Girl in a Party Dress Acrylic Painting on Canvas for Beginners

Hey everybody, I’m Cinnamon Cooney, your Art Sherpa and I believe I’m LIVE TODAY! we are happy New Year’s. I hope you guys are doing great. I hope you guys are ready for 2017 if you’re coming in you’re in 2017 is going to be an awesome painting for you too for everybody on replay. You do. It was a little bit to catch our wave. Catch our stream today which is why were delayed. Yeah. Sometimes the tag of all of this stuff is extraordinary. I’m not even sure where we are where we’re we’re from the inner tubes were some places live. So where we are watching us live. Hi how are you doing. Good to show you how to paint the party dress today and explain to everything you need to know to succeed at this painting. This is really possible for first time painter for a real beginner painter. These techniques are real easy to adapt and do. Tools are easy and inexpensive I mean the whole thing is just going to be such a lot of fun if you saw us yesterday live and you’ve come back from that. I thank you for coming back after seeing us paint all day. It’s my husband’s birthday today. It is. We don’t talk about that. It’s super secret super secret super secret. Fool me get my coffee. Dutch coffee so we’re going to guide you through everything and the materials but the first thing we like to do on our live events is put wishes for our community into the canvas and we have just for sure return wish for heart for. A little boy that we’re you know hoping that his heart surgery and heart goes really well. And there have been a lot of requests for wish to love and hope. Do you have any would like me to add to the Canby’s. Ms. Besides Happy birthday John. I got one Happy Birthday John and for everybody who has a birthday although in December and the beginning of January. Yes although we celebrate with all of you and the year beginning of the year people. Happy Birthday peeps. I am using a kind of pastel pencil and it disappears into my paint easily does it. So you’ve got to really think about what you’re writing your wishes in the canvas whether they will stay through Oh say it isn’t what I’m like give you three guesses of how many people in the room because right now 300 if you could it is more than that. I have no idea how many people were 370 people. Melanie. How low we’re going to give you the best years and do it in a reasonably safe thing because you’re at home enjoying yourself celebrating your new year. You started with the right party music. It it’s party time today. Wow. Thank you guys for coming. Well we’ll get to what was going to work with bubbles and we have picture picture all sorts of stuff yeah we do to picture. If you don’t draw in the link below you see a link to the traceable trace walls kept on the dot com as well. And what that basically is about is I don’t think drawing is what is required to paint. It’s nice to be able to draw a learnable skill. A lot of great YouTube channel is about drawing. But if you don’t try yet. Don’t let that stop you from having a good time with your friends and your family being creative. My art stuff. A lot of artists don’t even draw. John is running stuff today’s materials for an 11 by 14 canvas board. These kind of impacts are really economic. They’re great to paint on and also easy on storage. I know some of you were like on painting 200 300 so storage is getting to be a thing and so we’re starting to think about that in our in our practice in designing stuff because we know you guys are like their Texas snow. I love Texas. No it’s that we don’t get any actual snow here or any type of Sherpa today and it was fantastic. You were the devil sure. We are already doing double trip. Then you have to come on give me a birthday gift I can give you birth. You have to and a little birthday jingle. We usually hit Sherpa which is 300. Anything. Somewhere in the middle of the show you’re dead. Did you stab your daughter will divorce you. I’ve been forbidden to get tortured it’s cool. So it’s Joan’s birthday today. As many of you know I love all these bubbles. Puffy loves all the bubbles too. She’s like having a whole we two things there for her. Today’s materials are real simple acrylic pick colors. They’re titanium white Mars black hole where we were like a pushbutton. OK titanium white marsh black yellow ochre bright Sienna yellow green. Now you’ll notice here on my thing it’s a blue shade. A lot of pain. Will tell you because it doesn’t matter it’s all Bush. Cinnamon was trying to be so nice for you guys but turning those tubes upside down so that she could read them that way but she doesn’t know it was I have secretly arranged the camera so quite accurate or magenta as well as they little blue. You don’t have to turn them upside down. This here we can I see that. I’m also using acrylic glazing liquid you can get this at Michaels and different crafts supplies and online. I’ve got links to all these products down below in my descriptions so you can easily get to them but you can find them most places. This slows down the drying time of my paint. It doesn’t draw me so fast and allows me to glaze at the same time too. And then today I’m going to be doing my Dahlberg Stob my little pouncer. I’m sure that’s how I do my Bouck effect which is the out of focus effect that photographers have made so big. I feel like 2016 was brought to you but look I’m going to put out a little white paint my golden white paint. You can use different brands or materials going to say that we have we have we have over 400 for people in the room right now. People Yeah. I hope you are paying along because if you want to just mellow out and just chill Jackson. Like watching other people hate for but go for your holiday. That’s a good thing too. There’s going to be very easy. Very relaxed Oh yeah I’m doing a girl. What’s awesome is some of you guys came to our live last night and but this is going to be really easy to actually show you how you paint it. Yeah. Which to me is exciting. So. All right. So I put out these little plop she’ll notice of acrylic paint. And I have my two inch stiff white nylon brush. These are very inexpensive and I really like them for this. One of the things they do they don’t over soak up water. So if I dip in I just dip the brush a little bit into the water drag off the extra water. I don’t want it to be crazy wet. If you find your breath when you touch it you’re like wow that’s just really wet just wipe it off on a towel and you’ll be fine. I’m going to load up and when I say that I mean like getting my brush in the paint. I come from the outside in my paint shop here. I’m just trying to get the tips of my Russel’s let me come over and get a couple spots. You can kind of see it there. Oh yeah. My Okkar. So it’s not all of it. OK. Just some. And again just to be cheeky The little Bert C-A to all somebody little brushes with his tie. So there you go. We had a little bursts just make stir. I’m going to take a brush stroke a nice wide brush stroke from the top down just covering the canvas. Let’s pull up our picture and picture for you as well. Yes. You can see how this is going. I’m just going in there and the brush really just does all of this work for me. And another thing that you can do is you can put out your glazing with if you have it you don’t have to use this. This is me being very spoiled and really liking this stuff yeah. It is not a mint. Most of my years as a painter without it I just really like it. I’m happy to say those of you that have found it have said a whole new how was totally cool. Now sometimes you find good stuff as a painter. I felt like I got a little too much brown there and also sort of wiped it off. Going to come here. And. Here. That right there again. I’m to in a little here with camera V.I.P girl nonagenarian reset that and put my picture in picture input. It’s just oh ok. And I want to kind of pick up a little more yellow ochre. Feel like I’m not getting in a little yellow ochre some a load a little more of my brush. Come get some white and just come back and just make sure you see that nice streaking effect then I’m getting this is what makes us feel like we’ve just come into a well-lit party. Parties have very special lighting not just special emotional space but I think they have very special lighting. Oh. I mean to get a little white in there. Go ahead and get a little brown. And add that. There you go. Just getting the streaks brushing out my words not that they’re not beautiful words they’re beautiful words. Right. Sometimes the words are beautiful and you can just see them working. I don’t really mix it on the brush. Know more going nothing like what out some of these inexpensive canvases when you work with them when you paint with them. You’re going to notice that they are almost resistant. A paint portrait thing to know is it’s not you. I was a little technical thing here sorry. What was the technical. No I was just sorry I was slow on some my switching there. So now it’s your birthday. So everybody give John a break it’s his birthday. Well we’ve had a fantastic crew out here today and one of the legacies we got huge attendance both on Facebook and on YouTube. Did we actually make it to Facebook. I don’t want to say anything Facebook. We got over we’ve got over 100 people here on Facebook with us and almost 500 people here on YouTube. So thank you guys for all coming. DOn’t FORGET TO LIKE COMMENT subscribe and share please if you guys on Facebook please hit that share button helps get the word out there. YouTube you as well. Love hanging out with you guys. We’ll do more shenanigans here as the show goes on. We’re going to let cinnamon show you how to get this