1. Thank you for creating this video! I'm in my junior year of undergrad and I've been trying to find as much information about the Clinical Psych PhD admission process as possible. This was very helpful!

  2. I got into UNLV's Clinical Psych Ph.D. program, and this information was spot on! Thank you, Dr. Walker. I will be sharing this with as many people as I can that I feel will value your advice.

  3. I'm a student of MA clinical psychology from IGNOU University of India. I want to do further studies in Chicago but I am confused about universities there and which course to do in future after my Master's program. Someone plsss help???

  4. Hi! Thank you so much for this video. I do have one question. If the research you’ve been involved in doesn’t align with the professor’s research you wish to work with, is that a bad thing? For instance if I’ve been working with research dealing with ADHD and would like to work with a professor who is studying eating disorders, would I not be a good fit?

  5. Dr. Walker,

    Thank you for pointing out the importance of reseach experiences! To be honest I felt completely lost upon getting reseach experience because I only spent about a year in my 4 year college as me being a transfer student from community college then becoming a long distance student due to my job. Would you be able to give me little more advice if you don't mind? I am serving as a healthcare specialist in the army at the moment- which is not relevant to research in clinical psychology at all, my work is mostly consisted of screening patients including the mental health portion… Would you consider such work experience as a factor that could count positively upon phd/psyd applications? Thank you 🙂

  6. Thank you dr walker for this amazing video. I am considering applying to a phd program when i finish my current undergraduate program!! This was very helpful . How do programs view research experience done in senior years of undergrad or even post bacc? Is it frowned upon if you haven't been doing research for at least 2-3 years ? Thanks so much 🙏🏿 (P.S my last name is walker too so we could be related 😊)

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