Globalization — 大塚製薬 | Otsuka Pharmaceutical (English Version)

health is borderless in 1921 possible Oscar the son of a farmer in Tokushima Japan broke with family tradition and lost his own company he became a supplier of chemicals from the sea to various industries by 1946 his son masahito had turned the business into an IV solution company distributing products to hospitals nationwide in 1971 Akihiko the third generation in the family business decided to create original therapeutic drugs and established Oscars first institute of drug development its motto affirmed the dedication of all to our bold mission Oscar people creating new products for better health worldwide in the 1970s as globalization was advancing rapidly major pharmaceutical companies focused on the Western world however Oscar opened its door to its Asian neighbors in need of IV solutions soon after China was hit by the tang Shang earthquake the need for high-quality IV solutions was overwhelming prompting officials to visit Oscar and ask for assistance china Oscar the first Chinese joint venture with a foreign pharmaceutical partner was established in 1981 a symbol of hope for a new understanding between nations in 1980 building on their experience with IV solutions Oscar launched in Japan and ion supply dream Pocari sweat Pocari sweat quickly replenishes fluid lost through dehydration and soon became popular as a first aid drink in many parts of Asia affected by the heat in this way by answering everyday needs Oscars products found their way across the Asian and Arab regions in 1980 Watzke stream was realized when after years of dedicated research its first two original drugs became available in Asia but the desire for a healthy life knows no borders to create first in-class products for patients worldwide we opened research centres in Frankfurt Germany and on the u.s. East Coast the first Japanese pharmaceutical to open such a Center in the US fusing our research and creativity with an international perspective we achieved our aspiration for a world with better health this marked the true beginning of our globalization during the 2000s our antipsychotic drug was introduced and has become widely used around the world and in 2014 two original drugs were approved thirty years of effort have led to the creation of the first drug approved in European countries to combat multi drug resistant tuberculosis while global cooperation among researchers doctors and patients has resulted in the approval in Japan of the first drug treatment for polycystic kidney disease and inherited disorder health is borderless and health is timeless Oscar is creating today the solutions of tomorrow soybeans are nutritious and gentle on the ecosystem and people’s health that’s why we develop solution delicious soy products for people around the world to enjoy good health is a universal where shared by all countries and cultures with respect and free of prejudice we choose untrodden paths towards making this wish come true today our health care products are found in over 80 countries Otsuka’s global team is innovative and diverse for the energy enthusiasm and conviction a big pinch of company Watzke people creating new products better health worldwide

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