awesome backroom ocean Harrigan’s all the time again for sure shenanigans relaxing good vibes mellowing out being happy. That is what I’m saying I’m declaring now 2017. Hello bubbles. It’s just going to be about being happy no let’s make it about that. Let’s make it about feeling great. Oh yeah. And feeling lazy so you’ll notice that I really tried to keep a very streaky canvas here. Oh yeah. And that really just gives that effect of beaming light coming down. And if it gets too dark. Yes. All you got to do come back was some white and just streak. Look lighten it right up. You want more dark downward streaks you can add those back in. You can paint this several layers. Awesome. So I’m going to rinse this out. Why are you doing that I’m going to say hey little brush Matty all of us joining us. Thanks for joining us. I love little shout out so you can I love little brushes. We get asked a lot like what age is that little brushing I say. Little brushes or whatever age they want to be. Yes. It’s really up to you whether you are or not self-declared little brushes. Workbox picture picture go. There it is. It’s. It’s given me feels today. So now is it. These are not expensive. Great. They just come in a bunch of sizes. Sometimes they come with just handles it really really. There’s several different companies that make these they’re all the same cost range. And they just have little sponges. The trick is is that you want different sizes. If you paint with me alive you’ll know we like to use a pound or two or two or two to create an effect something to get my glazing liquid on my MID’s almost my biggest pouncer this is. Now you have these in the description I have this exact set in the description. OK. So if you’re trying to find think of. You can find it and notice some sort of twist thing to load my paint on. Yes and I have to do is come over here plant this down the canvas and go twist on me you know to my glazing liquid let’s this can’t this paint be sort of transparent. Oh yeah. So you can still see kind of the under the paint underneath the words underneath there and it kind of looks like on my camera that it rings a little washed out. But it’s actually just very gold. It’s very Do you need to adjust your camera. Well you know we give them a I’m going to go and just get some Okur notice I’m not rinsing or worrying about the sponge at all. This is a mid-size I have an economy set and you’ll see this little counseling there. This will work too. Don’t feel like it’s got to be some crazy tool. I’m still over here. OK. So it doesn’t have to be a crazy tool it’s just nice if they have different sizes and I like it. If they’ll go quite small I think that gives the best result in the Bocca technique to have a variety of sizes. And when you’re doing Bocca what you’re really trying to mimic is a camera focus and so much better when this lens effect happens it will have some areas that are darker and lighter and the gory there and have some fun with it. I’m a book out now what I do to keep these nights is when I’m not when I’m through using them. I soak them in water so they don’t dry probably gosh well the 500 people have over 400 likes. Thank you. Thank you very much specific to that. I’ve got my Starbucks on New Year’s Starbucks new year’s style. They’re not a spa. They don’t sponsor anybody because they know we’re all addicted to it and therefore they don’t have to they’re like yes they’ll just drink our product. What do you need to worry about. Pat but I do have like the best people on the planet. Working there I love them you know. So I’m taking it some sizes down so you can see the different sides I’m picking one to about that big. Yeah. You can use this in so many so many techniques. This is endless fun. We did this with Jack Schelling 10 which was super fine. We’ve done this on a lot of paintings. We did a really complicated one with a butterfly that was from a viewer picked photograph. Sometimes we’ll do that. How’s your birthday going. Do you know what. We have a record turnout of people to come and hang out with us to fight like this is like you know for me I love to live without a net stuff so the more people that are here the more exciting life. 8 in this non-SS there were people who were like yes let’s all do this. It’s like I just get more excited about it I think it’s fun. I do too. Is when you’re doing birth is at the end of the year the beginning of your can feel really tough I guess. Yeah. You know I have to say I break out on that one. I got some brown brown some Brown. That’s nice. I like that. I like how you make that Boka just pop in there and you’re just going to zoom in on some of these OK. Yeah I’ll show you my choice. Oh whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa. I’m going to come over for rope. Webcams a little old. And now all is brand new. All right New York we won. OK. So we’re going to plan to see it. And we just twist and I’m not sure this is what Martha Stewart meant what the hell but I’m coming over here to scorner All right come in and just twist and like this has been very successful for people. Yes. They’ve been very very successful with this. You can come in and do more Yoker if you want where Let’s go here. All right. I think it’s also nice to layer dots over other dots. Oh yeah. So that there’s some depth to your pretend one is the fact that you’re painting she says she’s fine. And then all I’m going to do now I’ll show you here to hold this to I get a chance to insist that as this story this floating in water. So that acrylic paint doesn’t dry on it cool if you’re acrylic paint dries just on anything you don’t want it to. I have a video about how to repair brushes but one of the first tricks is rubbing alcohol even hand sanitizer will break down acrylic paint inside and close your floors gets on anything. Alcohol wipes are your friend. Just something you might not know that you’d like to know. And that’s what it is. It’s just a sponge Dobber it is what it is just a sponge pouncer. OK. And you can find we’ve got a link for those dollar stores crafts stores. They’re everywhere. These particular ones we put in the description link but these things are everywhere. You just want a circular sponge that you can twist some clever person cut their own out. You can use a sink sponge and cut it around here. They did. And then that would probably be just as well. I’m going to take the birthday boy and do his least favorite thing that I do during a live show which is tear dry the painting only if you’re brand new to painting when your hair drying you want to be a little bit back from the camera moving it around. Not too high of a temperature because acrylic paint is slightly tempered well not slightly It’s very active off some stuff while you’re gone. Yeah. OK. So you want to not overheat the painting drank it can make it over dark. So. All right. Well you’re doing it man. So we had. A really good time yesterday and I’m going to see if I can. I don’t have to do some button pushing while we’re talking here. But. The Lisa and I after the show went over and took the image you’ll actually have it right here. And he pulls back up. We took the image from yesterday’s show and made a mug out of it. And this turned out really really good. We’re really proud of this. I may have the wrong on and worked out well. Let me see if I can get a better. Eric let me try this. There you go. So it turned out really nice. We were really happy with how this mug turned out you can get it at shop. The art Sherpa dotcom. And we’re going to be giving away that painting of course if you go out to the Yorkshire product it’s got all the art all the information on that. But we had such a good time with that and a whole bunch people asked for it when it hit me that I thought that was really cool so I kind of want to share that up there. What else. Oh my gosh we have a record number of people here. I cannot believe how many of you just come to hang out with you with us. Thank you thank you thank you so much. And thank you for all the happy birthdays. Really appreciate you appreciate it. It’s rare that I get to have a birthday. I’m actually and I can say honestly I’ve never ever had a birthday with this many people. So thank you for sort of the Happy Fourth to be here. So well I think she’s drawing her art. Yeah. Is rough. All of her life. Painting with people sipping coffee. I’m sometimes more serious than those but not often not often but I was just saying you know I showed them the mug that we made and said I thought that was awesome. When you get it. And you know they should go and hang out w o the archer. But look I got one of those I forgot this. So here’s what we do here we teach people how to paint very often in a painting party style. And we do that for free and we have three videos a week at minimum to put out there that you can just come access any time and it looks like now it’s YouTube and Facebook. You can get to those lessons so you can the airport you need something to watch just mellow out to some art. Right right there in your phone. There’s always we’ve got a chat going in both places now. We’re joined on Facebook on YouTube or on the grounds that I’ll take a pencil. No painting. Now we’re onto the girl. I’m going to do this in pencil. But mostly I just do this so that you guys can see this sketch them and show you how I draw this in. But again they’re still traceable. I have a lot of you transfer the image lines to the graphite method on the back flip it over. Actually if you see a girl walking in the rain actually Demel that specifically there so you can see me do that. And plus she’s a fantastic fast fast 12 30 minutes. I’m going to draw this girl in