Germs, bacteria, and diseases living on your phone

is actually the front and back of somebody's phone but you can see that there's quite a lot of bacteria on that plate you know bacteria are part of our normal life they're not going to harm us they're not dangerous you can't be paranoid about bacteria because they're everywhere but clearly throughout the day you can possibly become exposed to potentially pathogenic bacteria so we began to question what about cell phones how contaminated are those cell phones so we have 19 people offer up their cell phones to be tested and we swab first the front of the cell phone and we swap the back of the cell phone so we have a total of 38 samples so when it comes to the laboratory what we do is we take those swabs we do a quick little wort Xing just to make sure it's an even distribution so now we're going to inoculate the specimen onto the media and we use two different types of auger plates they're actually kind of like food for the bacteria and for some plates we add different things that are going to help the bacteria grow so there's five percent sheep blood in there because bacteria like to use that sheep blood to grow and then we use a sterile plastic needle in order to kind of spread the specimen across that auger surface so we can get isolated colonies so what will happen now is we'll put these plates into an incubator that simulates the human temperature which is approximately 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit we'll look at them after 24 hours of incubation and then we'll look at them again after 48 hours so what was surprising is of the 19 individuals that allowed us to culture their phones all but two were positive for bacterial growth the most common bacteria we found would be things that you would find on your on your hands so here's an example those larger colonies you see are called bacillus but you can see that there's quite a lot of bacteria on that plate two of our subjects had potentially pathogenic bacteria on their phones one person had some colonies of Staphylococcus aureus over here the other person had the strain that we refer to as MRSA that's certainly not something you would want to get into a wound as it could cause an infection we know that a lot of people are using these phones in the bathroom and of those 19 people about 75 percent actually said yeah use the phone in the bathroom all the time two of those 75 percent of individuals did have positive growth for bacteria that we would normally associate with stool or feces you know so let's keep in mind that we did just take a snapshot of cell phones that were within one office but you know it just kind of supports the fact that maybe cleaning the phone on a regular basis might be that idea


  1. i don't use my phone while im in the toilet i sanitize it everyday because dust falls on it and i always touch it with clean hands

  2. Do you think it's gross to use the restroom and NOT wash your hands? If you answered yes, than it's gross to wash to touch your phone and not wash your hands. Your phone has more germs than a public toilet seat. There's even very small amount of feces on your phone. Your phone also has viruses and bacteria living on it that can make you sick, so you shouldn't use your phone while eating because then, when you eat, those germs enter your body through the mouth! (GROSS!) That's why you should wipe your phone down using Lysol wipes (Or any other disinfectant wipes) to KILL all those nasty germs and bacteria on your phone, your phone will then be germ free! I have serve Mysophohia (Phobia of germs) and I felt like passing out just watching this video!

  3. Me before this vid:Oops almost dropped the phone in the toilet
    Me after this video: GIB ME EVERY DISINFECTANT THAT HAS BEEN EVER MADE!11!!1!1!1

  4. What I do to sanitize my toothbrush from time to time is to take the top part off (it's an electric toothbruth with a detachable head), put it in a tube and soak it with mouthwash overnight. I do this about every 1-2 weeks.

  5. so buy unbacterial phones like tempers glass saphire or cristal and cleen they cases… like normal people

  6. Sees this,
    I'll never use my cell phone in the bathroom again.
    seen playing GTA on this psp in the bathroom.

  7. The reason they are so disgusting is because people don’t ever wash their hands or wipe their phones. That’s why you feel this disgusting sweatish boogery mix of disgustingness. Like when do people ever wipe their phones

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