is that normal aging memory, or is it more
complex than that? And those are things that we sort through
in geriatrics. The most rewarding part of my job is getting
to know, not just my patients, but also their families. And understanding how their families work
together and what their goals are, and helping them achieve their goals, both in health and
in life. At our initial visits, we get to know our
patient. Often, they’ll come with family members, so
we’ll get to know the family as well. Understanding the social environment is really
important. Who do they live with? How are things working? We’ll go through medications and different
medical conditions that they’re had, hospitalizations, the standard internal medicine stuff, and
how’s their function, and how’s their cognition. So there’s a lot that we go through in that
first initial visit. I’m passionate about helping people. About helping people, especially our geriatric
patients that can be vulnerable in our medical system and have complex needs. I’m passionate about helping them, to be their
advocate, and to make sure that we’re working together for their health goals, and to really
get the quality of life that they’re looking for.

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