though. Yes. And the first thing I can do is to place her head. I to turn and I think I am yeah I’m three fingers about down from the top of the canvas and my in my study. Sometimes I do these without studies like yesterday where I just have an idea I’m going to just curve this around for the back of her skull shes got this hair. In them and to bring down a little bit or foreheads in a show and then she this nice delicate little cheek comes down to go to the gym pulls back in first sweet little chin. I dont really see any of her face rate. It’s just this sort of wind she’s looking off into something in the party it’s its calling to her. And then I want a very nice long long current then real life delicate little neck you an IV. Yeah. And what I know is my beautiful bun right there. She’s got a sweet gentle slope to her shoulders. And if you think that there’s just a little ball joint here she ran a little shoulder off and the shoulders help me decide how to taper her body and her waist because I need to leave room for the arm right. So there has to be some space for her arms. Now I’ve got her ribs which are set really at the dip of the shoulder. Mean if you’re thinking human anatomy they’re set right there. Now we’re going to play a little bit. We’re going to pretend she is just a size 0 0. But I have to tell you when you’re doing these girls think of anything that makes you happy. I’m infamous for putting a lot of junk in my girls trunks. I do the monkey on the Kardashians thing come in tribute paintings all the time. I keep saying no. We have a new record. We have to go with a new a new name for what what we have today because we have we have over 500 likes and over 500 people here in the room with us today and we’ve got we have I think we have to do a full bubble sparkle party full bubbles. I think it has to be I wish it was a German sparkle party but we haven’t gotten permission to use the song but we can imagine it in her head. And thank you guys we love having you all out here. So it’s it’s it’s a party here in our studio. I don’t think there’s anything as funny as John Alabang. I don’t think there’s anything more bubbles when a thousand people a thousand people look at it you know what’s funny is I could paint solid through bubbles. You know I don’t even need to stop the bubbles the bubbles can roll on. We’ll just we’ll have some more of Texas snowflakes floating down. It does. It does occasionally mess with with no room. Cam doesn’t like robo cam does not like the smell. They mess with the focus here cameras for manual focus but robot cam is confused and distracted by bubbles. What some folks food floats by. There he goes. Not so I don’t know if anybody here has ever watched Gypsy Wedding. Specially the European edition but can I imagine she’s got quite a lot of weight on the skirt like 100 pounds hundred pounds of fabric. Pull us up. I want a little bit of the canvas to the side. I might need to move up my easel I have this chair. So I used to paint giant canvases. Still can usually do I still occasionally do you sketch that down. The reason that I don’t often do graphite is graphite can bleed into acrylic paint which is great if you want it. A bummer if you don’t see a drop on Eisele arm hair I like to curve it in come out for the bicep muscle little thing about elbows elbows always are lined up at the waist. So no matter what your girl’s proportions are and I always say this to my Daryn she’s drawing is what you want the elbows to line up at the waist. Do a little bend in her arm coming off there. Maybe I’ll pull her down just a little bit so we see a little more of her arm. We kind of have to figure out how you can tell that story and a little arm down here. I have a little eraser here which is sort of funny that it works but it does. Nobody’s ever seen me do this. But you can if the acrylic paint is dry you can actually race a little graphite if you need to. Things you might not know it’s like you make sure I have that nice sort of delicate arm that goes off the sides. Now that we have her in I’m going to show you a very simple skin tone. If you paint with me a long time you know already people come in every conceivable combination of amazing colors. And as artists we have to just you know embrace that and look at that and I have books I recommend on color mixing for that. But we’re going to do a very very simple skin tone and I’m telling you how to customize that for your preferences. And it’s really easy. Good for beginners. Very friendly. So I’m going to I mean skin tone rate at its base mostly but not always has a bit of a peach cast to it sometimes it’s a warmer sometimes it’s a ruddier sometimes it’s a Pinker you know in so when working with that that’s what we want to do I’m going to pull out my trusty bright. This is a number four right. It’s the size of the brushes right here. Number four. You can see what it is in relationship to my thumb. Yeah. Has a stiff bristle sometimes brushes can have a really soft bristle it makes it hard to paint. He says this is for credit paint and has a stiff bristle but it’s synthetic not bristles because bristles will soften when they get wet. And I mean take a little of my corner Akra down over to my yellow ochre. And I still want my yellow ochre I want her to be a pink. But I’m going to add a little of my burnt sienna to it when I say a little I’m talking about see that little be there. Yeah. I’m not having big amounts. When you look at skin tone recipes it’ll say one part to two parts this and really they’re talking about about that much pain unless you’re mixing it up with a pallet. Yeah. So once I have a base color I like I offload my brush which is I press off paint. If you have trouble doing that you can always wipe out on sacrificial towel or paper towel. Yes. Just don’t put it back in your kitchen. Never underestimate Yes don’t eat. Don’t eat with paint. I’m going to bring this over to my white and I’m going to make light skin tone and I’m going to point out that it’s the amount of lightning to it that determines the depth of the skin tones. So you do that however you feel there’s a lot of range of human being here and I’m going to make a little Wii coming down. It’s my sound that the go I’m going to paint that up those of you that do make up you’re really really going to understand issues like oh like this is warm this is cool right. If you’re trying to do a darker darker skin tone consider lightening with the yellow ochre more often than the white. Oh ok. Just a thing that helps. And I’m going to do a whole special video on this because I really like people to just be able to paint themselves in their paintings and tell their stories. I like to tell my story. Your story could be a little different than mine. And that is OK. You should always feel like you can tell your story. So I’m just painting her in with this color when my paint isn’t getting on my canvas nicely what I do is I get a little water see just the tip and I kind of mix that into improve flow. I can also use my glazing medium to improve flow. So water or glazing mean work and that’s the thing you see me doing with my paint brush gets overloaded or offload or sacrificial tile to make sure it doesn’t creep up in my brush too much load a bead on your brush and just painter in one of the top questions I get is I’m not getting enough paint on my canvas. And you wouldn’t think that would be something that would bother people or would happen. But it really does it’s real common. And generally that’s just about you maybe not being aware of high load and off load my brush. So I’m pulling another bead. Can you see a little bead. Oh yeah. Hopefully this is interesting is oyster shucking. I just discovered that I live oyster shack. There’s some crazy things on the tubes. Everybody like on the East Coast of Canada that does not get that whole activity problem it’s like yeah that’s like Wednesday dinners. Not really a show I’m watching but that’s real big right now. If I should do it. Waste your shucking painting. So I’m bringing the skin tone a little back even though I know I’m putting a hairline there right. And once I have her base skin tone in I’m going to add for my colors can turn red hair a little white just a little bit and just on the shoulders and along the neck I’m going to add just a smidge from to try to make some more adjustments to the audio. We have a little pitchy. No it seems like you’ll wish me a little more. You’re all you’ll be able to get tuned in there and a little bit at the top of her cheek and that’s at see one that easy you know. Now for her dress for her dress my brush to the side I’m going to get my black. This is Marge black. We talked about this at the beginning. I hope you guys at Facebook are having fun. This is really new thing that we’re able to bring you know a little more black than that. Look we see Honor out there on her. How are you. We have a whole bunch of our crews out here in the house. I want to see Heidi Kym’s all the cams and I want to repeat break before we start in the black dress and I see I see Mark Mona. OK. So we. And when we see them nude Do you see some new people. I see. Let’s see here names we don’t know. Serino or Hunter. Hunter seems new. Hi Serina. If you’re not new Tell John to just suck it truly is new here issues. She’s just she’s from South Africa. So we’ve got so and. Merritt. She’s new. Hi Mary are you doing. And oh gosh let’s see here. So it’s over 550 people here with us all over the world shout out where you’re from. Yeah I mean that’s the interesting thing about what we do we’re all live we have a community generally they call themselves the sure bet your pets live all over the world when they get together