Get to Know Your Naturally Slim Team: Health Coach, Robin Patton

my name is Robin Patton and I have a Masters in Social Work and I am a health coach at naturally the way that I got into health coaching is I got my masters in social work because I loved to be a helper and so I was working at children's children's hospital in the emergency room and I also worked in a program for people with different abilities and getting them help in their homes and Marsha brought me on board and said hey we got this great program and we know you're a helper and we think that you could really work with our participant and so I came over got to another program fell in love with helping people and Here I am today I have worked at naturally slim for 11 years 11 glorious years so when I started over a decade ago at naturally slim and we were really getting started and we could only do small groups at a time but we were thinking how in the world are we gonna get this to people all across the country and I think the first day that we had 40,000 people start the program on the same day was just this moment of look at all the lives were able to touch and we worked so hard to get there and here we are and it really just showed we were making a difference the biggest things I think I see people make when they're first starting out is they want to do too many things at one time so they start the naturally slim program and they start a new bootcamp and they decide they're gonna get up in the morning and meditate an hour a day and then of those things by themselves are bad but we can only take so much change at a time and so we see people try to do all these drastic things at one time and when one of them doesn't work out then it all kind of crumbles and we're all kind of all or nothing so if one thing quits working then we give up the rest so starting one thing at a time and once you get that down then moving on to the next thing is a little bit better approach start small and any success is a success so I talked about we're all or nothing if you can only do one or two things those first few days that's great you did one or two things don't think about the things you didn't do and then you can slowly add those in over time but we're gonna teach you how to enjoy the foods you really love we're not gonna limit you give you a list of foods and shouldn't booze there's not gonna be a day of the week where you have to eat all the food that you can so that the rest of the week you can follow your regimen and another difference that I really love about Natura slim is the heart of the people I work with is really to help others that's our goal that's what we're talking about in meetings and that's why I've been here for so long earing participant stories hearing from you and hearing one of our favorite ones that still makes us tear up is my son could wrap his arms around and hug me for the first time or I got to go hike with my kids and that's something they've been doing I've never gotten to do or just knowing that you're gonna be around and make memories that you're gonna be able to enjoy those memories and that's so much more important than all the other stuff those are the things that we're really working everyday for I'm with my kids so that is my free time running around playing Barbie yoga if I need something a little bit more than I like to get outside with the girls and move around the neighborhood a little bit blue oh it's hard for me to have a pet peeve um I don't know I don't get annoyed that easily soured in coffee talkin fourth-of-july biggest holiday in my family don't beat yourself up one of the words of wisdom I would give you is don't beat yourself up over anything that goes wrong always focus on what you've done well and build on those things so I think we get so used to GT or I fell off the wagon or whatever it is don't look at it that way if you eat a cake at least you didn't eat the plate in the china that went with it you start the next day and you pick back up again continue on and you'll be successful over time you're going to have it Todd would say hills and valleys and that's totally fine get back up that hill once you get out of the valley you

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