Get to know a Primary Care Physician at VHA

[Background Music] [Dr. Brookman]
My name is Dr. Jeff Brookman and I am primary care physician for our
spinal cord injured patients. So these are Veterans who are
paralyzed, who have multiple sclerosis – these types of problems that
involve the spinal cord. [Talking to Dan] “Here, let’s
get this all set up for you.” [Dr. Brookman] And an enormous part
of that really involves the nursing and the social work issues that are
very integral to taking care of any patient, but particularly
this group of patients here. [Talking to Dan]
“Checking the circulation.” [Dr. Brookman] Having this type of
technology available at our fingertips is an enormous aid to taking care of
people who have these types of challenges. [Dan] You can come in and
see a doctor here and you’re not in and out in five
minutes. They actually care. [Dr. Brookman] Patients here really
don’t care how much you know until they know just how much you care.
And it’s a very important mindset to get, and here at the VA it’s
an incredible — an incredible atmosphere. It’s a real privilege to do this,
taking care of people like Dan; we have a good time. We have a good
time. I tell people, people don’t work for me; we work together
here, and that’s a very important philosophy to get going. [Dr. Brookman] “I could not do it without
Yvonne – shes’s great; she’s terrific.” [Dan] “Look at her face.” [Dr. Brookman] So I don’t have a
job, I have a mission, and that mission is doing what I’m doing here.
And I am very proud to do this. I look at this as a five-star medicine program. [Dr. Brookman to Dan]
“All right then, all right, so we’ll see you back
in about six weeks?” [Dan] “About six weeks.” [Dr. Brookman to Dan] “All right, buddy,
all right. Thank you very much.” [Dr. Brookman] I’m extremely
honored to do what I’m doing. So I’m very proud to be here.
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