in group we call it have got to 2:00 a.m. to watch us. I tried so hard I got on the world clock. It’s almost midnight whenever Lucy is caught with a wink and I’ll be on my tv is globally friendly as possible. It is really hard. The plane is big and it is not a good time for somebody somewhere. Every time we go on the show you just just to see you can see just just for a couple seconds a couple of seconds just going to go. Number two to number. There you go. Oh I see. Hi Brad. GRAHAM And Pam Smith and Sophie Santiago. I see somebody from Florida. I see somebody from Atlanta in Milwaukee Wisconsin. Well you’ve gone from UK Kentucky USA Alabama Ontario Canada Hawaii. And this is why I’m so jealous of Hawaii right there. Alaska. Hampshire. And that is why I don’t get the chad is you. You’ve just given me my up close can. I don’t even get me. My whole engagement got taken away. You cried out OK. Get back. All right. You get me back. I don’t know. We’re back. You cannot imagine how hard it is. What he really wanted to do this for his birthday too. You guys know him. I was like what you want to do for your birthday. Like I’d like to go live in the community because it’s like you know this is where I wanted to have what like I’m not going to go out anywhere. You know it’s it’s you know my biology doesn’t allow me to go out and do all the same sort of things that other people get to do and I couldn’t imagine a better time than to hang out with. Oh my gosh over 550 you’re my closest friends. So yeah I think that’s a pretty good perk if you were expecting gaming. This is not that we teach painting about your shock me notification was like somebody you’re like I don’t know what what is this. This lady has purple hair and head and coffee. This is the cure to everything. All we need. I’m a fan of the job of being it’s probably an intrepid class starship in a pot of coffee. I wonder if anyone is doing the Janeway voyage your marathon today. I’m not sure. All right. So I have got this number six brain. Now look if you don’t have the exact brush I have. Don’t stress on it. I tell you what I have and show you what I have so you can best honing your results but it’s not like one of these things like you’ve got to use exactly what I’m using on you won’t get it. It’s not like that at all. This is literally like you have what you have. I’ll show you what I’ve got and hopefully between the two of us talking back and forth you’re going to get a successful painting. So I’m going to dip this in the cup. Greg off the extra water because I don’t want too much water my chronic pain and I’m going to take my black and brown. So terrible at not mixing almost a one to one. Carolina Karelin no comment. I added that too. All right. Bill has been paying along with us for a year now and she’s just this is your first time between Hello. So why i love it when people come in and it’s been you know they’ve been carrying with us a long time and they’re just getting their first chance to tell us. And I love I love seeing pictures we’re like James Wilson in a painting and all see like three or four paintings of ours in the back. Why don’t you just meet with us for a long time you know pretty darn. So it’s I miss you now. I’m going to not put in the curl yet. I’m going to just put in the hairline warming and just come here down to the bud. OK. So you’re the feather. There’s a little quail feather on your head. It’s just that. Yeah. OK. You just got a little over excited with my hands when I meet them. Let’s all just be honest. I got a little arty farty. It’s even the meat quail feather tails just just right there. I’m like a Hanna-Barbera cartoon. The struggle is real and I’m going to just very nicely doube in my hair now something and I’m doing that you might not know to do as a new artist. What’s that is I’m allowing the paint to be a little uneven. Why is that. Because I know it creates tonality. If you think of somebody like Bob Ross some of what he did when he was painters matins the happy closet’s he was letting stuff shine through. And that light to dark that naturally happens created a lot of his painting for him. And that can be true for you too right now. So you can go ahead and paint it all solved but maybe think about the power of allowing it to be a little uneven here because how much of that is sort of late in hair. Oh yeah. And that sort of implied that there was a whole lot of hair happening in that some of it was deeper in value and some of it was lighter. You know I didn’t paint some genius thing here. I just sort of allowed it to be. Now I’m the come over I’m going to rinse my brush out. I kind of sometimes like to press down to the bottom of the cut and dried off. I’d like to make sure that I’m not carrying a bunch of pigment. I don’t mean to. Yeah. You can always check it to make sure it’s not too wet. And my take a little blue into my black and I’m going to paint in the base of my dress. I need something to work for Wrubel camps. Does need sound effects. We are a little overly attached and I’m going to start in the venum minute. Just this once the dress is sort of an to the design of the dress and I can’t see that there are so many happy birthdays that are coming in. I just I mean it’s there’s there has to have been five hundred happy birthdays if there’s bad is the nicest birthday gift ever for. So thank you thank you thank you guys it’s like my favorite birthday yet. So and happy birthday to everyone who is December through January. These are rough birthdays to have and I think that there’s a lot of anniversaries happening today as the honors one year anniversary with us. She started watching us one year ago today. Oh that’s right. She came in like What the heck is it. She was like hey this is a family friendly show. Oh yeah I’m cool. I’m telling you I can do that. Yeah all right. How’s it go. How does that you are crazy people. This has been a complete gift to our community ever since. And that’s why we have so many of you guys. You know I just can’t was sure paths and lightkeeper’s that make our everyday employees brand brand new to what this is when we say like keeper we have members of our community who make it their mission to be kind and supportive of other new artists or journeys that are coming up and they never stop Leeman a kind comment or being supportive of new painters. That can be hard to find when you’re new to painting. Yeah you know sometimes our family loves us but they don’t always know how to support us. It’s you know the tough thing is when you’re first painting you know everything you’re doing wrong. I mean like really. It’s like it doesn’t take a rocket you know you’re like man I know my tree looks like you know it was drawn by like a Flintstones universe. But what I need to do is see how nice my my is because that’s what I got right. Yeah. That’s the hardest thing is a new painters to know what you did well. Yeah. And what you need is the support of people to show you where you’re getting things right. So you can keep refining those skills. And that’s what we’re here for. That’s what we do. That’s why I love my job. He is. Now we don’t always do live. Not always. Not always. We do some prerecorded. And those are pretty quick pretty direct. Chatting. We get a lot of notes on chatting. YouTube is always very creative about sharing. It’s YouTube the population we use. We’re going to tell. So we’re talking just it’s not an HSM our show that’s about to take whispered Weisbrod. I ran into that if somebody was to see an art show and everybody was whispering a bit like what is going on. You’re on like April 1st. We’ll do that. We’ll just do an all whispering show. Remember remember the Saturday Night Live skits were like one person is the hands and the other person. I feel like we got to do that. And the other person is the it’s about the only way I’m going to get you painting. So I’m just painting this all in solid with black and blue. If you got paints for the holidays Yeah you’re loving tremendous supportive friends family family member whoever watches some paints paints come in grades from student to professional. And the thing our student paints is is that sometimes they don’t have a lot of pigment. So one of the differences you might be facing is that I have professional paints and they have a lot of pigment in it. Very little work for me to cover the whole canvas. If you find your painting you’re black and it’s not covering the way you like very probably. It’s just that it’s a student paint and you may need to do two coats instead of one. Not a big deal. That’s something to get stressed over just something to know. Like oh yeah I got to let it dry does I go. No biggie. I’ve got time. They were curious how many hoops do you think this is. Oh this is this is a hoot. This is a hoot. This is one hoot. Especially if you use the traceable. Yeah. It could be a hoot and a half if you’re having fun but it’s you know it’s a one painting. Yeah. And when we say when we mean some pretty sure we like to grade our paintings on a scale of one to three hoots one who being like you know a no no problem painting and a 3 B and you know you’re going to you’re going to flex your beginner skills to make that happen. But you know that’s three minutes are generally like you’ve done some paintings you’ve done a game and you don’t really want to go out on your own quite yet but you’d like to be challenged. Yeah. We like to think we’re here for your you know we’ve got those first paintings for you and you’ll wind up when you’re getting started. Yeah there’s like over 300 paintings you can do right now. Yeah. Now Carol all that trace of all those resources just right here. Oh it’s New Year’s in South