Get Outdoors – Planning Essentials – #7 Take Sufficient Supplies – First Aid Kit

Having a good first aid kit is essential
for any trip. Whether you’re tramping, hunting, mountain biking or climbing. A first-aid kit should always come with you. You can get these from most outdoor
stores or you can put it together yourself if you want to customise it. Either way, your kit should carry these essential items at a minimum. Antiseptic wipes. Used to wipe away dirt and keep wounds clean. Band-aids. Having three different
types will be useful. Saline solution. Used to irrigate any cuts. Sterile Gauze. Used to stop the bleeding of wounds too big for a band-aid. Wound dressing. To protect wounds. Crepe bandage. Used to keep gauze and dressing in place. It’s also useful for keeping swelling down. Scissors, tweezers… Jordan, did you steal my
tweezers again to pluck your eyebrows? No, definitely wasn’t me. Anyway. Safety pins, strapping tape, pain killers, anti-inflammatory, antihistamines and personal medication. Remember, check your first-aid kit before you go out to
replenish any items that have been used or stolen once you get back. *Ouch* Abby Do you have that first-aid kit?
I think I cut myself while I was… adventuring. No, sorry Jordan this is just the planning video. Check out our ‘Using your first aid kit video’ for some help. Oh well, fair enough. Your eyebrows look fantastic! Thanks, I grow them… …out of my face.

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