hi guys so this morning I found myself in their local public hospital today I've got really really bad tooth problem my crown broke and the back of my mouth and I've been absolute agony for the last two days so I come here to get treated by a dentist I thought I'd try and do a little bit of vlogging at the same time for you to see what health care public health care is like in Ghana and the procedure etc so I've just taken a registration card and I'm waiting in line to be seen by the dentist painkillers no one's business so it's time to get it treated so they have a system here obviously because I'm not a citizen I can and so I'm waiting to be seen at the x-ray department they have national health insurance here which I really need to get that sorted out but for the time being you have to pay every step of the way for each service that you want so I'm now waiting for an x-ray so there's a lot of back-and-forth in the hospital here basically I went to get a card to register at the hospital then I had to wait for the nurses to do me a general checkup you know like wait blood pressure and then they sent me to the dentist that actually wasn't bad because I didn't really wait that long and he just looked at my mouth they said I have to have an x-ray so then I had to go to the x-ray department that wasn't bad either didn't queue for long I waited a little bit for the actual x-ray then I had to go and pay and when I thought where I was paying was the place it actually wasn't they just send you to another place where they write out the receipt then you take the receipt back to where I was before to pay the money so that's where I'm at at the moment so now I'm going back to the x-ray department to see whether I can now actually get my tooth looked at so I've been here for like two hours already so let's see hi my lovely so unfortunately I couldn't film much at the hospital cause obviously have to think about other patients and stuff anyway generally speaking it was an okay experience I was able to see the dental team two lovely ladies and a guy quite young I was impressed by the fact that they would look like they were not fresh out of university but you know there were a young crew most of the hospital staff I realized they were quite young so they had a look at the x-ray in detail they were quite knowledgeable they explained basically my crown has cracked and then there's pressure on my nerve and that's causing an abscess so yeah it's quite excruciating actually it's very very very painful it's my top right back tooth and it's kind of like sitting on a bone as well so it sits on a bone and a nervous exposed this is just like a whole lot so they it was by the time they actually saw me it was really painful so that guy numb the area but the only thing I didn't like is that he he put the injection right in the light the core of the pain like he didn't know normally when they numb your teeth they numb around it but he did once all around here and then he just went in on one oh my god I screamed and I boxed the injection out of his hat so yeah it was to be honest that wasn't really his fault though I think well I kind of think he should have positioned the needle in a better place not so like right slap bang the place is painting me but the lady the the dental actual dentist she was really nice very patient so they so they prescribed me these really strong antibiotics for the infection unfortunately at the actual hospital pharmacy they didn't have everything that I wanted so I had to go out to an outside pharmacy and these are painkillers very strong painkillers and I checked everything on Google to make sure that they were giving me you know the right stuff so yeah I've taken those and then this is the x-ray that I did on my tooth this cost 70 cities which is about five pounds like I said you have to pay each step of the way so yeah that's the x-ray there that the medicine also cost me 70 cities so and then they also and then you have to register these are all my receipts you have to register at the dot at the hospital when you arrive they do have a national health card system if you live in Ghana which reduces your hospital bill every time you come which I have to look in to get in but this was just for me to register these all the receipts they give you a receipt for everything here that was my card registration receipt this one was my x-ray receipt and then these are the receipt for my consultation at the dental department and there is a lot of going up and down paying for things and getting receipts etc but sorry because they did me black hole or sit called high blood pressure test and weights luck sort of like just general just general test so yeah I was actually not there for long I don't think I was in there for a shorter period ever in London because in London when you go into like a A&E we they're up to like four hours but we've gone are they don't really have GPS as such so it's like if anything's wrong with you it's straight down to the hospital which I kind of think is quite good because then you're not messing about with GP and all that and referrals everything is like once your money's ready either you can go straight to the source so yeah I mean I didn't the only the only part of it that took long was the x-ray because there was a lot of light though pain here go get receipt go do this and that there was a lot of up and down with that but the actual going to see the dentist itself was good the environment was clean I mean you hear a lot of horror stories about garden hospitals but I must admit they were you know pleasant enough I mean there's not a lot of smiling and not enough they came they tend to be quite Stern but the dental team that I had they were really actually quite nice and the guy was even quickly and little bit of a joke which you know I thought was nice so on the whole I'd give the eight out of ten I felt like I was treated well and I was just impressed in the speed in which I got seen to there were people and a number of people that came in in wheelchairs that I've had like accidents and I could see that they were kind of like waiting around a little bit so yeah so I've taken the painkillers now and I'm feeling a bit drowsy and the antibiotics I think are starting to kick in so I got to go back on Tuesday to have the tooth taken out which I'm not really looking forward to one damn bit but I'm going to do it here because it's a it's an absolute fraction of the price I will pay because in London if I get my tooth taken out it's gonna cost me about two hundred and fifty pounds whereas in Garner's gonna cost me ten pounds and I was really glad that they didn't attempt to take the tooth out because it's infected and I know in London if you're two selected they like to treat it first with antibiotics you know to get the swelling down and to relieve some of the pressure so I was impressed with the fact that they didn't just try and start with pinning out because that I would have just probably would have just collapsed so they said take the antibiotics to get the infection down when the infection is down then the pain will be less and then they come work on taking it out so yeah guys so that's me health care in Ghana this is my second trip to a hospital in Ghana in the last six months and I must say you know I haven't experienced any like horror stories my German had my tooth taken out yet so watch this space but yeah and it'll bit of an update on healthcare and hospital treatment in Ghana please share your comments with me if you've ever had treatment in Ghana your experience to be honest I feel like they're doing the best they can with what they have it's a public hospital so it's not private because I felt like you know what let me just see what the average Joe has to contend with because obviously I could have gone private and everything but for what I was getting done you know I just felt like you know you know because my cousins are doctor my cousin's a surgeon and so when I called him he didn't say to me to go to a private clinic he said so for me to go to a public hospital and I asked him I said you know will I get treated well he said yeah some of the best doctors work in public health so yeah I'm kind of like happy I'm happy with the medicine that was given I've checked it on Google I've checked the expiry date what they gave me was made in Germany so yeah I've done my homework and yeah so I get some sleep thank you for watching my channel if you like this type of content if you're new please subscribe if you're new let me know you're a new subscriber for all my returnees you girl your young heart is a little bit worse for wear but we're hanging in there I'm actually gonna my cousin is actually gonna be giving me some shots for my keloids that I had removed so far they're healing really well but in order to suppress any growth I have to get these injected as well so are we going to see my cancer that I'm gonna hopefully he's going to do an interview on my channel about you know health care being a doctor in gone and so that should be interesting anyway take care peace out