Africa. So happy new year. South Africa. It just it is just it. New Year’s in South Africa because it’s you know what’s the name of your pet store in South Africa. We’d like to ask each other that very pretty and that’s it. That’s a big share we do in our communities like you take a picture your paint store and I’ll take a picture. It makes very strange trade. We’re up to submit Sipek said Sandy was asking Did John ever drive a paintbrush or is he just the camera person just a button pusher. Now I am going to get him to paint at some point and he is creative in a lot of ways. He loves to make and build and he does paint things it just is cars. It’s just painting is a function of a of other projects not the expression for me not the not the expression in and of itself. I mean like I like music I play music just to goose you know to express myself. So it’s just fantastic if you are a bunch of friends that are artistic and musical. You know get together for big music art jam session. It is the best most fun time ever you get your friends with guitars and get your friend Allen right now is like yes you know you get together in a room and you and then you stick your writer friends in the quiet corner because writers always like to go to that weird quiet corner with our stuff. I don’t know because and see that’s why we just have for the studio it’s because if you just leave the two of us alone in here it is the same nonsense. It’s just that that’s what you get is you get us all it’s happening. So I take my black and I’ve switched to a smaller brush. This is back to my number four has BGF. Happy New Year made me happy new year. That’s really cool. I actually had a friend from grade school moved to Tasmania but this was before Google. So all I had was cartoon’s to have any idea. What was going to happen. Peter I’m correct you may have to tell me that’s the person you do OK. Yes. No that was his name. Oh I was at school I was just very nice ne. It was just a non sequitur. OK. So so what I’m doing is I’m on the edge of my brush here that’s how I get a fine line. Now this particular brush right here does hold a good edge for me. If you’re having trouble getting a line this fine. You may want to consider locating what’s called the detail bresh or agent so this is a 3 over 0 studio around these are used a lot of times in miniature painting. Sometimes packages of brushes quill feather keeps messing with my camera focus. So I’m going to do slightly higher on the back. Or you could keep it if you could keep this very low on the back if you wanted to. Them or rip that quill feather right off it’s OK it’s going to go on. It’s going to go community just to just paint this the height you want I’ve kind of a modest back going here. I like that you like that. Is it too bad. And I’m going to get Mike detail that I just showed you which is a 3 0 0 0 work. 12 hours 0 towers or any of these miniature tiny tiny little brushes. If you think yourself I could put eyeliner on with it’s good size. And if you have some really know what she’s talking about just small brush picks often work shockingly to make fine lines too. People always forget them. I’m going to come in just lightly outline. I like to rest my hand of my canvases dry a little bit of canvas. And then with a very light brush pressure the harder I press if I press hard the brush splays out makes a thick line. Now if I press lightly the brush makes a very thin line. See just about pressure and you’ll see me kind of I’ve got some moisture on here and I do this twist to make sure my brushes an overloaded and I load just the tip. All things that the closed captioning does not understand. Now there have been people asking any of the brushes that you’ve seen here you can find it to brush guys. Yes. And if you use the code aren’t Sherpa then you’ll get 5 percent off there. So that’s always nice. Yeah it’s always pretty awesome. So go buy and they ship worldwide. They do. They do not sponsor we just like them. Yeah. Yeah. So they should say that they don’t they don’t pay us to put it to take us to lunch once they send us over a nice box or sorto. I don’t want to say we’re not there’s a sponsored group perhaps there is friendship we like that we really like them and we definitely have. We really liked them because they take care of you guys. And that’s that’s a lot of the reason why we ended up working with them so much. But ultimately if you need it no matter where you’re at around the world you’d be brushes Gouverneur of the brush guys dotcom. You use the coupon code art Sherpa give yourself 5 percent off and tell them how awesome they are and that the shirt was them because they’re lovely guys. They were like sweethearts and happy New Year to them. Bubble bubble. OK we’re going to actually I’ve gone through so much stuff we have to order more but we have over 600 likes right now and there’s 556. That means that new KISS I guess Chad is on fire. I mean like people are so happy to be here with us today and we don’t have to have you. Yeah. Thank you for coming. Couldn’t be a happier day for us. And you know why Ivan can you see Facebook at all because I have no access. On fire. Be careful. It’s on fire. No birthday kiss. Been married a long time so it’s good. We still have a kiss going. You know like I was saying you know it’s I’ve said more and more I’ve said this a lot as we’ve approached the end of this. I want to say it’s OK keep going. You got to get up to it. I’m just happy to be here with everybody. You know we sit around I talked about this this morning especially because it’s you know it’s one of those days but we’re really grateful to be doing this with you guys. You know. There’s a spider man. He just popped his little head over there. You saw the bubbles call him in there a little spider man down there. That’s my sign. OK. I guess I can never thank him. I know it’s making bubbles on the floor. It’s fine. It doesn’t hurt my pain in my journey cause late but mostly so I don’t put pain in drink. So thank you guys for coming to be a part of it. I’m going to load up a little this blue on the tip of my rash. And some of this weight and then I’m going to come here and brush away. Just the highlight in her dress. So I am on this. It’s a number six. And this is like the reflection on the shiny black dress if you’ve ever observe shiny black dresses that they have these sometimes high reflections higher inflection points. And I want a little more blue in my reflection point. I love the little blue. Listen you can use also merino if you don’t have Teyla or Cobalt. You know sometimes areas of the world don’t have every color I have don’t let that worry you. Colors are just guidelines for shoulder feelin today I know you’re doing a lot of painting yesterday. You know actually pretty good. Is it pretty good. Yeah. This is a good position and pretty good at my and my seeding almost to my shoulder. My slide rule came over a couple inches so that I can rebel cam. So we did that weird crazy canvass yesterday which was like 12 by 30 and that meant that we had to move our equipment off its normal spot which is like it’s kind of interesting when ever we do a big studio thing like if we do a table project we’re have to be cable centric. Here we go where we have company over. We’re going live paint with somebody. It’s interesting to reset Quitman don’t ever leave your brushes in water like I just did there and you’re right about water. It’s good time to get fresh water now fresh. If you have not. And you can go out to the archer dotcom and go hang out with a chat or go shoptalk there ship dot call and get all the cool mugs that we have for your display. You. I’m a plug. So we’re you are in the chat and be like hey I’m hanging out with my friends. Meet some cool people who do art. We’ve got artist trading cards going there were going to be like better than a pen pal trademark around the world. Fun stuff. OK. The next thing I do some kind of work on the hair a little bit. Yeah. OK. And so can I get some just black loaded on this brush. This is a number to break. You’re going to notice I paint with a lot of bright I get asked a question like Why do I paint with many braids all on your hair could get in your hair. OK does this help it why I know you’re fine. I move the camera so your quill feather is no longer in the way. Oh I didn’t used to be that was I kind of at the back of her head I’m Darkwing a little area with the black and maybe like gray here a little bit. I’m going to come get a little bit. I want to make that little curl. It’s the whole Bible that comes here and curls a little bit into our cheek great. I’m going to brush a little bit of the start. So there’s now you had this brown and a little bit too were a bun on a dry brush. Notice that there’s a lot of the brown showing through. All right. Now I’m going to rinse this out. Add them and take a little of my black over to my brown and get a smidge of way and I’m going to just up here lightly. This pressure is like a butterfly wing kissing the canvas. That’s how I get this real faint effect don’t have a lot of water and my brush paint is kind of dry on the brush little short brush strokes just pulling it down making a little highly maybe a little bit pulling down here. Her hair is quite dark so there would be a nice reflection on this. She’s you know she got beautiful healthy hair so shiny a little bit here at the top of the bun just a couple of places you don’t want to put in gray hair unless you’re trying to say no she’s fabulous advance style. If you want gray hair you can put it you have some great hair. We’re going to show you how to paint gray hair blond hair brown hair black hair all kinds hair soon. And we’ve got those videos that’s it’s going to be really fun. We’ve got mermaid coming up next Saturday. I just don’t have it scheduled early. I’m a poor little my yellow ochre out in a little of my halo blue. See. Happy New Year from Thailand too. Happy New Year in Thailand. That is cool. What are you doing in Thailand today and tonight. Is it night time day time. Will it be New Year’s Eve. They can be midnight or somewhere like that today. So just ask. I don’t think so. I don’t think so. I don’t now it’s how I only know what the world clock tells me as John’s actually travel around the world so he knows I am somewhat traveled. You try to travel not as you can it’s easier to say we’re John hasn’t been here he says. True. There are days that like that I’m going to put some vines up here where you can go. So I’ve loaded on my little number to brush this thing. This fellow in yellow and I made this green that is more blue and yellow. That’s how I get it. So what I’m trying to make a green I’m trying to make one that’s a little more blue than yellow which means there’s just a little more blue in the mix than yellow. But I don’t want it to be completely blue I still want to feel like a green paint. Right. Yeah. And then I’m going to make as many vines as make me happy. There’s a very specific thing I might get a little more yellow into it as many vines as make you happy. And when I go to make leaves they’re going to be like little diamond shapes pull little stem out make a little diamond shape. If you’re having trouble seeing it add a little weight to your pain and it will help it pop up because it will go a little meant to see help it pop that will really help too if your paint is thin on pigment to still get a good result. Poor little stem out make that little diamond shape. NORRIS I’m just very kind of sketchy with this paint is sketchy with the paint I’m sketchy is sketchy so I’m very relaxed into that. I’m offloading which is pushing the paint out of my brush and reloading on the tips so I have it where I have control. I cannot tell you how much these words in description will cause closed captioning a problem. I have to I don’t really I’m an attorney with an art show. Hi I’m an attorney and I’m going to show you how to think about now or has no idea what I’m saying when I say Quinn knackered don’t quacks like a dog. I’ve got some crazy. It’s quite like a dog read. And the number of good news is. Yeah. Doesn’t like I’m gunna or. Y’all. Y’all makes it real mad over Texas drole. And yeah no drawl. I’m sure we just messed with the last five minutes I’m sure. Like I’m going to be regretting these. Who’s going to be going. Going. Last time when we were correcting the caption look I’m going to speak like this from now on. So with the closed captioning machine knows what I am saying. I mean if you ever come here and I’m doing that you’ll know what happened is closed captioning finally just broke me. We have an amazing team of close cops here. People who volunteer in caption videos for accessibility and I have such gratitude in having done some close captioning that we do. We all jump in and do that. It’s just it’s just really hard hard hard work. It is. I know we’re all not a fan necessarily the YouTube Heroes program so grab a little more you’ll win a little more weight. And that was just to help increase the mount or body my pain and also to make sure that I had enough for many many bites. I like many many bites. Yes. I’m going to put a stem off here and all stem off here. And remember if your brush isn’t wanting you do lines switch to a detail. I’m also going to show you how to correct a mistake because some of you might be very very brainy to painting with me night not be sure how to fix a mistake in really panic. So I’m going to make a big mistake I’m to go like that oh no oh no. What shall you do. Sure. Yes. That used to really freaked him out. I did that but now he I fix it so he’s not as impressed. But if you’re new It’ll feel really cool. I have to do a mistake that worries him in future. Anything in acrylic paint one of the things I love about acrylic paint is that it doesn’t take very long to dry. And we’re going to give a shout out to Daisy who is rocking out the answers on Facebook right now. Daisy Thank you. Well thank you Facebook. If you think you know anyone who wants to paint. Share this with them. Free lessons now on Facebook. Let them know be like you got a page you’re so wound up don’t you want some art in your life. Yes. And they’re going to be like think he’s going to need some more. You’re my hero in this fictional conversation that we were having with her community shares her said. I don’t know why we have to get in falsetto. I don’t know but what I do know is letting people know that there’s art out there for them that they can just do from their home. Mm hmm. You know you don’t have to be out there feeling anxious or worried in public. You can just do this wherever you’re at and you know it’s kind of awesome is that. We love having you guys here we’re generally out messing around on these holiday weekends. You can generally find us here on Thanksgiving or Christmas Eve or you know we’re in our studio not that we’re we’re not trying or not trying to dodge out any family obligations we’re just hanging out with you guys and you know that’s what we do is we’re you first get online all the time just because a lot of you guys are the same thing you’re hanging out at home and you’re like What are we going to do today at home I’m going to grab my black and blue paint again. I’m going to paint with you Sherpa. I love it. And I’m going to come right here and you’re going to notice how easily that means out like it was never there. And it really is just is that he’s painting it rain out on a wipe off my brush. And get a little more blue and white or do this and then just come back and put that highlight back in. That you can find the traceable for this. Yes on the Yorkshire production. Art sure. I try to always I try to throw things up we’re on Instagram We’re on Facebook and Twitter or sometimes on periscope but where other places let me do sharing of the trees will I try to do that. You guys always have access and then they store on. And there’s a there’s a collection of them for collection at the archer back home. Yes. I’m going to go ahead and take this number to get going again on my flowers. The thing about that you saw me do with the acrylic paint is one of the reasons I love it when your paint is dry it really means that you can fix any mistakes you’re never stuck with anything and an acrylic painting. There are a bunch of folks on Facebook asking where you keep most of your paintings are your lessons where are they available. So the lessons are all well you know up until just today you guys are here for an inaugural lesson. Yeah. On Facebook though we do have a lot of weird little videos that we’ve done on YouTube. However we realize that we can do them on Facebook as well. So we will all start to be on Facebook but if you want to find one of the 300 lessons they’re all on Facebook on YouTube you trust and find our 300 paintings we do the big art Quest is there there is access to all of those and yeah pretty cool stuff. Pretty cool stuff. We think it’s cool. I don’t know if it’s actually cool. We like it. But apparently we’re not competing with Leister shocking never going to get over the. They are all I think is cool. But this all is like wow Wister Shaq. So it’s something that people watch. Samantha saw that two of her family members were watching. Really it was like you wouldn’t be watching it so she came over to watch because her other family watching and she was like she just loves that her family is watching and she’s watching and that’s so cool. And you guys can all paint together and we have a picture of tribal hanging out together. Watch it. I love it. We have so many family members that are maybe not together. Yeah. And you know maybe somebody in the military or somebody is at work far away or kids have gone to college trade just stuff happens life happens and they get on Skype or Google Hangouts and they all watch the show and paint together virtually. And I think that is the coolest thing ever. So it’s like they’re having a painting party together even when they can’t be together. And that’s that’s a lot of fun and it is kind of it’s what some of my favorite pictures to get are the pictures of family paints or friend paints where everybody is across the world. So I put in amount of vines that I like in that you’re just going to go through here. You’re mixing a little bit of the vine there on the brush. Yeah. So you’ll see that my paint brush is always kind of a hot mess. Yeah that’s a hot mess. Yeah I might get some wine over here. See I got that on there but it’s not like soup or mix together. Yes I know it’s going to do it on the canvas and the next thing I’m going to do is when I come back over my vines and highlight half my leaves with this sort of yellow green it’s the first time and you were just roughing in some some basically leaf like shapes and like shapes. And now I’m adding another layer of paint to how you can be as tidy with this or as expressive with this as you like painting your painting is not supposed to look exactly like mine that your painting is supposed to look exactly like yours. Did you get this dry first. These are dry. OK. Acrylic paint can be very tough to paint. There is a way to do it in the wet and we do that sometimes on the show but it can be tough to put a wet layer you know over another layer. And they’re both wet because that’s how we get blending in acrylic. So Todd asked Todd on Facebook and I’d like to say I’d love