  1. I also recently had a good or fair experience at a public hospital. Cheap and good service and got scan report same day!!! Result!!!

  2. I guess every crack of a cap is different.i went to a dentist, they xrayed my mouth. They also noticed when they flossed near the cap, all my teeth near the cap would move slightly. They gave me painkillers & antibiotics, and then removed the cap. They put a false cap on. I was sent to a mouth surgeon, cannot remember the exact title. My jaw was infected & i had surgery ( in the US) to remove the infection from the bone (scraping the bone off) immediately, as it was an emergency. I could not speak (open my mouth wide) for about 4 days; &, for about 10 days could only eat Jelly, custard, rice pudding, McDonalds Milk Shake, Popeyes mash potato with gravy. Then after about 14 days I was checked again, & had another xray. Then I was sent back to the dentist. The stitches had dissolved (across my L lower jaw bone) by then & they put on a new cap (size measured & ordered when they put on the temp crown). Have not had any problems since. Good luck to you. We are sending lots of healing prayers & blessings to you.

  3. Weather u like it or not UK doctors are not soo better then Ghanaian doctors
    even if is in UK here they will just remove that dirty teeth from ur mouth so you won’t come to them to disturb again,I have been in UK for 9years,i knew what I’m talking about,Ghanaian doctors are not soo dumb like how u think they will give u bad prescription idiot,you made it look like they don’t no what they the first place why didn’t you asked google to give u prescription before going to them if you thing they are dumb idiot..

  4. Shut up I’m Ghanaian I’m not English
    I think I have done well for to understand what i mean in English language idiot

  5. Says,i check on Google if u check on there,why didn't u go to google to give u x ray foolish disgracing our doctors, turning their hope down, u made very foolish silly coomment, you didn't give respect to our doctors, what is special in uk doctors then ghanaian doctors stupid, I live in London streatham I know everything in uk health system ok.even u need to work on ur teath stupid

  6. You are very stupid says u didn't check on Google to find out they did give u right thing what did u mean about that.i live in London strathem, how much London doctors are very good then Ghana doctors, why u not sure ghanaina doctors are not good and u want there to look after ur fooling ninety teath for u stupid

  7. Hi Sis, I am sorry about the pain. I am glad that the pre-treatment experience has gone well. I pray that your upcoming procedure will also go smoothly. To answer your question about hospital experiences in Ghana, I and my family have also had great experiences. Comparing the public and private hospitals, both were good experiences. Get some rest and keep us updated. Peace, love and blessings!

  8. You should have went to a Private hospital, those young interns will kill you. You've got the money, stop acting like you are poor…. Nevertheless I hope you're better soon..


  10. Hello 👋 I Pray All is Well With You My Beautiful Sister I Pray GOD BLESS You YOU WITH SPEEDY RECOVERY IN JESUS CHRIST ALMIGHTY NAME AMEN 🙏🏾 🙇🏾‍♀️🙇🏾‍♀️🙇🏾‍♀️🙇🏾‍♀️🤗🥰🥰❤️🙏🏾❤️

  11. Get well soon Yaa – Sorry to hear about your tooth but I'm pleased to hear the experience was good at the dentist.

  12. Wishing you a speedy recovery sis! Nothing like being ill to knock you off your game but I know you'll be half to your best soon.

  13. Have you repatriated to Ghana yet? Or, do you have dual citizenship with London, England? I thought being a citizen, you would have a discount on medical services.

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