to answer it. It’s a good question on Facebook. Serious question when you start beating harder paintings. How do you get past the thought it over my head how that can come up sometimes is the painter. How do you get past that. I think how I know I personally got past that because we always being over our head is painters. Yes. I mean we always be that blessed is that when you first are in the painting there’s a real succeed fail kind of component of the experience where you feel like a painting succeeds for you feel like a painting has failed. And then as you do it over time you kind of come to this. A painting just is I am in a process of a painting and a painting has come to an end and has concluded and it may or may not live on my wall or may go live with my aunt or it may sell at a show rate but you get more into the it’s about me going through the process of creating it is where its real value is at. Yeah. And the result is kind of like an after effect like a symptom of you spinning that creative time. You got to realize that even if you’re in over your head it’s if you’re in over your head and it’s a heart surgery that’s that’s serious. Yeah right. If you’re in over your head and you’re a bomb specialist that’s serious. But if you’re in over your head in a painting. The worst thing that happens is that your your grand goals don’t necessarily all resolve the way you’d hoped and then you’re going to gain smart skills that you didn’t have when you started the big project that you’ll use in other future products. And if you’re really dogged and determine which I totally challenge you to be and you keep trying to do the thing that’s hard you’re going to get there because nothing makes better artists than practice perseverance and termination. It is not talent based. It is about being leg. This is the thing I’m going to do. No matter what. Yeah right. If I could add to that and say that yeah to complete the project that you feel that you’re in over your head on the finishes you know because I think you bring things to a completion whether you are happy with the completed state or not. Breguet to completion is a lot a lot of the growth you know because you can always do another one but finishing I think is a lot of that that that process that helps you grow. That’s a hard thing. And little brushes a little brushes want to crumple up artwork before they’re done. Yeah. Before they bring it to completion and they and they really get their biggest growth you too. Wayne you work the whole thing out whether it works out or not. I say this a lot but if you’re brand new here you might not know. I feel like about every tenth painting of mine just does not work out. I don’t know what happens. Just the idea I had or something 11 painting now that’s going to be the bomb diggity. So I’ve just got to do is get through the painting that’s annoying me. Now what do you do in there right now. I’m taking a little white into the mixture and just creating a bit of a highlight. OK. Along the stems see helping them pop against the dress. Yeah. I like that. Now I’ve got stems and like I like I can take a little bit of what’s left of my green. If I’m out of green like I am now a dry to my palate like acrylic paint does. I’m going to mix up my green with my yellow ochre and my failed blue again. Now I’m going take my brush on the corner see how this person has a corner on this brush has a corner I’m trying to get her away. OK. There we go has a corner. Zoom in. I’m going to press down into the corner. Sam pressing down. Yeah I got it. Look at what that makes like a relief doesn’t it. It certainly does. And just pressing it down and making these little leaves. That’s how you get those tiny leaves right. They’re super super easy. Now the funnest roses you’ll ever paint. So these roses are like a cabbage rose and they’re kind of done with like these crazy little brushstrokes and you just keep layering them. They should be loose. They should be messy. They should be a little bit crazy. It’s real funny you guys will often do create rows. Be very forgiving in my rose and was really critical of your job. So your big job here is to just enjoy the process of painting the rows and not get too wound up into what you think a rose is because right now it’s your thoughts about a rose that’s most likely to cause you to get stressed out. So just let go of your conceptions of roses and let the Rose you’re now creating be I think that’s beautiful person. So I’m going to put a little my quintic or magenta. Into my brush you can see it’s just on the tip here and I pull out a little white paint. See it’s not really mixed. It’s sort of loaded. Yes how imma start. And then what I’m going to do is I want to make a big kind of focal Rose right here and I’m on the tip of my brush on the corner. What are you up to right. And I’m curving brush strokes around each other. I’m not trying to paint out every ounce of the black paint I’m worried about them more worried about making these rounded brush strokes pressed down hard really pressed down hard release get one more pain if you need it. Pressing down Hurn will see how messy this is crazy to make this Cowbridge Rose. And I want this to be fairly large and vocal. I need roses of different sizes otherwise this can get too uniform. Now I’m getting another bead of both. Maybe come over here and talk about another really kind of focused Rose soon. Just when I first precedent I’m just trying to make a little circle space another circle around another circle around this one’s much Pinker. Oh yeah. But it doesn’t really matter because there’s layers to these guys. And I want to be in the layers. That one’s pretty big right. Yes. Get another little Rose. I’m just doing these beads on here. Maybe another one down here. Because I’m going to have to mix in some smaller roses as well. I’m just doing this cur brushstrokes. Oh yeah. So we have so much we’ve seen so many roses receive them as gifts given them as gifts. You know growing on the side of the road so many roses that sometimes it’s hard to just relax and say feels like a rock. Oh yeah. Is Rose ask I’m going to pull little my yellow ochre out makes it into my red a little bit see now get a bead of my white. These are all hot mess together and makes them more like maybe smaller roses. Some There were some folks on Facebook asking about what we know if any of these paintings are for sale. And we don’t we don’t put we don’t put these paintings up for sale. They belong to the community so that they’re available whenever we do a shows or get togethers for people of you and what we do have some. We have what we do we put up mugs and T-shirts and posters of our posters but mugs and T-shirts we’re talking about do. We’re literally doing some posters and some prints and things we’re going to see about that in the near future. But you got to shop North Yorkshire dotcom and find a lot of the merchandise that we do have for sale there. And of course we’re teaching you how to paint it. So the coolest thing about this is you can make it one you can do this. It’s like it grabbed a lot of ochre on that. And just to let people now and this group of Max but I haven’t rinsed my brush. The pink is there. Now I’m just making these little circles with these lines around the circles. Yeah. We early on decided to not try to sell the artwork that keep it for the community. So now I make smaller little ones or maybe I’ll make one that fits right here. Tweens friends and he could be a little like kind of his little heads facing this way. How do those like i add more to the back and over here see faces that way all feel a little white just don’t feel like he’s got a plan to put it in the center there or that. He just comes out this hot mess is most fine. That was so cool. It does. You can do this all day when you figure out this little cabbage rose swirl. If you’re having trouble getting it I promise you it’s going to be in the stroke where I see it people feel like they’re really struggling is they make these kinds of strokes. I want to do it this way and point out it’s not as bad as you might think because I’ll get pictures of this and say My Rose didn’t work. I’m like actually it’s not as bad as you say. It’s just more architectural. Yeah. But if you do that and you’re feeling like it’s just too rigid. Just come back with white paint and it’s about the circle that your hand is making Yeah see how my hand is making a circle and I fix that Rose you can’t really get a rose in here that you can’t do something with I’m going to get some yellow maybe a millière rose on top of this rose. Regina loves the roses she said that shoes have a lot of trouble and this really helps. These are super fun. But just know that even though they’re easy and they’re really beginner friendly they’re still sort of like knowing when to be OK and relaxed about things that can be really tough when you’re new to painting and people are painting for a while they get really like yeah it’s all good. There’s a painting video of the three amigos. And I think it’s a your life. And the guys are just like this one guy comes up and there’s these three guys and they’re in their clothes now like. They’re all big deal watercolors. They come together and he’s like I don’t know I’m going to get some stuff and he grabs a dirty pallet and there’s this big she Wockhardt paper and you just get the brush rising and goes he’s like I don’t know. Some guys some skin Scott some city city city and literally it’s like a photograph develop just like magic. And he’s like you know don’t get too tense about it. I totally know what it was during his day was like I don’t know building building building a straight line straight line like that but we’re all just like oh it’s someone’s by him. And we do it in the falsetto excited voice because we’re all like that’s what we do. I’m pulling some more weight onto this and I feel like I want another little small rosary here maybe another little little one. So now I’m putting some little ones here. They’re real small just a couple little brushstrokes. So you’re just filling them all in. Believe it or not there’s a whole nother layer to these that are still coming. Just this one has more weight on it. Well when I do an art Hi5 one of my friends out there trends is painting along with this trend to give this one to his mom. That’s wonderful. I like that. I’m just grabbing some yellow ochre and some the twinax are down. See they come together make kind of more of an orange. Thanks for joining us today Trent. Appreciate you coming by. And I’d like to fill in these little spots with the little roses that you kind of basically see. But now when they get more white make another big one right here. Curve that brushstroke around Kerber and a good friend of mine Angela Anderson said think about it like being bricks lay bricks on the road all of us have it Drewes tech these are like a cabbage rose technique. You’re making little cabbage roses. Gotcha. Now you’re making hybrid teas because those are very tidy little buggers. Mm hmm. Cabbage roses are not everybody in the UK goes yes yes yes. So your tip tip for doing cabbage roses is in the is is there. Is that the brick. Yes I’m human. I’m bricklaying. Messy messy paint bricklaying. Just a little circular movements and yeah just yeah. When you get it you’ll get it. Saw little zoom in I don’t know how much you can zoom in but let’s show a little what. Yeah. So I’ve got a little circle stroke every character around the outside making all sort of stroke and another little circle stroke another one. And if I see a lot of it’s about leaving that I hate to mix on the brush makes that pain on the brush let the pain do the work. Yeah. So if you need to be working so hard and work hard all week. So when I have that layer down one thing that I’m going to do is I’m going to come get white loaded on the tip of my brush. I haven’t rinsed it shit on Facebook was asking for help with her. So when I come right here and work the center. OK. So you’ve got this and you’re however you feel about your roses. I’m going to say wait. All right. Put a penny one every Crowland painting has like a crazy stage stage that makes you question your decision to be creative makes you question yourself as a person. Happens to me happens to everybody. There’s just it’s just like watercolor develops like a photograph. Right. But it can go south on your face which is the issue with color when it goes wrong it goes so wrong. But when it comes together it’s like it’s like a developing photograph it has no ugly stage. Rain oils to you like watch Bob he’s like it’s clouds clouds clouds Klawonn you like my but acrylic acrylic says you’ve got to have faith. They got to have that hey George where you are in heaven. Well actually Cruzan right along here I’m sure this is a real simple fun painting. Yeah. So I’m hanging this way and I’m creating a focus in the center here with these strokes so you know I’m doing that oh you’re adding another layer on this. Now adding another layer there you come here. And these guys are going to get some. You can it’s not it’s not about getting the rose and want it done you are passive players on it. These are some somewhere’s come in here I’ve got more Wykes I want these to be more pink. Now are you messing with your brush pusher here. No this is amid brush pressure. I’m never like pressing in if I were to press in. I’ll show you too hard. If I was pressing real hard this is the result I’d get. Oh you don’t want that. That would be a little too hard and notice how it’s taking all the delicacy of my stroke away. Yeah. So let me reshape my brush. I’m going to reload with. I want to make sure I have a little dusting of pink on there so the White dispells it comes out. So my camera here I’m a fix this because I’m on the corner edge right here and I’m just delicately touching my rose. Another thing you might do is if you’re losing it because it’s too light you come back with just pure backdown that and we’re going to give a major round of applause for eon the off kilter crowd is a playing part of ink giver on YouTube. So big art high fives to him. Thank you. And he’s part of our wonderful community and my very fun channel. Does a lot of cricket projects and really cool crafting projects. Thus the off kilter craft are a clue to what he might possibly do. And he was on America’s Funniest Home Videos for being funny. Hashtag YouTube. So I’m just adding this highlight two things. Yeah. And see how it’s creating another depths to what I’ve got now I don’t have to do it to every little Rose. Right. You can come back in and have a little yellow on there in white and come back with a little yellow and white too. It doesn’t have to be pure white. You can change that up. Still doing the little strokes on the corner curving around. If I were pressed too hard I might lose some of my delicacy. But you did. You are for somebody that doesn’t pay you know a lot about it now. I I can I could. Backseat paid like nobody like nobody’s business. You know I really only have like one thing after this to do. I said sign it. Yep I know. I’ve been watching your little hair thing. You’re so good. I watched my tape. So when you’re in a place you just go on your roses to when you’re happy. If you’re finding yourself Here’s an experience to wait. If you’re fighting yourself you know my son some creative people have this where there’s a lot of stuff you might not be aware that is in there percolating until you start creating and you’re feeling that kind of anxiety and frustration. Take a breath take a beat let the paint dry acrylic paint can you can paint over anything once it’s dry. And sometimes just that little relax that little give it a minute and then come back to the cabbage rose is all you need to find your way through. Also find good supportive friends that will point out a couple of things in your painting that you mailed because it can take ten paintings for it to all start to come back to you. Everybody has imagination. You find yours and you can join us and find out more information at the top. We got nice people good place to have a first painting. People are really cool about it. There you go. I’m going to come here and add a little bit of the flowers when you get up there where you are. Horns I going. I’m just doing the same thing I had before little cameras going up there. I can just see I have the conifer known in the white. Not particularly mixed on my brush. All Missy all relax. And I’m a Dabbs. Not stress over it. She’s not stressed. She came is party knows she’s fierce to unify. Get a little dab of the weight come back in and Heiling. That’s all it takes to create interest there. Well now you’re ready for the most fun part. Which is your signature. And I want to know what you’re signing now. I want to tell you something awesome. I’m ready to hear something awesome because we’ve got almost 700 likes on Facebook and almost 700 likes on YouTube. You guys are the best. Thank you for spending New Year’s Eve with us. We got like 500 people here hanging out in the room here on YouTube with us had a couple hundred over there on YouTube. You got to hit the bubbles babe. Oh my gosh. Let’s bubble out bubble it out. You sign that up and then you know I’m going to say thank you guys because I couldn’t say thank you enough. They’ll be an awesome video for you to do Tuesday and we will be back live on Thursday hippity. We’ll be back live on Thursday and on Saturday so you get that signed in there. For those of you that have been waiting it’s going to be time to turn in those papers. But we’ll tell you about that Thursday. I’m going to put my little signature here and I like to use a detail brush. And this is some fluid paint and I’m signing on my dress that interest. You go gives daddy hugs spider. I know the bubbles are there like they’re like the pied piper for you. OK. He’s going to charge this woman. So he’s a good bubble blower. Now I’m going to add a little pink to my signature. I like to do my signatures where they seem like they’re part of the painting. They’re part of the composition for a lot of thought in signature. Campus just can’t quite see where you have a nice little happy or it is happy signature your signature. Sometimes if I feel like my brush is getting away from me or into reclaim what I’m doing. Oh my gosh we did it we did it together guys. We had the four hour live paint yesterday because I did cause you some bubbles by me about what. I have all the power in. The bubbles. I just hope 2017 is the year of unity and compassion and joy for everyone and that we find ways to even be better to each other more creative more blessed more centered. I just want every good thing for every one of you out there. I’m just. It’s our one little rock in the middle of space and I’m just so glad to be sharing it with all of you. You guys are awesome. I will see you at the easel really soon. Love you guys. Happy birthday sweetheart. Hey thank you guys. Thank you for all the happy birthday. A fantastic day an artist and. I’m going to leave this broadcast the end of the year on this note. I love my job I love hanging out with you guys. I love being here for you guys. I love all of this. I couldn’t be happier. Couldn’t ask for a better thing in the world to do so. Thank you for making this possible love


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